24, 2nd Time with Braces, Slight Overbite, and Large 3mm (Estimated Gap)

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So being an adult who doesn't want to wear metal...

So being an adult who doesn't want to wear metal braces, I decided to go the clear braces route. I first called my previous orthodontist. They would not give me exact price but told me to expect around 9-$10,000. Being a broke college student, that was out of the question. I then made a call to a local dental school UPENN and UMDNJ. They told me that it would be around $4,500 to $5,500. Way less than my orthodontist but still too high.

I then did some research, I found crystal clear braces and smile care club. These are "at home services". The reason for the quotation marks is that they send you out materials to make your mold impressions. You then send it back to their dental labs. Presumably the same labs used for orthodontist offices. Based on the complaints of customer care I found on Crystal Braces and the lack of negative of information on Smile Care Club, I decided to use the latter. After making the molds, Smile Care club will then send back a treatment plan approved by an affiliated orthodontist, the cost ranging from $700 to $1800. This can be either a full treatment (top and bottom) or partial (bottom OR top). With this plan they send a starter set allowing you to decide if this treatment would be right for you. This starter set will be worn for 3 weeks while they make your tray aligners. In addition, they will send you a 3D model to show you what your teeth would "potentially" look like during and after treatment. If they decide you are not a good candidate they will refund your consultation fee and refer you to an appropriate specialist. From what I have seen on their site, the most common issues they correct are spacing (gaps) or overcrowding. They briefly mention minor correction to overbites. Currently, they don't do treatment plans for individuals with dental implants. The comparable invisalign does do treatment plans. This is asked on an honor system. I guess you could lie to gain access to being treated, however, the implants will not move. They are anchored into your jaw. The teeth around them do. Depending on the issue you are trying to fix and the location of the implant can you decide if you want to address those issues in your treatment. If you proceed, not being forthcoming about your dental implants, you can end up will larger issues than before. Such as spacing issues and over crowding in areas that did not have this problem before.

Often times, people choose to stop because of the pressure wearing the trays. According to their website, if at any time you decide to not continue treatment they will refund you your money. This includes a fund refund of the$95 for the assessment ($59 if using the current groupon plus a 20% discount off tray purchases) and the prorated amount of the unused trays. While receiving treatment they have periodic check ups with a licensed orthodontist. They are available for an in-person visit (mandatory for complicated cases) for an additional fee. Again, according to their site, if you lose a set of aligners they can make you a new one for the price of $50. They ask that you wear the most recent tray while waiting. All of the trays have your name and the number labelled on the plastic bag. At the end of the treatment they offer custom clear retainers for the price of $195 per pair. Another, thing worth mentioning is their payment methods. As far as I can tell they do not accept Care credit. They, however, accept some insurances, flexible spending account debit cards, and of course credit or debit cards. I also see that they offer financing (credit approval) necessary.

Normally, I would not even consider something along these lines. This leaves you open for disaster to strike in your mouth. I, however, am choosing to move forward because I only want to address the gap between my top two teeth. I acknowledge that I have an overbite (mild or moderate, I am unsure), however, because of my dental implants (2), on either side of my lower mouth, there has been prevention of a lot movement in my lower axis since braces years ago. Hence, why I am seeking a partial treatment of upper axis only. Yes, of course I realize that I could potentially worsen my bite, or my bite not be corrected at all, however, I am willing to take the risk. If I notice a significant discrepancy in my bite during the treatment, I will schedule an appoint with one of their doctors to alter my treatment plan.

Steps Taken So Far:

I just applied for the program, I sent the Smile pictures requested, posted below. I received an email, today, from the company that thus far I have been approved, after reviewing my photos. They are sending me the model material via Fedex. They have provided me with a tracking number. This has occurred within 24 hours.

Since, it was a hassle to find m(any) unbiased opinions on the product, maybe due to the relative newness of the company, I will keep all of you updated on my progress. Pictures and all. I think it is important that people can find unbiased opinions on cosmetic procedures. So, no, I am not getting endorsed by Smile Care Club or any other company to provide information on my experience positive or negative. I hope this review will help provide valuable information on whether or not this product is worth it or if you need to pay up and make the trip to the orthodontist.
Smile Care Club

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