23 Year Old, Very Physically Active, 385CC Below the Muscle - City Of Sydney, AU

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I am currently less than a month away until the...

I am currently less than a month away until the big day; this is going to be my journey before, during and after the breast aug.
- 23 Year Old
-385 cc, below the muscle
- very physically active, I train 5-6 times a week, powerlifting but I want to get more into physique
- lost 30kg as a result, no boobs

A little about myself :)

I've been considering a breast augmentation for around 3 years, it was always at the back of my mind.. whenever I went out, I would think how I would look so much better if I had a bigger set of boobies, how I would look much proportionate.

I've always struggled with my body image and my confidence was always low because of it. As an Asian kid growing up in an all girls Anglican private school, i never really fitted in. My parents weren't the typical Asian stereotype and never really pushed me in academics. However I somehow put so much pressure and stress on myself trying to be the best and as a result I stress ate a lot. At the start of year 10, I was roughly 60kg, and at the end of first year university I weighed 92kgs (my heaviest). As a result of being so overweight, I did have boobs, I think I was a 14C??

I wanted to change, I wanted to look good. I broke up with my then boyfriend, moved back home and really really thought about how I could make this change. I started exercising 3 times a week, just jogging on the treadmill. That didn't last very long and I was back to square one. So I found a different approach, I started doing Hypoxi and hired a personal trainer, she taught me how to lift with proper techniques and often I would train with her instead of her just training me. I changed my diet, started eating cleaner, I started to track my macros - the weight just fell off me.

Fast forward to today, I weigh 62.3 kgs at 163 cm, I wear 10A in bras. I train 5 times a week, on a powerlifting program and I love it :)
My lifts are:
Squat: 110kg
Bench: 53kg
Deadlift: 122.5kg

I've had my first consultation of my BA around two weeks ago. I went in without knowing what "cup size" I wanted, and had an open mind in trying any size. I wanted it to look natural most of all.
I am getting 385cc in silicone, round, since I am physically active, he recommended me to go below the muscle. He also told me that I may have a change of getting double bubble as the bottom of the implant will lie below my crease line.

I am to stop benching (I haven't benched in 2 weeks)/ stop doing any chest exercises and once my BA has healed, I shouldn't bench press or do cable chest flys, "no chest isolation exercises" which I'm kinda sad about as I have researched powerlifters with BA still training chest.

Anyways, that's enough for me now. Sorry long post. If there's anyone that lifts heavy and has had a BA, I would love to hear about how you trained afterwards and if you still train chest :)

If you guys are interested in my fitness journey after my BA (as I'm going more into body building and physique), you can follow my Instagram :

Photos to go with the previous post

Here's my fitness journey, 14C @ 92kg to 10A @ 62kgs

Post op!

Day two

It's actually more painful than day one :( I feel like it's never going to drop, it's rock hard as well Ahaha.

It's not actually the boobs that hurt, it's the incisions giving me grief. Every time I walk, they pulse with this dull ache.

I hope it gets better soon! I'm trying to be optimistic

Day 5!

Everything's starting to feel back to normal again.

The incision sites are stinging at worse, not too painful anymore.
I'm off my meds, only thing I'm on is the antibiotics now :)

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