5 1/2 weeks post op! New pics, and feeling much better about this! - Clearwater, FL

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I'll start by saying that I have been literally...

I'll start by saying that I have been literally stalking the reviews on this site for a good 6 months or so now. Not like a creepy perv or anything, but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone's journey and seeing how happy you all have become with your results! I have booked my surgery date for December 14th 2012 (4 days from now, and 2 weeks before my 30th birthday!) I would also like to say that I am feeling so much more confident and at ease about doing this procedure, because of all the info here. Now I would like to publicly share my experience, and hopefully it will help someone the same way!

I am a 29 year old mother of two girls, ages 4 and 2. Both children were breast fed, and I gained a significant amount of weight during both pregnancies. I was athletic, 5'0", weighed 110 lbs, and wore a 32B. My peak weight during pregnancy was 175lbs, and while breastfeeding my breasts grew to a 34E. (ouch!) Of course after engorgement, they deflated like punctured soccer balls. Currently, I am 133lbs, 32B cup size.

My pre-op appointment was last Thursday 12/6/12. We made the final decision on my new boobie size, which will be 500cc high profile silicone implants, placed under the muscle via inframmary incision. That will likely place me at a large D cup or possibly DD. I will also be doing a full tummy tuck, with lipo on the flanks and additional lipo on the outer thighs. My blood-work came back good, and I was sent home with an abundance of instructions and prescriptions: Parafon Fort DSC 500mg (muscle relaxer), Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg (antibiotic), Vicodin/Acetainophen 5-500mg (pain killer), Ativan .5mg (anxiety), and Vistaril 25mg (nausea). As a precaution (strongly urged by the PS staff) I have also purchased laxatixes, and Hibiclens to prep my skin before surgery. I think the only thing I need to get now is some button/zipper front tops for comfort while my new ta-tas heal. Are there any other supplies or comfort items any of you could suggest?

I am so excited! Fortunately, I have a strong support system to help around the house and with the children! My super-awesome fiance switched his schedule around to take the kiddos to daycare, and his mother (who also lives with us) will assist me during the day. This would never be happening if it weren't for them =D

I will try to post another update in a couple days before the surgery! xoxo

So I now have 2 days before my surgery. I'm...

So I now have 2 days before my surgery. I'm starting to feel like I might not be fully prepared. I know I will be fine, but I can't help but worry. The chores, the kids...it will definitely be chaotic. I am looking forward to this as a change for my body, but strangely I am also kinda looking forward to the recuperation! Yeah sure, I am nervous about complications and pain. But SERIOUSLY, when will I ever get the chance to lay in bed, watch TV, play online poker, read, play bass guitar, paint my nails, etc...? It almost seems like it would be a relaxing vacation. Whichever way it ends up being, it will be worth it! After all, working 45-50 hours per week, and taking care of 2 kids - this might just seem like a mini vacation. We will have to see how the pain management goes though. Funny moment of the day: My boss comes up to me and asks if tomorrow is my last day at work before surgery. I said yes, and he said "Well, if I don't see you beforehand, I wanted to say BREAST wishes to a speedy recovery." Oh the little things that make me giggle...

It's ALMOST time!!! I need to arrive at the...

It's ALMOST time!!! I need to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am, so I must try to get some sleep. Next time I post, I will have pics and updates. Wish me luck =D

I *think* I've survived the worst of it. Being 3...

I *think* I've survived the worst of it. Being 3 days post op, I am seeing a slow improvement. Immediately after surgery, the only thing I can recall, was the intense pain - which was quickly managed by the hospital staff. I stayed overnight in the hospital, and oh boy - it sure is different than a c-section- much more intense! I definitely appreciate they overnight stay as it was an absolute necessity. (Especially when getting multiple procedures done) For me, the worst part is the pain from the TT incision and the insane ITCHING!!! This CG and binder are causing me to go completely insane with this. I have been taking Benadryl to help ease the scratching impulses. I wonder how long I need to keep these on.

5 day post op pics added. I seem to have the...

5 day post op pics added. I seem to have the itching under control. Combining my anxiety pill, anti nausea pill, and Benadryl, it seems to do the trick. But now, swelling is my biggest problem at the moment. One day, I feel like I am making progress - but then something else will go wrong. I am trying to keep a positive mental attitude. So far so good with the mental part. Physically I feel like I've been hit by a damn truck. I hate not being 100% in control, and watching the chaos of our house happen all around me is really more painful than the physical pain of the surgery! The house is so messy, I want to clean. But I can't. Guess I will have to tough it out for a few more weeks. On a lighter note, I got my drains taken out today! (5 days post-op...is that too early?) Drain #1 was not putting out hardly any fluid at all. Drain #2 maybe 2-4 cc's twice a day. I feel better with the drains out, but like I said before, this swelling is quite hard to manage. Low sodium, plenty of water, elevated feet....I got some diuretics tonight. Perhaps that will help? Does anyone know of any other way to effectively manage edema? At times, my legs are literally like tree trunks!

1-week Post op pics are up! I first day since...

1-week Post op pics are up! I first day since surgery I have felt like an actual human again! I developed a nasty yeast infection from my antibiotics, and my PS promptly called in a script for me, and that was cleared up so quickly! The infection is out of the way, the itching subsided, and I have the swelling managed by diuretics. The only thing holding me back from regular activity, is the soreness and bruising. I went back to the PS office today and they changed my dressings, then told me from here on out I could change the dressings myself every 2-3 days. I no longer have to bind my breasts down with the ACE bandage (but was told that I would probably want to at night). I had such a good day, I decided to even venture out to the stores for some last minute Xmas shopping. Hopefully I didn't over-do it today. I have been feeling my worst in the mornings....so I am curious to see what tomorrow morning will fee like. Also, I am beginning to start to feel bad for my fiance. Even though he is trying with the kids, chores, and taking care of me - I can tell he's getting stressed out.

Well, yesterday I had the bright idea to wrap ALL...

Well, yesterday I had the bright idea to wrap ALL the xmas presents! Once the task was completed, I immediately regretted it! My boob muscles are so sore. Shooting pains and both breasts are very hard to the touch. I woke this morning and could barely move my upper body. After taking a muscle relaxer, I feel a little better. From now on, I know that I can not push myself to do so much! Also, today I washed my hair for the first time in 10 days! It's not as bad for me because I have dreadlocks, but my scalp was definitely feeling super gross! My doctor said I need to be 3 weeks post-op to take a shower! I already feel so yucky. Sponge baths are not cutting it - hahaha! Well, it is xmas-eve today. I am already busy...thinking today might be a good day to have that 1st drink. Hmmm.....

I am officially off pain meds and optional with...

I am officially off pain meds and optional with wearing my binder - but I like wearing it for comfort during the day at work. I am back to my pre-op weight, most of the swelling has diminished, and my scars are minimal. I cant wait to start working out to define my abs and tone my legs. I should be starting my breast massages soon, so I bet the boyfriend will be excited about that, lol. Anyway - I haven't been on here nearly as often as I should, now that I am able to get around more - the kids have been sure to keep me very busy!
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