TATTX Laser Tattoo Removal (For Fading/coverup) - Toronto, ON

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*Treatment results may vary

I wanted to upload and write about my laser tattoo...

I wanted to upload and write about my laser tattoo removal experience I just went through today (literally typing with the bandage on). Thought it would be a good share for those that are considering it and are hesitant.

All I'm going to write about for now is the actual process of it as I just got it done and don't know what the results will be like after the first treatment.

I got the R-20 treatment where they can do 2 to 3 to 4 treatments in 1 sitting as opposed to just 1. I did 2 in one sitting. My tattoo is shown in the pictures I uploaded. Simple one word script that I felt wasn't who I am anymore compared to when I first got it. I wanted to do a coverup and the tattoo artist suggest I get it faded before I get my plum blossoms to cover it up as the words were hard to work with. Being a student/person on a budget I couldn't afford $150+ per one laser treatment so I went on Groupon. I got a deal with a place here in downtown Toronto for 3 treatments at $130. I went ahead and bought it and went into the place.

They informed me:
-Laser tattoo removal doesn't work immediately it takes time and the usual space between sessions is 6-8 weeks
-My simple black script would take probably 3-4 treatments to do a good fade (with more if I wanted to remove it)

I booked it for Tuesday, July 8th and that was that.

Day of 1st session:
She told me to lie down and made me hold an ice-pack against my tattoo for about 10 minutes until I had become numb. She didn't use numbing creme. She then proceeded to give me a quick run down of what would happen. Nothing out of the ordinary, just told me the pain would be equivalent to getting splattered with oil while cooking and off we went.

**The pain was worse that oil splatter let me tell you that. I'd equate it to being slowly cut open with a knife. Thank god my tattoo was 4 square inches in total so it was pretty quick but I'm not going to sugar coat it for anybody. It is painful and more so than getting the tattoo originally.**

After the first round of the R-20 the tattoo was covered in a white substance as it was trying to absorb the ink and 'attack' it. She then put an ice pack on it for another 10 minutes until the white had almost faded. She then ran through the same thing again with the laser outlining my tattoo. I will say the 2nd time around it was a breeze, my arm was so numb from the ice and having already endured the first round it felt virtually painless. Immediately after the 2nd time she put some creme on it and then bandaged it up with gauze.

She mentioned for aftercare:
-It might blister and scab
-Do not pick the scab it will leave scars
-Do not rub it against anything as the skin is trying to repair itself and that may cause lumps underneath the skin (not pretty)
-Informed me I needed to buy antibiotic cream afterwards to put on, after leaving the gauze on for 24 hours
-Do not take a shower for the first day or touch water

I booked my 2nd session for 6 weeks from now and I will do updates in between as well as a followup. I hope this helped anybody that needed more reassurance or information. I've also included a picture of the settings she used on me with the Tattx machine (q-switch) as well as a video :) (trying to figure out how to upload it!)

1st day after treatment

Right after the treatment it was super sore by the end of the night however the pain had subsided. Only a couple blisters and it's swollen.

2nd day after treatment

Had to change new gauze and applied a thin layer of antibiotic cream in the morning by the end of the work day around 5-6pm took a new look and the tattoo is now almost completely covered in blisters :( Small swelling still occurs. It can hurt when I bump into things. Definitely count working out with weights out for the day or maybe even couple of days. I'll continue to cover it up until the blisters are gone, safer that way I think.
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