Dr. Besnoff Was Amazing and His Technique, Attitude, Practice, and His Wonderful Staff Was Worth Every Penny. - Clearwater, FL

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I had the dual fraxel done by Dr. Todd Besnoff...

I had the dual fraxel done by Dr. Todd Besnoff (owner of Ultimate Image this month. Since I am an experienced RN, BSN and in school for my ARNP, FNP, I obviously did my research. Especially because I am going to be majoring in cosmetics and I will be opening my own med-spa upon graduation, I only wanted the best doctor working on my face. There is a correct way to run a business and there is also a wrong way to run a business. I would like to tell you the experience I had and how well I was treated because I believe Dr. Todd Besnoff definitely knows how to run a business as well as how to treat patients.

The moment I called the facility, I was greeting by a woman with a kind voice that seemed excited to speak with me and actually wanted my business. I immediately booked an appointment because I had heard through several colleagues that Dr. Besnoff did amazing work as well as researching the internet and seeing his work for myself.

When I arrived for my appointment, the office was well lit, it was inviting and I felt very comfortable in the beautiful waiting room. I was immediately greeted by a very nice young man that asked me how he could help me. I did not wait more than 3 minutes until I was brought back to a very nice room where I was greeted by their wonderful aesthetician. The mood was inviting and you could tell the employees were happy to be working there.

I was immediately greeted by Dr. Besnoff and he smiled at me and shook my hand. He sat down, spoke to me at my level and made me feel comfortable and this gave me a good feeling about my fraxel laser treatment. I had questions and was a little concerned about the pain. He assured me that the pain was minimal because they pre-medicated my face with a generous amount of lidocaine, in which I hardly felt anything during the procedure. His technique was precise and the procedure did not take more than 20 minutes.

Since I am a native of Florida I had the sunspot Florida skin and it was not pretty. I never wore sunscreen growing up and I am Irish and Polish, which tells you that I have very light skinned to begin with. I also have/had a very bad habit of picking my face, especially when I am nervous. The reason that I decided to go with the fraxel was because I knew I needed something slightly more aggressive then a chemical peel, and I wanted to see results immediately. I got exactly what I wanted! Immediate and amazing results! I was expecting Dr. Besnoff to say that I would need multiple treatments and I would be bombarded with his staff members telling me to buy their skin care line.

It was actually just the opposite...As he was using the laser over my face, I felt like he truly cared. I remember him saying to his medical assistance that was present in the room waving a wonderful cooling fan over my face during the procedure to keep me comfortable..."See that spot right there, I would like to go over that spot a little more". Most doctors just do the bare minimum, believe me…I know. I have worked for and with doctors for years so I know how most doctors operate.

He took his time and was very precise and went over additional areas several times. I know that he did not have to do this, most of the time the doctor would say, this is all you can take, you will need at least two more treatments to get these dark hyperpigmentation’s taken care of. After he was done, I was given a wonderful Aloe cooling mask and given a blanket to relax in the reclining chair until I was ready to get up.

Before they applied the Aloe cooling mask, I looked at my face in the mirror and I was honestly amazed! I could not believe who I saw staring back at me. I have been so hard on myself my whole life. I have a degree in business as well as a nursing degree. I am also a type a personality in which I expect the best and I also do my best. I felt great and did not see anything, not one little spot on my face looking back at me that I was unhappy with. It was clear and beautiful! I also felt this is how Dr. Besnoff conducted himself and I was very pleased

After several minutes, the gentlemen receptionist came into the room and asked me if he could get me anything to drink. I stated that I would love a cup of cup, it was about 1pm in the afternoon. He stated, "We do not have any fresh coffee right now, but please give me a couple minutest and I will be happy to make you a fresh cup of coffee". Moments later he was back just as he said he would be with a nice hot cup of coffee.

As I sat in the beautiful surgery room in the reclining chair with my aloe mask, wrapped snug in my blanket enjoying a great cup of coffee, I felt quite special. They never rushed me and the office manager stopped in as well as their very experienced and very beautiful esthetician to see if I needed anything else. They all came in to see how I was and they all wanted to make sure I was enjoying my experience. I most certainly was, and it was an amazing experience.

I would HIGHLY recommend this doctor to anyone who wants to significantly improve their skin tone, texture, pores, fine lines, and acne scares with no down time. The doctor came back in before I left and gave me free samples of his skin care line as well as a plentiful amount of medical grade sunscreen that only contained Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. I later looked up this medical grade sunscreen on other skin care websites and realized that he had given me a very expensive product for free. He also explained the importance of wearing sunscreen at all times, reapplying throughout the day and wearing a hat if possible. He also stated that the best results will be up to me, to take out of the sun as much as possible for about six months. This is was not a problem if it meant my skin would continue to look like this….forever!

I cannot say enough about how beautiful my skin looks now. Honestly, I came home and my husband said, "You didn't get a laser treatment done, I know you got Botox and some other stuff didn't you?” I laughed with such joy. He looked at me like he looked at me the first time we met. I had my self-confidence back and I feel so beautiful about myself. I am definitely not saying that you have to perfect skin to feel pretty, but I am saying IT DOES NOT HURT either!!! To look in the mirror every day and not see a single blemish is such a great feeling. I am now three weeks post treatment and my skin keeps improving. The tone of my face is even. This is absolutely no more sun spots on my forehead or on my cheeks anymore. The acne hyperpigmentation is also gone. I love looking in the mirror and admiring my "new skin". I have spent hundreds on series of microdermasion treatments, various harsh chemical peels, and Botox done by other doctors and never had results like this. I will definitely be going back to him for all of my cosmetic needs.

I felt so happy that I went back a week after my treatment and spoke to the very knowledgeable esthetician who is (don't tell her I told you, well into her 60's and she looks like she is in her 40's) beautiful. I asked her what her secret was, she stated, good products, water, and lots and lots of sunscreen. I ended up buying a great skin care line for a reasonable price from Dr. Besnoff and I keep seeing improvements with my new skin care regimen. I finally feel comfortable with what I am doing because she went into so much detail about how to use and apply the products.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Besnoff. I am so happy with the results and because of his expertise, technique, and positive attitude I would say that this would be the best investment you could ever make for your skin. I am so happy with the results. I am thankful that I found such an excellent doctor and it's obvious in the way he treats his patients and in how happy his employees are.

I hope this review helps people out there that are unhappy with their skin and are just feed up with looking at their acne, pock marks, and dark spots that make them look younger than they are because I believe that when people do good they should be recognized.
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He is amazing, read the review.

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