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Ok so I have been wanting a BA since before I had...

Ok so I have been wanting a BA since before I had my daughter 7 yrs ago!!!! I had my first at 19 yrs old and then my second almost 2 yrs later. Now my third and last turned a yr old in feb. I told myself after her bday this is it iam getting my BA NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! I kept telling my friends no ifs or butts this time around its a done deal!! so after stalking this page for sooo long I figured that I would also need a breast lift too.... I looked around for doctors in my area and came upon dr wiener. I scheduled a consultation with him about two months ago... At 1st I was not really happy with the way he talked to me and was so fast about everything.... I decided I would visit him again and go over everything we had talked about and was very much pleased the 2nd time around he was very thorough very polite answered all my questions repeated himself if he had too. (and yes You would asked why would you go to him a 2nd time well there is a reason..)1. Dr. Weiner is literally like 20 min down the road from me.2. The price no one can beat!!3. My cousin in law went with him and her boobies look amazing!!!!

I went in today and I have been having nightmares about the size and that I am not happy with the size!!!! arrggghhhhh!!!! I am going crazy about this girls!!!! I tried the sizers on and I was so happy when I seen drum roll please 700 CC .... It sounds so big but they don't look big on me I keep looking at 700 cc on here and they seem to big I am not sure... I told myself I was not going to be freaking out like some of the girls I see on here and feel worse than them!!!! LMAO!!! OMG I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! So what we have decided on is bilateral breast augmentation with bilateral peri- areolar mastopexy!! 700 CC wish me luck girls!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

my ettie bitty titiis...

So ready for new me!!

Feaking out!!!!! arghhhh!!!!

OK so the person that was suppose to be taking me to get my surgery done can no longer take me!!!! So now I asked my other co-worker friend and see if she could said yes texted our manager and requested the 29th and she said that schedule was already posted!!!! Arggghhhh BUT!!! we still cant see it!!! Maybe she erased and is working on it again.... I hope so!!! If not I am going to have to get my hubby to take me and I don't want to his job is so demanding and he was already going to be the one taking me the next day for after care instructions....


OK so my ride is taking care of!!!! BA here I come!!!! I am not going to lie I am freaking out about the size!!! OMG I keep looking at pics and I came upon Heidi Montage pictures and I DO NOT want to look like her!!! At all!! She looked awful her boobs looked very much fake!!! Lord I am scared to call my DR and ask if I can go in again and try on sizers, surgery is Wednesday!!!! I think that Mondays is surgery only.... Could someone comfort me please!!!!!

more before

I am literally counting down!!! Never have I wanted weekend to go by so fast... I noticed I have not mentioned height weight and or bra size!!!

I am 5'2 150 lbs 38 b sometimes a cup p!!!

love this babies!!!

this is crazy!!! soooo I keep getting on google and looking up 700cc saline implants under muscle... I ran until this girl profile and she is same height, weight and was same size boobies!!!! and they look great!!! look at them!!! I love!!!! I know I cant expect to be exactly the same.... but know I just keep replaying when Dr. Weiner told me "what do you think" and I answered " they are a little too bg.... he reminded me that I would lose some of that volume we are going under the muscle!!!

may new boobies are here!!!

I got there 15 min till 8. Waiting was the hardest part!! I got called to the back by a very sweet nurse, she told me to pee in a cup started my iv with fluids. I suspected that the pee was to check if pregnant or not. I was rite! Anyways the anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself also very sweet nice. I was told it was time to go to operating room and they hooked me up and after that I knocked out!!! Can't remember anything just towards the end when I woke up I remember dreaming about my kids... They were all very sweet nice patient to help me up amazing staff!!!! Dr. Weiner as well him and his nurse called and checked to see how I was doing. Very good actually I know its going ti be a rough night but I believe it was very much worth it! I am in pain.... It feels like when you have a baby and your boobs get really full with milk, it is very similar to that.

tape off!!!

So I went for follow up care and massage instructions. Omg!!! I almost threw up from the pain and passed out!! My face felt like it was on fire and came in and out... But again Dr. Weiner and his staff amazing jump rite on it to make me feel better!! Got me some fold paper napkins put on my forehead and back of neck made me stay until I felt better... The pain is really bad on my left boob. The other feels just engorged like with milk... But I look at them now and I really think I am going to have a really nice outcome!

day 3

Feeling better!!! I slept longer last night hardly woke up only once. They don't feel as tight anymore... I am very excited to see what they look like without the tape... Also they don't feel as high anymore...

day 3

Can't wait for a whole week to go by already!!!

day 4 & what a difference!!!

Wow! I can see it and I feel the difference!!! Can't wait to see the areola part without the tape!!

tomorrow will be exactly a week!!!

Feeling more back to normal.. But I am worried about the red around my right areola it don't hurt or anything but a little discomfort yes... Also I have a rash on my chest seems like an allergic reaction to something... But overall I am really liking them!!!

a little worried

I called Dr. Weiner's office e and told them about the red they are truly amazing! My follow up is thrursday by they want to see me tomorrow 830 in the morning just to make sure everything is ok!she asked me a few questions.like if it hurts or feels hot but it doesn't so maybe that's a good thing... I will keep y'all posted with what they tell me tomorrow!! Xoxoxo girls thanks for yalls best wishes!!!


so Dr. Weiner's office called me back and wanted to see if I could go in today. I called my manager and she said yes... so I took rest day off ad went in. I was really worried that I was getting an infection and it was an allergic reaction to the strips... they told me if the redness don't go away or spreads to the rest of my boob to go immediately!

with out strips

They look like what I've seen on a lot of girls profile... I hope the scaring is minimal when the stitches are dissolved... So far I feel like I am getting a very very good outcome overall!!

9 days

They seem to have dropped a lot to me... I don't know girls what do yall think? I am starting to feel more and more like myself I just want to lay in bed again!!! Do any of y'all feel embarresed when people stare at them...?

a few more pics

Forgot to post these!!!

getting softer

They are getting softer as the days go by...I had an appointment wed. And he said they are coming out real nice which I agree...????.. He wants to see me in a month and asked me to do more massaging especially on the left one because of the muscle on the bottom needing it makes kinda like a crease I am concerned but when I do massaging it goes away...

just a little update

It will be two months on the 29th... They look beautiful!! I am very happy with the results, everyone says they look really good. I need to lose weight I noticed I gained some due to me getting the depo shot. I am getting the esure no more kids for me ever again. I am really wondering what size bra I am I bought some sports bras and they were size dd 40. Can't wait till I am able to wear an actual bra and get fitted at Victoria secret... I am only posting one picture was in hurry to get back to work ????

Quick update

April this year will make it 2 yrs since I had my implants put in... some days I love them some days I regret the size and my choice of doctor.... after being a member here so long I realized dr weiner is far from being up to date with the latest techniques on ba procedures.... I have consulted with other doctors and I need pocket repair... my left breast the pocket was made bigger... there is days when it hurts. I think of the day I choose the size that I wanted and how he didn't put in his input about the size for my frame being to big... I did horrible mistake by choosing dr weiner if I could take it back I would have visited more doctors and done way more homework on the procedure and the outcomes.... I just wanted them so bad at the time, I will update when I have a new doctor and exactly what my new procedure will be when I have my ba redone... I will start another profile for bbl that I am looking into getting done soon I hope!!!
Dr. Weiner

Very nice and proffesional. His staff as well all were so attentive of me and kept checking to see how I was doing. Update 2017 I need pocket repair... also when I think back about the consult when I picking size he did not I feel he could have told me that they were too big just like every doctor has being telling me....

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