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Hello Realselfers, I am a 29 year old mom of 3.all...

hello Realselfers, I am a 29 year old mom of 3.all of my babies were breastfed which to me was the greatest thing ever until I realized one day what it did to my perky little tatas! I am a small framed female and have never had "boobs" except when I was breastfeeding,which was a small d.I wanted to nurse forever just to keep them after a failed iud and vasectomy I got a that we are done having kids,its me time!! at the consult I chose 450hp saline.I was happy with that until a few months back my best friend got hers done and now shes a dd! I dont want to be HUGE but a very full smll d is my goal.I try on small d bras and they just look so large,im stuck.but dont I have to get a larger implant to fill up my upper pole again? please any ladies with a small frame HELP with size

forgot to add my wish pics and stats!

I was so excited to put up my review I forgot to put my stats.I am a 29 year old married mom of!! I am 5'5" and goal is a full c very small d,as of now I am planning on 450hp saline crease incision.what do you ladies think? too much or need more to fill back up my upper boob?

more of me before

consult #3 tomorrow!

Ok so as you know i had planned on getting my ba when my youngest was not so dependant in thats he is 2.5 time has original ps i have found out he passed away in january!! I was devestated that this has happened so suddenly! So now im moving forward with my 2nd planned dr trevisiani in maiyland fl! My consult is at 10am i am hoping that he dont suggest smaller than 450 ccs which is my smallest implant.will keep everyone updated!

dr said silicone! mixed feelings

So i had my consuly with dr trevisiani. Hes very laid back and easy to talk to.he suggested 500 ccs high profile SILICONE! What?? I wanted saline dang it.he says since im so thin that saline could ripple.well yeah i knew that! So question is to all the silicone ladies that have had them for 3 years or more are you still happy even though you have to get mris done and have a larger scar? I will say i love the way they feel i just dont personally know anyone whom has silicon.

surgery scheduled for April 8th!! woohoo

OK I have finally set a date for my ba.wish it was tomorrow! I am getting 500cc HP in right and 475cc left saline crease incision behind the muscle. I'm so excited I don't know what to do to keep my mind off of the surgery.I'm a professional dog groomer I love my career but DR Trevisiani wants Mr to take 2 weeks off cause I use my upper body so much which I am dreading.I hate being helpless.I had a hysterectomy in July and was back full swing in 8 days! Yes I'm stubborn but very independent also. Thanks for reading ladies

pre op done

Today i had my pre op.nothing too interesting,paid for surgery in full signed my life away and got my surgery time.woohoo 7 am which is awesome cause i will be starving due to the 2 hr drive and no my lab work done and 3 prescriptions filled.getting real 3 more weeks ladies

last weekend with little boobs

In just 3 days i will have my big boobs like i have always wanted!! Is it weird that i am quite sad about not having small breasts anymore? I mean bigger boobs has its benefits like filling out tops and such but they sag more and what if people start paying attention to the girls instead of me? What if my hubby don't like the nee looks i might get after? What if one is noticeably bigger after or i hate the end size? Omg im driving myself think after all these years of wanting them and now its 3 nights sleep away and im really nervous about whether its the right thing!

no more itty bitties!

Yesterday was surgery day.not very eventful.staff was so sweet we even made a few jokes about how i have great veins,lol..ended up with 450 left 475 right.the whole car ride home i darn intense and i have a high tolerance for pain.glad to be home ladies.

3 days post op

The first couple days were rough.i quit taking my pain meds yesterday all they did was knock me out,i couldn't even keep my open while on now i just take my antibiotics and twice a day my muscle relaxer.slept in my ned with tons of pillows propping me up amd slept great.much easier to get out of bed than it was to get up from my frozen peas are my best friend right now.the left boob is softer than the right.right is still higher too.i wish i could fast forward to where the tingles and tightness were gone far so good ladies. Happy healing to everyone

4 days post

Ok so i went shopping for my new shop i am opening at after 5 hrs my boobs were very sore but i made it through it.evsn drove cause hubby got a migraine.wasnt too bad but tried to use my left hand since my right is more swollen from using it so much.i really hope they dont get smaller cause im loving the size and so does win., my dr has called every day to check up on me!! Truly is a very caring glad i chose him

8 day's post

So far so good,boobs are still numb but i can tell when they're touched just not alot more than that.getting the tingles and shooting pains so my nerves are regenerating which is a plus! Righty still not catching up to its sister.big surprise since I'm a righty. Completely tired of sports bras so i bought some bralettes which are super hott but absolutely no support at dr appt is the 23rd for stitch removal.seems like forever.anyways hope everyone is doing well

12 days post righty is killing me

Not much change.right one is driving me nuts, very sore and not dropping like the left which is sooooo annoying. Wanted to wear a cute dress today and bra straps showed so I figured braless for a couple hrs can't hurt.but headlights were full on so i improvised and used band aids...worked great

3 weeks post, dont know how you girls do it

Im 3 weeks post op and these darn things are sore! I thought i would be feeling great and they would feel like a part of me and i would be stoked to go shopping but no way am i there yet.i dont know how you girls try on new bathing suits and your boobs are squishy and your in i crazy? I mean i am a fast healer and have had 3 natural births and a hysterectomy and this boob job is knocking me on my butt.i feel like my boobs are constantly taking a beating. Theyre sore all the time and i hate my nipples being touched by even my bra i have found is comfortable.the sides hurt and my incisions are sore when even a bralette sits on them.ugh just wanna be healed already. Rant over

oops pressed submit too soon

mondors cord and stubborn righty

Almost a month post and i have mondors cord on left boob which is the cooperative one.ugh...i am right handed and the right is the one with larger implant but is being so stubborn, its getting softer and sloooowly dropping.dr says everything is fine but im really getting nervous.anyone else have 1 boob who just took waaay longer?

6 weeks!

I am officially 6 weeks post today! Yay. On a good note the girls are getting softer righty is still not where she should be and im hoping lefty still has dropping to do.i know im early in recovery but i finally bought a normal bra and its a 34C please tell me when they drop and fluff my size will increase???? Damn it i didnt want a c cup bra i wanna be a d.ugh.bottom of boobs are still numb and nipples still hypersensitive but getting better.on a crappy note i have lost my sex drive.i think having my partial hysterectomy my ovaries are dying..have a dr appt next week for a hormone test.go figure i finally get the boobs i have wanted for years to feel sexy and help my confidence in the bedroom and BAM my body disagrees with it.i swear i can never win in this game of life i live.rant over..happy Friday everyone

bathing suits

Thought i would add a few swim top pics.i like the multi colored pink top best.its a large but other 2 are medium.

Boob greed is so real & so damn evil!

Ok im 8 weeks post op and got measured at a dd.which is great its more than i wanted but......they look so damn small in clothes.My breasts naturally sit low on my chest which does NOT help my cleavage issues at all.anyway here are some new pics.
Maitland Plastic Surgeon

Dr trevisiani really listens to you.he never pressured me for anything. The staff is as sweet and helpful as i could ask for. If i ever end up wanting more surgery he is the one i would go to with no hesitation!

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