23 Girl BBL with Aslani Maybe?

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So im 23 years old girl from Europe. I have been...

So im 23 years old girl from Europe. I have been thinking about doing bbl with Aslani. I'm really "top heavy" and i have an apple body type (thinner legs, big midsection) so I'd like to change my proportions and have bigger hips and butt and hopefully smaller waist
I have been wanting to do this procedure for a long time and after research he seems to have the best results in Europe.

The price that they gave is pretty expensive, especially after the 21% IVA (Spanish tax)
I'll have my first Skype consultation tomorrow so dr. Aslani will answer to some of my questions.
It would be nice to know other people's experiences (I have already red a lot of reviews here and they seem mainly positive)

The Skype consultation

Hi. So I had my Skype consultation with Dr. Aslani today and I'm feeling pretty good. First I was a little iffy mainly because they didn't give the most reliable picture of them by constantly changing my consultation time. But after the consultation I felt so much better about them.
Dr. Aslani was really nice. He explained well the surgery and answered all my questions. He seems like a really skillet surgeon.

I even have this maybe a little silly request that I'd want to preserve my "lower back dimbles" (u know those two dimbles on lower back) I said that maybe the procedure could be done by not doing lipo on my lower back but he said he should be able to do it around them without distorting them. So I'm happy :)

The thing that I'm still worried is the anesthesia. In the email (and most of the reviews here) says he'll use the local anesthesia, which I'd prefer. But during the consultation he told he'd probably be using the general anesthesia. And I'm a little bit scared about that. I've never had surgery and I've red that general anesthesia has a lot higher complications rate (correct me if I'm wrong) and I don't know... I'm just a little bit scared about the general anesthesia :(

So I'll still ask them about the anesthesia before booking the surgery. But I'm pretty confident dr. Aslani is the one that I want as my surgeon. We'll see. I'll keep you informed.

They are not responding

So I emailed the clinic two weeks ago and i asked some guestions and they still haven't responded!
I send them another message on Monday but still no respond :/ it doesnt really give the most reliable picture...
And it annoys me because I wanted to to the surgery on February but now I'm worryingly because its already end of November.
How come they take so long to respond?
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