Procedure Booked for 19th March and Getting Nervous. UK. Circle Reading, GB

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At 44 I have finally decided to go ahead with the...

At 44 I have finally decided to go ahead with the Tummy tuck I have wanted for the last 15 years, I am petite always been a UK size 8/10 and keep fit. I had two large babies 18 and 16 years ago both over 4gks and have never been able to lose the wobble.
I keep fit eat well and have always weighed about 8 - 8.5 st .. which I guess is 50 - 53kg in US talk ! I will post a couple of photos, only three people know about me having this procedure, I feel embarrassed as people think because I am slim and should be happy with my body .. if only they knew !

Anyone else having a TT around 19th March ? .. let the countdown begin

Some pics ..

I have taken so many before photos in the last two weeks ! And realise I have not seen a pic of my tummy since I was pregnant !

Another one !

Not an angle I see much

8 days on the flat side..

Hello ladies ( and gents !) I cannot believe that 8 days have gone so fast .. The op was a breeze and I woke up in recovery and have not felt any real pain since. I had one awful night in hospital, but not because of the procedure , I was given a 60mg dose of codeine which was double the first dose I has received earlier in the day . Being only little 30mg was fine, bit 30 mins after the double dose I felt feint and sick with room spin and spent the next 5 hours in and out of feinting spells, with my blood pressure so low one nurse was convinced and said loudly .. " she must be bleeding internally !" Thankfully I wasn't and spent the next 24 hours in bed ... As I also collapsed twice on the commode !!
I will never take codeine again , or be convinced by a nurse that I should ! .. Especially as I told her that I had no pain !! My healing has been amazing .. Our bodies are amazing things .. I feel great now still swollen and bruised and my skin has been a bit irritated by the dressing ... Some pics ...

Showing the full scar with tape

I was amazed that after 7 days my wound was healed, no weeping or pulling ..
Titus Adams

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