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I had my consultation yesterday with dr.aslani he...

I had my consultation yesterday with dr.aslani he explained absolutely everything and more. Answered all my questions very thoroughly and made me feel very reassured about the surgery and what to expect. He seems very passionate about his work, I feel like I will be in very good hands! Dr. Aslani so far has went an extra mile in helping me with complications I have with healing (poor scarring) I feel this was generous! I am very nervous and exited! ????????..however looking forward to getting my new shape and bum! ???????????? Here are the procedures I am having - Fat grafting + lipolaser on arms + Celulaze Feel free to message with anyone questions.. Watch this space!! ????????????????

Before the weight gain journey!

Amazon orders

Here's a few things I've ordered for surgery! If anyone wants anymore info drop me a message! Few more things to add on yet.... :-D

Amen Ladies :-D

Weight gain pro

On the plus side there's defo weight goin on da assss, not all bad!!

Liposuction shape goals

So here are some photos of what shape I would like to be after surgery, more of a hourglass shape or better shape full stop! We've all done it pulled out self into a better shape and wished and dreamed for it to stay that way! I just hope I get something similar..

Booty buddy!

Just bought this a few days ago, looks great just hope it helps only going to use if I am desperate to sit... going to ask dr aslani if this is okay on Tuesday hopefully it is!! But either way will be handy on the plane for taking off

Skin retraction bbl girls???

So I'm having inner thigh liposuction and scared incase I'm left with loose skin or unevenness with it being a delicate area, I have a few stretch marks from my daughter on inner thighs so not the tightest skin! Any feedback from girls who have had there inner thighs done for there BBL please let me know what you think and feel now..I am worried!! :-(

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Arrived at my hotel, no words to describe how nervous I am! What am I Doing :-O used the cirumed full package transport service and great so far!

And we wait! :-O

Waiting on someone to coming to get me, they said I'm in first ..not sure how it goes but I'll keep you all updated! Eeeeek

The struggle is real

Just a short one as I am shaky and can't text much, I feel sick ever time I stand up hope I feel better tomorrow... Pink dress I look so bumpy it was more getting rid of that muffin top and shape then projection it all depended on what weight I gained what he could do I've litrally only got 1 photo as I can't move much at all :( pink dress before black after

After didn't upload..

Recovery day No1

So I had my surgery around 9 this morning 24/06/16 felt sick most of the day however like magic I felt much better from 9 tonight I've been walking around up and about going to sleep now so hopefully I'll get some sleep took a few photos from the front, I've got something stuffed down my back so it's hard to get a picture! My shape is so much more smooth hope it stays like this ..


Day No2

Garment and plaster change she showed me some photos of my in the table after my surgery going to try get them! I've been discharged by one of his nurses time to go chill! Think I've been in every position going trying to get to sleep


Today hasn't been to bad! Managed to go food shopping and get out and about thought it would be worse, however my neck is super sore! So hard lying on your tummy

Nice and smooooth!

Such a diffrence in shape! Super happy

Garment break!

Day 3

Day no6

Can't help trying on clothes now! Went shopping yesterday and might have went abit mad...Deserved after the worry! Lol

Garment fit/stitches out

Appointment today for stitches out (didn't hurt at all) I used mepitac to keep them nice and flat and stop garment rubbing/tugging on them. Works a treat, the garment was so so tight I could barley walk or breathe felt so claustrophobic I nearly cried! But I've had it on a few hours and it's already gotten abit looser and I can breathe thank god.. Panick over. So me knees are absolutely ******* killing, just bought these won't be able to use them till I'm home but my God I can't wait to get my hands on them.. If you are due to have your bbl I advise to get them...

1 week today

Certainly doesn't get easier not being able to sit down! But somehow managing, my mam took a photo of me standing like an idiot! This is what we do to have a booty I guess! Lol

Booty snaps

9 day post op. Happy with shape and bum still it's shrunk abit so far..Still very swollen on my back and flanks... How long did you ladies suffer with this? Xx

1 month PO

Bum has went down along with my hips but I am still happy!

LAB REPORT!! 1500cc

So shocked they got that much from me.. And curious to why they couldn't put It all in! Going to give them a ring tomorrow....

7 weeks PO on Friday

7 weeks on 12/8/16

4 month PO

Few pics... Very happy but considering second bbl or implants!

5 months update

6 months po

Still got fat on my hips and like my shape :-)
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