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Here's my story, My dad has a beard, my mom has a...

Here's my story, My dad has a beard, my mom has a "beard" therefore I was destined thru the grand blend of DNA to get that beard. (ok, it's not a full on beard but being a woman even 1 hair kills confidence!) My sister and mother spent many days plucking/tweezing/shaving...I'd believed it was their weight contributing to their issue, until mine sprouted. I'm not overweight & my hormones are fine. It was just my time I guess. As I tweezed my way thru life for many years I managed to keep it under wraps, then he proposed! How can I walk down the aisle with 5 o'clock shadow? (yes, a bit exaggerated) So as a wedding gift to myself I researched laser hair took a lot of convincing but I talked myself into "just the consultation" the time that was done I had my first appt made! I was scared about the fact I couldn't tweeze, I had NEVER put a razor to my face, but I had to. That was my only choice...So as the month of letting them come to the surface crawled by I actually let my fiance see what I was living with. (that was a mistake, continue hiding it ladies). I had my first appt and the first few days I felt like I had a sunburn in those spots but it didn't look red. But for some reason I had some bruising, this wasn't mentioned at my appt but I didn't really mind. I told everyone what I was doing so they knew, nothing to hide anymore. By week two my hair was all but gone! I have a couple still lingering, afraid to let go but their time will come. I'm so shocked that after one treatment 90% of the hair is gone. I'm sure these results are not typical but I'm ecstatic! My next appt is in a couple weeks. Can't wait!

Had my 2nd treatment today! My original 2nd appt...

Had my 2nd treatment today! My original 2nd appt was 2 weeks ago but since I didn't have enough growth the doctor rescheduled me. She didn't want to waste a treatment when it wasn't necessary. Very considerate! My 3rd appt will be in 8 weeks due to my fabulously slow growth! I'm still "so happy" with my decision to do this. I read reviews where someone said ppl like me are posting to early with the wonderful results and in a year the hair will be back, don't rain on my parade! I spoke with the office and voiced that concern and they said I may need a touch up appt once in a while but it will be nothing compared to daily plucking/tweezing/waxing/hiding from facial hair. I'd gladly pay a small check up fee to keep them at bay rather than go thru the routine I used to. Maybe the office they went to had old equipment or inexperienced users.

One more thing, I'd NEVER go to a salon for a treatment like this...I see a DOCTOR in a DOCTOR'S OFFICE. no one is getting a shampoo and cut in the next seat. Take it seriously, it's an expensive commitment. Do it right! Good Luck!

Update! It's now March 6, first appt was...

Update! It's now March 6, first appt was around July of last year. I am still having a positive experience. I had my fourth treatment about a month ago and no hair has come to the surface. Very pleased! Usually after a couple weeks a new cycle makes its way to the surface but I'm not having it this time. I've been turned away more than once for not needing a treatment on the scheduled day, which is fantastic that the office isn't rushing me thru this. They are doing it in a way the patient will have the best outcome. The last treatment hurt way more than any others due to a different machine and it was set on a higher setting for the "peach fuzz" on my upper lip, which I didn't really notice in the first place so for the doctor to still treat all areas I paid for regardless of whether I see the hair or not pleases me. She's not taking short cuts like I read some places do. It wasn't always just fuzz, it used to be dark & course. I still have 2 more treatments and I just have to call when I feel that I need it. I just recommend that anyone interested should do the homework. Don't assume your results will be as great as mine or as unfortunate as the one star reviews. Every person is different...and if you are to the point of complete misery, embarrassment and shame as I was then go for it. If it doesn't work at least you will know and not always have to wonder. And if it does work you'll wonder why you waited so long to get lasered!! (like me) One more thing, and I tell myself this when I would see a hair sprout...its called Permenant Hair REDUCTION...not REMOVAL. Don't let the word Permenant overshadow the fact that it's not's a reduction. Be patient and realistic... :)

Well, it has reduced

It's 2015 now...and I still get some hairs on my chin. Ok has definitely reduced compared to 2012 but I wish I could afford more treatments because I'm sure if I went for a few more it would be almost nonexistent. I still tweeze & wax...just not as often. Maybe when I have some extra cash I'll go back. Until then, Sally Hansen products will have to do...
Dr. Cynthia Hoffmeier

The staff is incredible & friendly. I only gave 3 stars on things that didn't really apply to me. Didn't need after care, didn't need to call for anything. They did call me to confirm my appt the day before. The payment was given all at once, there was no mention of optional payment plans which would benefit some ppl. And the's a doctor office, what do you expect? No Photos to share...I'm at work...Shhhh!

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