30 Yrs Old...5'7 158 Lbs..... So Ready to Have my Body Proportionate! 600/650 Cc - Clearwater, FL

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Yesterday I met my doctor and loved him! I've...

Yesterday I met my doctor and loved him! I've worked so hard to loose weight and quit smoking. This is my treat plus I always wanted the surgery. For some reason I have to get a mammogram next Wednesday but okay? I think I'm more freaked out about that right now. Probably tomorrow I'll start to freak out about the surgery when I do labs and get my scripts.

Edit: no family history of breast cancer why mammogram at 30?

It's just strange to me that I have to have a mammogram. I asked my PS today and they said it's to create a baseline. I still have friends older than me in which it was not required. I have extreme anxiety he knows about so it's making me question is something wrong? I do have one breast larger than the other. They estimated about 50 cc. I wear a 38c now.


3 more days until surgery and I can barely sleep from nightmares. I feel like I just want to get it over with. Not knowing what to expect is driving me crazy. Hoping the next few days go by fast.

It's time!

I've been waiting about 30 minutes and starving! The anticipation is driving me crazy. I want to get it done already. I cannot wait to meet my new girls.

Finally added some photos

Holy Molly Pain

This morning was post op day 1 . I am doing alot better. The surgery hurt worse than anything I've had (bi-lateral knee surgery) I'm still coughing from the throat tube which makes my chest hurt more. The pressure is so tight. Yesterday I was in tears from pain. My PS called in Demerol and it helped alot. The percoset just wasn't helping. My first P/O visit was this morning and he said things are looking great. Just keep up the meds and do not use your arms ect. He removed the tight ace bandage and put on a sports brace. Then re-applied the ace bandage. I really don't like that thing. I have another follow up apt. next week. Hoping I can do more on my own by them. My scripts make me very sleepy: pain, anti-nausea, anti-biotic and muscle relaxers. He ended up doing exactly what we discussed saline HP with 600cc on one side and 650cc on 2nd. I was told I cannot get my stitches wet or take full showers for 4 weeks. This should be fun lol Oh...almost forgot Im getting sharp pains in my incision area but I showed the PS and he said it was normal. Trying so sleep comfortable is difficult.

Can't sleep. ....whole body hurts. I wish there was a quick fix.

My boobs just keep swelling and turning into that torpedo look.

less pain finally!

This morning I finally woke up in less pain. Morning boob still sucks lol. So I'm going to try a sponge bath today :-) I do not get my stitches out until my 3 week mark. How did you ladies wash your hair with t - Rex arms? Let the obstacles begin :-)

1 week pics - side view is small lol

1 week post op

Finally the pain is only the muscle spasms. Saw the Dr. today and asked about all the extra junk on the sides of the girls....apparently it's the implants! They get smashed until I d&f? Lol I do not start massaging until 6 weeks. He also explained why I was in more pain than most.... due to tight muscles and no kids. I really didn't think about that. Still no driving :-( He gave me more scripts for muscle relaxers and demerol which I thought was strange but I guess in the next few weeks when they drop my muscles will resist so "just in case I need them". I've never had so many prescriptions in my cabinet. I feel like a pharmacist. Sleeping still sucks but at least I'm mobile now. Picked up some more sports bras will post pics soon.

2 week post op pics

I'm PMSing! No...... they hurt so bad now. I never thought of what that would be like. They feel 10 pounds heavier lol I tried on these comfy sports bras from walmart that are DD and they are too small. Now I'm really curious what I will be when they d&f.

My sizers for comparison

Dr. Kenneth Brown

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