Rhinoplasty Journey Perth - Claremont, WA

Hello to anyone reading this:) RealSelf has helped...

Hello to anyone reading this:)
RealSelf has helped me tremendously in answering all my questions regarding rhinoplasty, the reviews on the doctors and the pre/post op journeys of their patients are so informative and helpful, I would not be going for this surgery if it wasn't for them! And therefore it would be rude of me not to write my own, so to you, RealSelf community, I leave my copy of the tales of my rhinoplasty journey in the hope that you will find it entertaining and instructive??

For most of my life I've disliked my nose and I've never liked my photo being taken; I thought I wasn't photogenic; but it's because I can't angle my nose to make it look less huge which is the problem! Basically it's too big for my face, it's slightly humped and wide at the bridge which means I can't comfortably wear sunnies, and in my job I have to wear safety glasses which even though they are a perfect fit, my bridge is so sensitive that it aches after wearing them for too long. The tip is also very bulbous and droops when I smile, it's just overall nasty! So I've finally done some hard research and found Dr Imani who I hope can make my nose look more feminine and suitable for my face, and overall make my confidence grow:)

I've had my consult appointment (02/08/16) which was great, Imani was very straight to the point (which I like) and friendly, we went through the things he would change about my nose; the difficulties of the procedure, he examined my nose (which he told me must have been broken at some stage of my life, of coarse) and showed me similar cases of what the expected outcome will look like. The difficult aspect of the procedure is that I have thick skin so my swelling will take longer to go down and there's only so much tip refinement that can be made but that's fine I'm sure it will be better than what I've got!

All the staff there are also very helpful and patient; I asked a lot of questions through email in which they replied almost instantly:) Thank you girls!

I've booked my surgery for the 31/01/2017 I wish it could be done earlier but I have to wait a while after having my wisdom teeth extracted first:(.. but I'm so excited for the day to come!!!
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