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Hi Everyone, so I've decided to write a review as...

Hi Everyone, so I've decided to write a review as reading other peoples reviews really helped me make my decision. So hopefully I can help others also.

So initially i was going to go with dr jose as I heard great things about him from a lady in the UK who had used him before. However communication was fluid and then there was nothing once I asked what liposuction method they used.. literally nothing.. no email back at all.
So dr Aslani was always a choice for me but I could not afford it at the time however with major cut backs i was able to save the funds and dr aslani here I come!!

Im booked in for the 8th August 2016!!! I am overly excited and cannot wait for my new body.
I had a consultation with dr aslani and he is handsome and funny He answered all of my questions honestly and I paid the deposit the next day.

I'm staying in the holiday inn on the 7th August and then surgery on the 8th, staying in the hospital till the 9th and then staying in NH san pedro hotel for the rest of my stay.

Is there any one else going on the 8th August 2016?? is there any advice anyone can share?? what do I need to take?? would be appreciated. So nervous...! Excited...! and twerking as we speak..!!!

On the plane!!!

Omgggg! There is no turning back now, I am on the plane and off to Malaga. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning! I am so excited and nervous at the same damn time!! See you on the other side dolls....xo

Today is the day!

So today is the day! Eeek! Waiting in the lobby for our taxi to come which still ain't here. I slept all night after taking a sleeping tablet!
I generally feel quite relaxed and not nervous at all. I just can't wait to upgrade!!!
I'm guessing once I get to the hospital that's when I'm gonna freak..haha! Hope not..:)
Will keep you all posted xox


The surgery went well and dr Aslani put 1300cc of fat into my hips and bum. He showed me the picture and it looked OK, I think I would have liked more but let's wait and see how I look when swelling has gone down.
The pain..!! Omg the pain no one said it would be this painful the day of and after surgery. I'm taking my meds around the clock which helps with the pain. The moment you forget that's when you feel the pain again.
Walking around helps a lot!! I sleep for 2-3 hours then get up to walk for at least 10 mins. Then back to sleep.

Recovery day 4

Hi all, so I had my massage yesterday at the cirumed clinic with the physio called Peter and all I can say is his hands work like magic.!!
It was so soothing and relaxing I fell asleep a few times. It didn't hurt one bit. Ladies if you have your massage appointment make sure you ask for Peter.
I have a new garment on which is so much more comfortable.. Relief!! I've been walking around alot more today which helps a lot with the healing process.
I'm still in pain and sore but I don't feel as bad as I did 2 days ago.
Believe me ladies it does get better! :)

Before pics :)

Here are a couple before piks!

After pik :)

Had a shower then took a cheeky pik in my dress.. Without the garment/faja Check out the donk!!! :) will post more piks once the swelling goes down more so you can see the real results!! Xox
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