Vaser Lipo W/ Lymphatic Massage

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After doing research on this procedure I decided...

After doing research on this procedure I decided to try it. I called 4 providers in the Saint Louis area and only one was able to schedule me a consultation when I called. The other 3 said they would have someone call me back. Only one of them did, and by then I'd already had my procedure!

I got in within a week for the consultation. It was very informative and I met with the Doctor. One thing that was really stressed was the importance of lymphatic massage following the procedure. They have dramatic photos of patients that did vs those that did not.

Due to a sudden opening on the schedule, I was able to get my procedure done the following week.

So I am one day post-procedure as I write this.

Today I had a lymphatic massage and I look drastically better than I did this morning.

For the Procedure: I chose to do nitrous oxide gas instead of anti anxiety pill. It was great. If I needed more, I would breathe deeply through my nose. I was able to control this myself and afterwards, the gas wears right off and I was very clear headed to hear about my after care. I went about my regular day's activities upon leaving their office.

By that night (probably from overdoing it a little) I was uncomfortable and the OTC tylenol wasn't cuttin it. So I called the office and they were really sweet- called my pharmacy right away and I picked up some vicodin. I needed to go there anyway because I needed more maxi pads. I used medical tape to tape them to the incision sites. I was draining like CRAZY!! I took a shower and really worked the area to push fluid out. After my shower, I was visibly improved. Also, I have a compression garment that I am wearing 23 hrs a day for the next 3 weeks. Then a stage 2 garment for the following 3 weeks.

By this morning- one day post procedure- I had pretty much stopped draining and much of the swelling was down.

Went for the lymphatic massage and it made a huge difference in how it looks and feels. Major improvement!!

It is already starting to look awesome, but puffy and bruised in some areas. I plan to receive another massage on Wednesday and I have a follow up at the office with my doctor in 10 days.

I am very excited and really happy with my experience so far!


Tampa Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. is very experienced, professional and meticulous. A great listener, and very realistic about results. He and his staff made doing this a great experience.

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