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I am 39 and will be 40 in six months, this one...

I am 39 and will be 40 in six months, this one reason I have finally booked the surgery date. I have 2 boys ages 19 and 21. I never breast fed, so I suppose I just have bad boob genes. My breasts are very saggy and deflated. This really, really, really bums me out. I cannot wear certain shirts or dresses because of this. Lingerie, no way! That bums my husband out, although he thinks I'm perfect, as a matter of fact my boobs are his favorite. I do not want to be bigger, I just want to be fuller.

Waiting and waiting and waiting. lol.

I have 18 days to go before the 'big' day. I've been spending almost all of my time preparing for it. I've been nesting. Cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING. I've been spending hours a day on this site with my notebook of tips. Taking very detailed notes. Thank you to everyone for being so open, its helping me tremendously!! Posting my before pic's was very difficult. I don't know why they are do dark, they are not dark on my camera or computer. My doctor told me I need to go with 330-360cc's, under the muscle, high profile. I'm going to question him about the high profile on June 5th, (my pre-op appointment) The only choice he gave me was saline or silicone. He told me he does what is best for each individual body. So I'm trusting him. I have seen his work before, they looked very natural, which is my goal.

Only 2 more weeks to wait!

I cant sleep, I'm laying here thinking... in exactly 2 weeks I will be laying here thinking about tomorrow (surgery day) I only have one more Thursday night. Geeeeze, my mind can only think of this. I've always had a problem with over thinking stuff, but this is nuts. In a good way. I still kind of cant believe it. I happily went bra shopping today, usually I dread doing that because its so flippin difficult to find one that fits, without skin pinching out of the top. Soon my skin will be 'plumping' out of the top. lol. I cant wait for that!!!! Today I bought a pretty bra, I haven't worn one of them in a long long time.
For the past 2 weeks, I have been eating clean. I'm a juicer, so I've been drinking green juices all day, every day. I completely cut out all processed foods. Lots of veggies, fruit, quinoa and chia. And no alcohol :( That's a tough one, because I like to have a few, a couple nights a week, but I am super focused right now. I also joined a 30 day fitness challenge, so I am working out 6 days a week. My thought process is this... if I enter that operating room in the best of health possible, my recovery will be easier, my swelling will be minimal and the pain will be manageable. I sure hope this is the case, because only 21 days after my surgery I have a big 4th of July party to go to AND the day after that I have a graduation party to attend. From this site I see so many women heal so differently. Some of you have high swelling and some of you look flippin amazing 3 weeks after surgery. I hope I'm not crazy swelled up for the parties. I don't want to be 'the girl with the boob job'

Today's the day! A great, great day!!

5:15 AM. I started my day by opening the window to take a peek at the full moon. It was brightly shinning through the bathroom glass, cascading a design across the tile. I didn't need much time to get ready, because I was not to wear any makeup, lotions, or deodorant. I already had my clothes laid out. We packed up the car and headed out early so we could take our time, this was a great idea because we were both using this time for deep breathing, silly chit-chat (boob jokes), singing with the radio (Sinead O'Connor) and we even parked in front of the ocean for a few minutes to appreciate the view. Doing this was a BIG stress reducer for both myself and my husband. I think he might have been more nervous than me. I've never seen him like this in the entire 22 yrs, we been together.
We checked in at 7:00 AM. Morton Plant Hospital,,,has staff of the nicest, considerate, helpful group of professionals, I have ever come across. I haven't even cut my paper arm band off yet because it reminds me of my lovely stay. They asked me a lot of questions, drew blood, took my blood pressure, took urine sample, set up IV tubes. Covered me with heated blankets because I was cold. My favorite thing they had was some sort of system named Bair Paws. It was a tubing thing they connected to my Bear Paws hospital gown, I was able to control the temperature with a remote. I put it on high heat and ahhhhhhhhh it was so cozy. Even my socks are Bear Paws brand. They are purple, my favorite color. Ohhhh and my room number was #19. That is my favorite number. YUP, I was all smiles, at the hospital. Dr. Brown came in at 8:45 AM. He took pictures and marked up my chest with a 'purple' marker. lol. During that time I met with 2 anesthesia people, than it was not long after that..........That I don't remember a thing until after 4:00PM. This shocked me that I was out for so long. I will find out why tomorrow morning at my post-op appointment. A nurse and my husband fed me saltines and ice chips. The nurse thanked me for being such a good patient. lol, she said I was informed and ahead the game. She said I will heal well. They walked me to the bathroom to pee and get dressed. Then put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me down to our car. I got home by 6PM. My husband and I filled out the time slot column in the medication chart. I had a homemade juice (16oz) of pineapple core, gingerroot and carrots. I also had a homemade trail mix of walnuts, brazil nuts, dried apricots, prunes with a teaspoon of fresh ground peanut butter. I didn't particularly feel like eating, but I wanted to get protein, zinc, and Vitamin A&C in my system as fast as I could. I feel the medication in my system ALOT right now, I will post back after my doc appointment tomorrow morning. I had no nasiea or pain, so far.

Post-Op appointment went well. I got saline 300's filled to 330cc's, moderate plus profile.

I didn't get to see much because of all the bandages, I go back on Wednesday for another bandage changing. Hopefully I will get a peak at them then. This is ok with me for now, I'm afraid of getting grossed out.

5 days post-op

I cant get my photos up but there is not much to see. They are bandaged up, from what I can tell they look flat, no cleavage, the left one is higher. I know better... than to let this get me down, but it is.

Tears...all day

Yesterday I went to see the doctor for the second time since the surgery, he said everything has gone well. No bruising with minimal swelling. He did ask me both times if I wanted to look in the mirror to see them and I said no, for 2 reasons. 1. I feel queasy when I think of what I just been through and 2. Does it really matter what they look like now, if this is not the end result.

The incision sites are wrapped loosely in gauze and I have on a cotton front closure bra. My skin feels very tight. I'm hoping the 'drop and fluff' phase is a real thing because something has to happen for me. They look flat. Probably because the muscle is holding the implant down? I put a light layer of coconut oil on the tops of them because I feel the skin is so tight, I might get more stretch marks.

Today is my first day off all medicine. Its not bad at all, I am not in pain. I do feel weird sensations once in a while, which is expected. I should probably take the anxiety ones because I am in a bad mood. Today is also the first day that I am left by myself. My husband and kids went back to work. I woke up this morning to my dog peeing on the floor because I don't have the strength enough to unlock out deadbolt to let him out. I had forgotten to instruct my family that putting water and food at my arms reach would be helpful for me today. GRrrrrr... I cant think of everything, all of the time! Its tough being the only girl in the house.

Day 6 post-op

Today was a much better day. My husband stayed home from work to stay with me, because yesterday I was a mess when I was left alone. It must sound like I am a whinny wimpy baby but really I am not at all.
I took one muscle relaxer at 6am and that's it for the day. I will be glad to get off the meds and do a cleanse to get the stuff out of my system. I'm drinking one smooth move tea a day, that's been allowing me to poo every other day.
I am much happier with my boobs today than I was yesterday.

Starting to feel normal again :)

Yesterday and today, I got out of the house. Today I shaved my armpits. Really starting to feel normal again.

Yesterday, I went out for sushi and a movie. It was great to get out of my pajamas. I got to wear normal clothes for the first time since my surgery. I looked the same size in my shirt as I did before surgery. This is exactly what I wanted!! I was always pleased with the size of my breasts, it was the sagging that was the problem.
Today I went along with my family to help my mom move. I only held the door (with my body, NOT my arms) It was nice to be out in public. My moms reaction to my new addition was exactly what I wanted, she said "you look the same" Ahhhh, a sigh of relief, because she will tell me exactly what she thinks. She thinks breast augmentation is ridiculous, so I was especially looking forward to her reaction.
Shaving my armpits today was so nice. lol. Really! Its been 10 days. My husband HATES an unshaven woman. lol. Seriously, he cant handle it. I have never been able to have a lazy day and skip shaving, not even in the winter. So can you imagine how he handled the previous week of regularly washing my armpits. lol. First of all... he 'had' to use a washcloth. I had him use my surgical soap wash I got from the hospital... I told him to use his hands, because it has to be rubbed in like lotion.... HE TOLD ME "NO" I was laughing so hard, it was causing my nipples to sting.

Neck pillow

I want to share with everyone how important my neck pillow was to me. As I was preparing for my surgery, I remembered someone on this site suggesting it. I am still using it but those first few days after surgery...... it was my best friend. I highly recommend it.
I don't have a recliner nor did I want to spend money on a wedge pillow, so I made my own and it worked wonderfully. I just stacked old blankets in the form of a wedge until I got to about a 45 degree angle, than I put crisp clean white sheet over it, to give it a hospital feel. It worked great. I slept very comfortable and I still do. Now its been over a week I have been able to lower the angle, because the pressure in my chest is subsiding. I hope this helps someone, as much as its helped me.

week 2

I am feeling great physically and mentally. I still have tightness in my breasts, but a lot less than last week. I am still wearing my surgical bras. I wish I could try on different tops, bras and bathing suits, but I cant because my boobies are sooooo extremely sensitive. I cannot even give hugs. At least I know I didn't loose sensitivity in my nipples.
I do not have the bulging top bump, which is exactly how I wanted them.
A couple other of my favorite recovery things was a cup with a lid and straw. I got this idea from someone else on this site and I thanked that gal many times over in my head. The straw saved me from lifting and the lid from spilling my drink all over. Those first couple days, I really appreciated using these.
I had one cup of Smooth Move Tea every day from day 1-6 post op. The first few days it didn't do much, but the last few days.... oh yeah, it cleaned me out. It actually felt really good, it made me feel healthier and lighter.
Healing foods..... I read a lot about foods that are good for healing before and after surgery. In all the reading I did I found that protein, Vitamin A & C, Selenium and Zinc are supposed to be really good for healing. I found the foods that contained the highest of each, and made sure I ate these everyday. The picture shows walnuts, brazil nuts, fresh ground peanuts, kiwi and carrot juice. This is actually only a few of the foods I consumed. About a month before my surgery date, I got real serious about nutrition. You just might think I am coo-coo if I take pics of all the foods and drinks I made sure to have for my recovery but I didn't have any bruising, swelling, nausea or pain. I am hoping that my scars look fantastic, once the steri strips are off.

Tried on T-shirt for the first time, Im feeling amazed, happy, thrilled

I put on a shirt I wore last year for the 4th of July, ANDDDD, it looks the same. I am so happy about this. I did not want to be bigger, just fuller. I am! I am! I am not bigger, just fuller!!!!

One month post-op

I am healing and feeling great. The super sensitivity in my nipples is slowly going away. Not enough to be trying on different clothing or giving or getting hugs. I really miss cuddling with my husband as I am still sleeping on an incline. My doctor told me I can sleep flat now, but it doesn't feel right. It makes my chest feel tight. Its just not comfortable right now. In time, I will be back to sleeping flat and on my side.
At my 3 week post op doctor appointment, my doctor and his wife took off my steri strips and removed some internal stitches. They put the steri strips back on.
At my 4 week post op doctor appointment, they did the same. He told me to leave the steri strips on until they fall off. I was told I could shower now, but I am not going to do that until the sensitivity goes down some more. I have a removable shower nozzle that I been using, it allows me to wash just fine, with out getting my breast wet. I cannot imagine spraying water hitting them, when air alone makes them tingle.
I am real happy with the way they are looking. I cant wait until I can try on different bras, bathsuits and lingerie. I'm excited to do side by side/ before and after pics. Can someone tell me how you do those cool pics?? thanks.

First day back to work

In two days... it will be my 6 week surgery anniversary. I think I will celebrate that day for the rest of my life. Today was my first day back to work. It was great to be back on job sites. I had to take so much time off because my work is very labor intensive. I remodel kitchens with my husband. Most of my work day involves lifting and moving heavy tools, cabinets, doors and drawers, so I took almost six weeks off to be fully healed. I am still going to take it easy though. I wont be lifting real heavy stuff. My husband was so happy to have me back today. Oh my gosh... what a mess he made of our cargo van. AND the tools..... he literally just tossed all of our tools in different tool buckets without putting anything where it went. I will be reorganizing all our tools and van for a while until its done. I don't know how he can work like that. smh. lol.
I didn't want to post an update without posting a picture, so I tried this on for you all. I had it my drawer for years. I hung on to it knowing that "one day" this will look great on me, once I get my boobs done. lol. Welllll..... I LOVE IT!!!!

First day without a bra

Everyday... something new! I am normally a modest girl, but this surgery is bringing something out in me. lol. I never thought I would ever go without a bra, but it looked so dang good. The pictures don't even how neat they looked. I couldn't stay away from the mirrors today.
Dr. Kenneth Brown

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