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I am going to have Breast Augmentation done on Nov...

I am going to have Breast Augmentation done on Nov 23, 2012. A couple of questions that keep lurking in my mind before my pre-op on November 6 is: What I want to look like vs what will look best for my body type. I am 29 yrs old, 5'4", 125 lbs. I am leaning highly towards Moderate Plus Profile, Saline, around 350 cc overfilled to 400cc. I measure 16" from my left side of my left breast to the right side of my right breast. From nipple to nipple I measure roughly 7 ". From collar bone to nipple, 7". My doctor said stated i am a 32 full a, small b. I have many pictures of what I want to look like but i know all bodies are different. Any suggestions on what will look good. I have postd a picture (after searching through hundreds) of what I think my breasts/body looks like compared to photo and what I want them to look like post-op.

Just had my Pre-Op Appointment this morning. I...

Just had my Pre-Op Appointment this morning. I think it went very well. Had alot of my questions answered and actually got to see and feel more implants. My doctor is recommending 300 cc overfilled to 350cc HP Saline Implant Subglandular (over the muscle). I was nervous at first about going over the muscle, but after talking to him and how he feels they will look alot better over the muscle, especially with me needing more fill in the upper part of my breast. I have a small frame and ribcage, so moderate wouldn't work for me after looking at them and my doctor explaining to me they will be to wide. I always liked the high profile because i do want projection and holding the one he thinks will be the implant he will choose, I really liked it. The brand is "Natrelle". He said he will overfill them to try and get as much rippeling out, which i'm happy about. I do have some good amount of tissue that he feels won't show alot of rippeling. He said the only part that may ripple is when i lean way over. I keep reading about all different types and seeing pictures. It's so hard to try to compare me to other women. I even took pictures into my pre-op trying to figure out if my body type is like the ones i found pictures of that I really liked the Post-op photos. He said its really hard to tell by just a picture. I really do feel confident and I know he has my best interest and he doesn't want me looking bad at all. If anything he wants me to look more natural than fake! Next step, doing my 2 weeks detox. I can't drink :( I can't take any vitamins, no pre-workout powder drinks anymore. I have to get my blood pressure all set level (which has been good) and i guess Vitamins (especially Vitamin E) isn't good before you go into surgery because it thins your blood. This is going to be hard for me to do because every morning I take alot of vitamins, and i'm a caffeine junkie haha. But this is well worth it! I just think of it as a detox for my body. The more I do to what my doctor says is the best for a fast healthy healing, the better off I will be. I can't wait to see the outcome. I have so many emotions. 18 more days :)
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