26 Yrs Old, 105lbs, 5'2", No Kids, Ultra HP Implants. Sweden, SE

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Living in United States but visiting Malmö,...

Living in United States but visiting Malmö, Sweden for about 6 months and I'm up for a breast augmentation September 22, and I'm so nervous now when it's only 2 weeks left until I'm going under the knife ????

So I just want to see what all of you wonderful ladies and hopefully plastic surgeons have to say about the decisions made at my consultation 2 days ago.
There are pics posted on my natural breasts from 3 angles and some pictures on the breasts I wish for.
My wonderful surgeon, Dr Peter Cosmo from Citadell kliniken in Skåne, Sweden, recommended 440cc Ultra High Profile in my right breast and
410cc Ultra High Profile in my left breast since there is a volume difference that requires different sizes of implants, and I totally agree with the size difference because that is something I notice myself. (You can not see it very well in the photos, but it will be incredibly noticeable if we put "same sized" implants in them ????)
What I don't know though, is the decision with the Ultra high profile implant because I have not found many pictures or individuals at all with Ultra high profile implants.
I know that this type of profile are suitable for women with a narrow rib cage, and Dr. Cosmo think that I'm within that category.
But the question that keeps nagging in my head is;
Will it give me the look I desire since the diameter on this implant is smaller than others?
Is the cc amount enough since I desire the LARGE look?
I'm worried it's not enough ccs...

I feel totally comfortable with Dr. Peter Cosmo and I really do trust him but it is interesting with other people and hopefully what other plastic surgeons have to say about this decision too! ??

I know everybody's definition on cup sizes is different but my definition is that I am a big A/small B cup right now. And I don't care what cup size I will be after the surgery is done, as long as they look like my wish pictures. ????

I will visit the clinic again tomorrow to try out the implants one last time before surgery just because I want to feel 100% good about everything! I will post again tomorrow after I have been there! ????

Follow up visit to Citadellkliniken!

Ah...! I had just written this whole update and when I was done I just opened a new page to go find pictures to put up on this post and the whole text disappeared! Hahah! :)

Oh well, I'll just write it again;
I was on my follow up visit today because I had some questions about the decisions made on my first visit.
I did not get to meet up with Dr. Cosmo today since he was fully booked but I got to see his lovely assistant whom I also met the first time I was there! :)
I wanted to take the specific questions with Dr. Cosmo since he was is the one I made up the decisions with the first time and he is also the one who is going to preform the surgery of course. With that being said, I have a third visit before op. ... ....... :| ..... But it's necessary.

BUT! We tried out the previously decided implants which was 440cc and 410cc ULTRA HIGH PROFILE, and we also tried some new ones!
We tried a lower amount of cc's but in a HIGH PROFILE implant and then I got to see that the ULTRA HIGH implant was definitely the right choice! The HP was too wide for my waist and hips. I'm a small gal but I'm still in a strong hourglass shape and I felt that the HP implants took over the width of my hips and my waist looked itty-bitty tiny. :/
So there we closed the deal with the profile question which felt amazingly good!
We also tried implants that where 50ccs more than my previous ones and I actually liked them better! So we decided to go with 490cc and 460cc, still in ULTRA HIGH profile. It feels SOO good after today and I just hope for Dr. Cosmo to approve! :)

It is still up to him for final decision since he is the creater and the professionally educated one and he will know if it will work with my proportions in mind.

So, on Monday the 14th I will have my third visit and I will thereafter know for sure what will be put in to my body. :)

I also got to see their very famous "torture brah" and WOOOW!! I could almost feel how uncomfortable it is! :O
Look at the pictures and see for yourself!
But I've seen their creations and it will definitely be worth to wear for perfect end result!
It looks to be created by God himself ;)

More updates after Monday and in the meanwhile, take care everybody! :)
(The pictures is not on me as you can understand since my surgery is the 22nd!)

Q's and A's on 3rd and final visit before Op!

I'm feeling very peaceful after today's visit with Dr. Cosmo.
He had answers to all of my questions and he made me feel very comfortable asking whatever questions I had without any embarrassment, which I think is a great quality in him.

Here is some Q's and A's:
Q; Why is Ultra High Profile the best option for me?

A; Considering your small rib cage and breast width of 11.3, and that you want the large look, "Ultra High Profile" is your best option since the diameter of this profile is smaller than for example "High Profile" or "Moderate +".
To avoid complications as much as possible, we need to stay within your breast width.
To formulate myself easy, I can say that instead of the cc's going in all directions when choosing a higher amount of cc's as it does with implants with a lower profile, the cc's going further away out from your body instead of increasing the diameter as much as with other implants. It is a very good option for you because you have good elasticity in your skin as well.

Q; I'm worried that the implants will "bottom out" since I have read that the risk is bigger with the UHP's, do I have a reason to worry about this?

A; There is ALWAYS a risk of complications when it comes to any form of surgery. Like I said before, to avoid complications as much as possible, we stay within your proportions and not to choose an implant that is too heavy, which we have not.
My part is to guide you and recommend an implant that will fit properly according to your proportions. Your part is just as important than mine, if not MORE important and that is to follow my instructions on aftercare and to be here on follow up visits so I can see that everything heals properly.

Q; I have recently used a latex corset for waist training, and I got some rashes on my chest and back. Kind of like an allergic reaction, will this be a problem in time of surgery?

A; You should stop using your Latex Corset immediately. You are getting this rash because the latex prevents the skin from breathing properly and you are probably sweating underneath it too, which makes your skin dry. Your skin is reacting this way because it is trying to "chock moist" your skin and therefore you're getting this acne-like reaction. If you stop now, and take good care of your skin until surgery it will be no problem.

Q; I think I will start my period within the next couple of days! Will this be a problem when it comes to the surgery?

A; No, it is a natural thing for your body to clean your viaginal area! Just do what you normally do and everything will be fine! Your breast might be a little more sensitive and that might feel more uncomfortable, but that is all. :)

Final Q; Your assistant brought me bigger implants the last time and I feelt that they looked much better on me. Is there room in my proportions to take these bigger ones?

A; The diameter of this implant is slightly bigger than your diameter, but it is within my "OK" of stretch-limit so... Yes. Let's switch it out!

So!! On Tuesday ladies!! :D
I will have my surgery on Tuesday and I'm longing so soooo much!! :)
I hope my Q's and A's gave some answers to anyone of your thoughts!

You will hear from me again as soon as possible after my surgery! (OMG, I GET SO EXCITED JUST BY WRITING THAT!)

In the meanwhile, hope you guys take care!!

And also, here's a side track!
If anyone that sees this and are interested in lip enhancement I can REALLY recommend a brand called "Revanesse Kiss" which is a Canadian brand!! Amazing resultst!

OP is done, and here are pics! UHP

Hellu everyone,
I'm laying here in my room at the Citadell clinic, about to go to sleep but before I do I want to share an update with you guys!!

I absolutely LOVE the staff here at Citadell Clinic (you spell it Citadell kliniken in Swedish) and this far I feel very satisfied with the result!
It is mandatory to stay over the first night after surgery for safety reasons and I think that is absolutely amazing. The lay over is included in the price, and you can just call a nurse by pressing a button if you need help to go to the bathroom, if you feel that you need a little more painkillers, if you're hungry or WHATEVER you need!
I really feel that they care about me and I also think that a this is high end luxury under the surcomstances you're in!

2 days after BA, 440cc and 475cc motiva uhp

2 days after my BA!
Here's my implants;
475cc in left breast and 440cc in right breast.
Brand is Motiva ergonomix round Silk surface
Corse which is Ultra high profile.

These pics is from the same day as surgery was done!!
Stay tuned for more updates later on!

Update photos

Right after BA!

Update photo!

1 month after BA.
My tits look amazing and I love them :)!
More photo updates will come later on, feel free to ask if you got some questions!

Update photo!

Without a brah! :)
Dr. Peter Cosmo

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