IPL Damage at Clearskincare Clinic Perth

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I have posted a few encouraging comments to other...

I have posted a few encouraging comments to other victims from time to time but I have never posted my story or posted any photos of the damage. I am not ready to post any photos of my face but I will once I am all healed (2 years post damage and finally seeing healing).
I am not ready to share my entire journey as it was extremely painful and is difficult for me to verbalise. However, the gist is that I started ipl for freckles on my forearms to test how I would tolerate ipl on my face My skin on my forearms looked beautiful and so I proceeded with treatments to my face. I will spare you the details now, but once I realised that things went dreadfully wrong, I looked to my arms to reassure me that ipl was safe and everything would be fine. I hadn't paid any attention to my forearms after the initial treatment because everything went smoothly and it was winter . I will never forget the moment that I looked at my arms and noticed what happened. An electric shock of horror pierced my heart. The texture had completely changed and the undersides of my arm were a burnt orange colour instead of creamy white.
My arms as I knew them were gone. I know this sounds drastic, but there is loss even though we didn't lose a limb or have a disfiguring accident.
Victims are always told that the damage is premature aging but this photo captures the difference between the healthy skin and the damaged skin. The area above the elbow was not damaged and the area below speaks for itself.
Tomorrow I am starting treatments of Factor 4. It is 4x more powerful than prp.
I will let you know how it goes!!
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