11/4/13 No Drain Tummy Tuck with Muscle and Hernia Repair- Clear Lake, TX

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I am so so ready!!!! I had a six pack for the...

I am so so ready!!!! I had a six pack for the first time right before I found put I was pregnant with my 8 yr old, I gained 67lbs n had a c-section so goodbye good belly hello disaster!!! Then 6 years later I got pregnant again n gained 30 something lbs. and had another csection. I've been wanting my Tt forever now, well the time is near and I'm super scared, nervous, and going crazy.

Tt day!!

Today is the day!!!

5 hours post op

So 5 hours post op n i just took a Celebrex for pain so I'm only posting a pic and I will tell my story when I'm sober ????????????

2 days post op

I woke up this morning feeling better, not good only better lol... The only thing that hurts is my rib area my lower back and my scar has lots of sharp pains shooting everywhere. I took a Valium last night it didn't so anything so I waited 4 hours and took 2 Tylenol pms that also did nothing but I finally fell asleep. I woke up at 6:30 and it is now 7:30 n I feel like I need to get out of this recliner, I can't wait to go to my post op tommorow just to get out of the house, my back is hurting me now so I'm gonna try n get up.

3 days post op

And I haven't taken any medicine today at all. But there is pain when I get up n walk around mostly in my rib area. I went to the doc for post op and he removed my bandages and I got light headed!!! But my stomach has lots of folds and creases but I'm not worried they will flatten out w time just hopefully sooner than later. I took a shower by myself thank goodness it has a bench in it, as I sat down the whole time and scrubed my dried bloody body. The doc also told me to put ointment on my belly button everyday.

5 days post op

I just asked two other people when they were able to stand straight n they both said 2-3 weeks, Dang n I thought the worse part was over I'm 5 days post and I just wanna run around lol... It's 8:50 am n I want to cook breakfast for my 2 boys but I can barely stand up for more than 2 minutes . Good thing tho I didn't take any meds yesterday but 2 Tylenol around 12 for a headache, I slept all on my own w out meds!!! I don't like Celebrex, hydrocodone, or Valium, they all had side effects worst than the relief. So I'm gonna just have to be a soldier n ride it out ??????????????????

6 days post feeling better n almost completely straight

Im feeling pretty good still aches n tightness but on my way to recovery

7 dpo

7 dpo a lil straighter n can stand a lil longer!!!



Home alone

So looks for day 8-10 I'll be home alone from 3-9 w my 8 n 10 yr olds wish me luck us I'm gone need it, I still hurt really bad when standing for longer than 3 minutes so umm yea...

8 days post

Pain: none just hurts when getting up and down or standing in one spot too long.
Went to doc got surgical tape removed and he told me to put ointment on 3 times a day to scar and bb.
Was placed in compression garment that I hate already!!!
Cooked dinner and washed dishes, sat outside w the kids and drove for about 2 hours w no pain, almost straight eventhough I think this compression garment has me more bent over. Still swollen no change there.

10 dpo back to normal

Feeling like myself again! Pain is down to level 1 from last week. Still hard to reach high n even harder to bend over n put on socks or pick something up. I worked and cleaned the yard today, have not been sitting around, im back to driving also. Wearing my compression garment 2nd day straight, putting triple antibiotic ointment on my scar n bb. Swelling is still the same. Using cocoa butter oil on my tummy.

Feeling pretty good just tired long weekend

It's Sunday n I'm super swollen, hate it. Took Valium in the afternoon to relax me after my aunts funeral because I had to play host as we had a house full n I wanted to be moving around n the life of the party, dancing n laughing and stuff, it made me sleepy but I kept on smiling n fought it off, took Tylenol pm just to allow me to sleep really good last night, it didn't really help that much, I kept movin all night. Pain is not bad just sore w minor aches, but def over this I'm ready to get bck to normal routines. And I ate so bad yesterday eww.

13dpo more photos

13dpo still swollen but skin getting smoother, I've been using skin therapy oil on stretch marks and triple antibiotic in bb and on scar. I put two pads under cg to keep it from irritating my scar n bb,

15 dpo

I am moving around as if I didn't have surgery except when I have to bend over or reach up high that ish hurts!!! Still a swollen mess no change there!!

3 weeks post op visit left me so depressed n frustrated!!!

So I was like opposed w real self before I got my tt, but what I was so opposed w was all the flat FLAT tummys. I thought about backing out alot after I paid my deposit I was so torn about what to do, my stomach was not big at all, with clothes on it looked great. When it was time to try on cute tight dresses or take a shower or let my husband touch my tummy I hated it becsuse I knew what it once looked like pre-pregnacy weight gain. I had my 3 week post op visit today and I asked the doc if my stomach wouod flatten out completely n he said maybe NOT but only time will tell. He said that I needed to wear my binder all the time as tight as possible to help the crease flatten out. I cannot believe I paid for this torture!!! I cant go backwards so. I have to just deal with this very very long healing process n im about to start walking my butt off on the treadmill again, changing my rating to not worth it until I seevthe results I paid for tho...


3wks po

My fitness pals will be happy im exercising again, I walked on the treadmill @3mph for an hour uphill n burned 671 cals

4 wkpo

Started a 24 day an exercise and did 75+min in treadmill n 7 min. Dumbbell arm exercises!!!! Trying to get my 6pack on folks. Been wearing spanx daytime cg @ night. Still taking vit c n arnica pills, putting oil on tummy n scar. Scar is getting flatter except on sides, left sides sticks out really bad m is ugly, swellings going down, crease is flattening minimally but some, very little soreness but not @ 100% as expected. Not confident enough to show stomach yet because of crease mostly n a lil cause scar n stretch marks, but I like the smooth feel above the bb, below is under construction lol...

Feeling myself

5 wpo

Feeling great still swollen or numb don't kno the difference but working out n eating around 1200 calories a day.

Pre-op - 5wpo

Wow what a difference

40 days post op a swollen mess!!!

2 words. "Im swollen" so I exercised for 30 minutes.on treadmill n did some ab work for 12minutes. Went to work from 11-6:30 n omg I look 3 months pregars I can see and feel it, I just took a tylenol because my upper abs mainly my right one is sore not hurting but aching!!!

6 wpo I may need a revision I think I have dog ears

Where the crease is on the right side is enough skin to pinch and the left too but not as much and on the left side my scar is really poking out and really higher than the other side. I feel like he could've pulled me tighter. does anyone know around how much it should cost to bring the dog ear/scar down and the extra fat/skin down or lipo'd out?

7 wpo

No change still get swollen n still have crease. Still numb also.

No more crease but there is fat still on both sides right under bb. 8 1/2 weeks post op

No more crease!!! Hopefully it stays gone. Still numb weird pains in abs and if I lay on one side to long it hurts. Still trying to get rid of the at below my belly button where the crease was, I think that's what was causing it. I had a very long soredof drunk night so doing my crunches is gonna be hard but I'm gna do it. Thinking about ordering hip hop abs lol. About to do 180 crunches 60 leg raises 90 sec plank

10 wpo

Crease is gone still working on my 6 pack, I think I need lipo tho. My stomach hurts everyday more at night though, it's a sharp pain right below my belly button. My doc says I need to massage my stomach but that it's nothing but it really hurts.

my journey this far


Still healing an still numb, stomach is very sensitive to the touch,my scar has dog ears and eventhough my confidence is getting better I'm feeling ready for summer, yay!!

15 wpo

Numbness still here, scar is very dark and sensitive.

20 wpo still numb scar hurts

Got my bb pierced n didn't feel a thing due to numb tummy. My scar is really high and I can't wear a two piece, it itches really bad and hurts upon touch, and the sides stick out, not happy w scar!!!

summer time is here

Pros: I'm back n a 2 piece, crop shirts, confidence is up
Cons: my scar shows, I'm constantly pulling my jeans, shorts, bikini up. People can see my scar but I'm starting to not care but I wish for the $ I spent my scar would be way lower and skin much tighter, when I bend over its all wrinkly like before and that scares me, and I still workout 5 days a week some weekends too.

9 mpo

No changes, hate my scar n dog ears n stretch marks..

almost 11 mpo

I work our 5 days a week and try and eat clean 100% of the time, but I don't lol.. I usually get 2 cheat days a week..

dog ears removed

I got my dog ears cut off in office, awake with local anesthesia, it didn't hurt at all that day but healing it's really sensitive and sore, the stitches are really annoying can't wait for them to dissolve n the sides heal completely. .. as for my tummy it's ok..
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Pros: flatter tummy, less loose skin, smoother skin Cons: high scar, dog ears, unnatural skinny looking belly button,

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