BBL with Dr. Aslani a lot of irregualrities, want a reoperation to fix this

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I had both a laser lipo and a BBL at the same time...

I had both a laser lipo and a BBL at the same time by De. Alexander Aslani, Cirumed clinic, Malaga. It was a very hard recovery, and I am still early, only 12 days post. The first houers when anestesia went out was very bad. I was shaking and very, very cold. I could not eat on my own at my room later. My arms hurted alot, and I had a lot of bandage/compression on. My back hurted from the coset and my thigts and knees hurted. I used one hour to eat the meal, struggeling alone on my belly in the bed. The nurses was nice, but they spoke only spanish. It was hard to communicate. I was not able to get up on my own, and two persons hjelped me with lifting belt. I was misserable. During the night I fighted on my own and went three times alone to the bathroom. But it was very, very hard. Day two Dr. Aslani's assistent Avero put on an arm stocking/compression on both my arms. I want back to the hotel the day after surgery, and was told to wait until next day to take a shower. I needed help to get dressed, and could not bend my knee at all, they where swollen twice their size. I was not able to take the shower at my own in the hotel. I feelt week and luckely I did not travel here alone but have a person with me. I came back to the hotel at wednesday, and showered friday. Needed help from my assistent to get undressed. Felt sick and dissy in the shower. And when I got help to get the garment and corsets on, I thought I would faint. So straigh to bed right after. I had an appointment at Quiron three days after surgery. Avero did not come, but Noelia looked at my arms, said everything is normal, and put some bandages under my arm compression. There has been so hard days. I got a lot of bruising and swelling in my arms and legs, knees and thigts. I have not looked much at my arms because I was told to ceep the comoression on. I saw Dr. Aslani two days ago, and he took off my arm compression and took pictures only from behind. (Before surgery an assistent (?) tok pictures of my arms in all angels). Dr. Aslani took pictures from my butt in all angels, but only from the bakside of arms. I did not think about it. Today, two days later I could shower on my own. I got panic when I saw my arms. The scars are dark red. Are this BURNS or bruising? Anyone else got this after laser lipo? I emailed Dr. Aslani, but it is weekend and he will properly not answer before Monday, earliest. I am so scared of this. Wath do you think, is this normal?

BBL and laser lipo (upper arms) -Masculine to a little more feminine, is it possible?

Here is my story: I have never liked the shape of my hips and waist. I got a liposculpture (with another Dr, not Dr. Aslani) one year ago. I think the result made me more masculine, and with some irregularities I did not have basically. Therefore I was a difficult case for Dr. Aslani, also because it looked like I did noyt have much body fat. I had skype consultations with both Dr. Alexander Hamers, and Dr. Alexander. A. Aslani. They are both very nice and charming persons with a sense of humor. They answered all my questions, and was honest about wath they thought I could achieve. They said I could hope for grafts about 300-400 cc in each bottocks. (600-800 cc total).
Wath I wanted was not a big butt, since I am a short person and have a large bone structure. I just wanted a more feminine shape. If they could make it more round and full from behind, and have some more hips in front, I would be happy. I was afraid of getting a to big butt, since I would feel fat if I did. I also have to mention Carolina at Cirumed clinic Marabella who always answered my emails and alot of questions pre-op very quick and proffessional. Also sweet Jenny and Lucy, and Avero at my follow ups at Quiron hospital was very nice.
The surgery day I had gain some more weight than shown in the pictures "6 monts after lipo with another Dr. Not Dr. Aslani). But the shape was the same.

Something to think about, helth information pre op. Quiron hospital has a hight level of security.

On my scedualed surgery date something happened. I had added some more information om my helth imformations (forms). I was told to bring these forms with me the surgery day.
I was not aware of telling Cirumed about this little exstra information, because I did not think this had any significance.
When I had surgery last time, one of the Dr.s told me I got some little rash from the latex tape they used post op. They chaged the tape, and the rash went away quick. This surgeon told me I should tell about this if I went to surgery again, so the next surgeon could avoid latex tape.
So honestly this was my own fault. It happened straight before I was going in the theatere. The anesthesiologist at Quiron hospital refused to operate me that day, because in my forms I have said I had allergy to latex. I treied to explain there was a little exema from a tape, but the aneshesiologist said when it is a slightest suspicion a person could have latex allergy, they will need a latex free theatere. They said exema comes from allergy, and 1 of 3000 persons dies from this allergy if latex is not awoided.
This was stressful for me and the Dr. s. I was dissepointed because at the moment I did not understand why the surgery was cancelled. I tought I would have to travel back home without any BBL. All sorts of thoughts in my head. Both Dr. Aslani and Dr. Hamers was very professionale in this situation. Fortunately they managed to scedual my surgery the next day in a latex free theatere. I was so glad I diddn`t have to wait several days, because my fly trip home 13 days after surgery is 8 hours and I needed to recover as much as poosible.
So get all your health information passed to the clinic, and suspicion to allergy /allergy tests done a long time BEFORE surgery.
On the other hand, this also shows that Quiron hospital has a high level of security.

Day 2 - day 8 post op -Swollen to double size.

I know it is usual to get swollen after surgery, and when I had lipo last year (in three areas in feets) I also got swollen. But the swelling I had these days after BBL was tremendous. I write this 14 days pre op, and I still cannot bend or lift my knees more than just a little. I still need help to get dressed/undress with pant/ garment/ socks and shoes. I feel so helpless, needing others to help me all the time. Worst part, I cannot go back to work as soon as I planned. So I loose alot of money....My back hurts too, and the corsets are not comfertable but I wear them all the time.
Dr. Aslani told me the fat was hard to get out, and he took the most of my fat from feets (knees and thighs) therefore I have a more rought recovery than others.

More BBL picktures day 3 -day 8 post op

Eight days after surgery were stitches removed by Dr. Aslanis asisstent Avaro. The physiotherapist Peter gave me a lympatic drainage massage wich was very comfortable. I feelt lighter in my body after. The black tights were replaced by a Colombian garment (with special compression for BBL).
It sits on much firmer and is more difficult to dress alone. But I felt much better wearing the colombian garment. Three days after I bougt Compression stockings at the Farmacy, because the colombian garment stops above the knees and gave no compression to my knees. 8 days after surgery I started to like my new body shape. But shure it looks good with all the compression on. The question is; how will it look in long term? Just have to wait and see....

More BBL Pictures day 11-13 post op

Here are some more pictures. I have noticed some irregularities on my right hip. I asked Dr. Aslani on my last foolow op, han he said it might be swelling. Just have to wait 3 months and see if it settles. Or else, I hope for a small revision on that area. All the time I wanted a better shape at my butt, not a much bigger one, just a little. So straight after surgery I thought my butt looked a little to big, and hoped it will shrink some. Dr. Aslani said I am the first person saying that. Everyone ants a bigg butt. Guess I am not like everyone else, then..... When I write this I am 17 days post op. and now I hope my butt doesn`t shrink alot. My the middle part of my back have som fat in that area I wish he took that away also. Might look different after I have finished wearing the corets. I am still very early post op. Wonder if Dr. Aslani can laser lipo that area later?? Just hope the marks after laser lipo at my right arm will fade, and the irregularities at my left hip will smooth out. Need to be patient. Still not able to get my socks, pants and shoes on by myself. But feeling a little better every day.

Pictures BBL and laser lipop day 11-13 post op. Early post op conserns.

Post op 4 weeks and 5 days, laser lipo in upper arms-scars fade away. BBL and irregularities.

My knees are a tiny bit better. Still swollen and stiff, and very painful if I bend them. I guess recovery is different for everyone, but mine is for shore slow. I startet to sit on the pillow at 4 weeks post op. 30-40 min max 5 times a day. I try to sit on my thighs, leaning my body foreward. My left knee is able to bend, but not my right one. So U just put it out straight. I helps me ceep the balance sitting on the pillow. I still need help to get my compression socks on. My upper arms looks quite good after the laser lipo. The scars/burns has fade away, and if there will be a scar I think it only will be minimum. I am so glad for this! I have to wear the arm compression 1 and a hald more week, until 6 weeks post op. My BBL does consurn me a bit. I realise I am early in healing prosess, and have to wait for the final result. My pictures are taken in daylight, and all irregularities show much more than in my bathroom mirror. My left hip has a bulge on the side, With dents over and under it. It showes if I try on thight clothing. Dr. Aslani did say it might be some irregularities, but this is just not looking good at the moment. I will have a skype consult With Dr. Aslani the next week, looking foreward to hear wath he says. I hope it is just swelling. And I hope the irregularities at both sides smooth out. Anyone else has this experience? If this not will smooth out, I hope for a small revision. Overfall I feel the shape of my body has improved. Just consurned about this irregularities. I know I was a difficult case. My thighs are uneven butt I think they will improve as the healing goes on. My belly is hard, and I hope it will turn out to be more flat. But I also think this is still swelling.

4 weeks and 5 days post op laser lipo in upper arms

Forgot to post the pictures of my arms. Looks like the bruising/burs fades away without scars.

18 weeks post up BBL. Irregularities. I want a revision.

It is now 18 weeks post op BBL. I still have alot of irregularities in both my hips. This is not the hourglas shape I asked for. I will ask for a revision to make my hips better shaped, and smooth out irregularities. I rather have less projection in butt, and better shaped hips (not bigger just more nicely curved). Anyone who have done a revision/2. BBL with Dr. Aslani, to smooth out irregularities? I hope this is possible to fix. I can not show myself in bikini, my friends will ask wath happened to my body. My thighs are uneven and bigger than before. I hope this will improve. This is a slow recovery. Honestly, would you be happy with my result? I can not find anyone close to my result at Dr.Aslanis web side. They all look so perfect.

Still want a reoperation BBL to fix bad result

It is now 9 monhs since my BBL. Last time I spoked with Dr. Aslani, was in June. He told me to gain weight at least 10 pounds, if he should try to fix the irregularities. He told me to be realistic, and said I will would not bee 100% satisfied. If I not coul gain weight, he suggested a butt implant. I am afraid of implants. And I can not afford to travel back to Dr.Aslani if the implants got infected. Infection can hit you years after the prosedyre. So I now do not really know wath to do. I am not shure Dr. Aslani have the experience to fix all my problem areas. I had privios traditional liposculpture with another surgeon, in Beverly Hills 1 year before BBL with Dr. Aslani. Dr.Aslani said my fat is stubborn. He also sayes I have reason ti be very happy with my result, and that my shape is a frest improvement compared to wath I had to behind with. Will, I did not have so many irregularities.....Now 9 mounts later the uneven areas are showing when I wear clothes.

Still want a reoperation to fix BBL bad result

Pictures of my butt before ( the day of the surgery), and pictures 4 weeks post op, 18 weeks post op, and 9 months post op. The shape is now kind of square from behind, and assymetry from the fat bump at right hip.
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