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Im a mother of 3 and have sum sagging skin that...

Im a mother of 3 and have sum sagging skin that just won't go away with diet n exercise. I wna improve my overall appearance since ive worked so hard to loose about 24lbs. Starting now not sure what to expect. I'm super scared and hoping I get a lot of help here.. Just wna share my journey with you guys so I can maybe help someone as well. Or even find a sx buddy. Doing my surgery in Dominican Rep. May 28. Tummy tuck, lipo on flanks, back n tummy and possibly bbl not sure of that yet since hubby doesn't want me too. Please comment n let me know how can I assure I have a good journey n be prepared for what's to come.

Getting ready

Soon just a Lil update ladies. Not much going on since I already made my deposit n also purchase my flight ticket. (PS. buy ur tickets from the airport counter they are always cheaper that way.) Okay so everything is confirm n I'm just now getting ready for ways to come. I'm so excited that I got an event count down app. I know I'm so silly.. But 112 days to go. Im just buying things here n there. Like poise pads, always underwear???? lol got wipes n sum gauze. I bought some note gowns with pockets in front for the drains. N also a cold & hot pack. Ladies only use cold press after sx n hot press after swealing has gone down. Got my toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing cloth, and sum comfy shoes for indoors. Deodorant and I had neosporin so no need to get DAT. U guys have any advice let me know. ????

One week left

One week left. Saw my doc yesterday got tested for CBC ... (Blood work). He said don't take anything with vitamine E in it any garlic or any omegas. They are blood thinners and make you bleed more than you want. Also stop taking aloe vera also thins out ur blood. I stop taking all my HERBALIFE products. Ohh how I miss them... I hate it. Living without my great nutrition. ???????? any questions ask me. I'm very super nervous I lost weight and gain muscle so I've thought of not going thru with the surgery but. In the end I knw if i don't do it I'll regret it. I have little baby abs coming out so I wna not do it. But no refund so I'll be in DR this Fri. Anyone going for Robles let me know. I'm staying in recovery house

Update 6weeks post op

Recovery house was awesome. Recommended. I stay at paradise. Damn that lady cook good delicious Dominican food. The nurses are awesome friendly they take good care of u n all our needs I felt like I was with FAM. My recovery was long but I wasn't in no real pain ever. I don't take anything but the meds doc gave me. I took Tylenol pm one time

6 weeks pos op scar

My scar looks amazing. Dr. Robles has magical hands. Its almost clear no lie. Pics don't it its justice. I'm solo happy. I started treadmill at about 4 weeks slow walking. I got the lymphatic massages at like 5 days after surgery. Best thing I did. Came back to Miami n got 6 more n DAT made everything better. Ur mid section is very stiff after surgery n massages really help to help get u back to normal. I know is been long since last posted but here's a Lil something
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My experience with the staff from Dra Robles has been nothing but perfect. Always answer any questions I had at anytime. Paola her assistant is wonderful. Can't wait to meet her

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