26yrs Old, 2 Kids, TT BBL Aggressive Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been obsessing over this since I had my 2nd...

I've been obsessing over this since I had my 2nd child (8 months) my body changed drastically! I'm now 5'6 193lbs. I Was over 200lbs after my baby. I want to loose at least 10 more lbs. not too much though I want a nice booty and that killer small waist. I've spoken to 3 drs so far and recieved 2 quotes but I've made up my mind and decided to not go to any of those drs and go with Dra. Duran. I called her office and spoke to Elizabeth I believe. I was told to send my pics and what I wanted done thru her website and to call her back on Friday and we'll take it from there. I'm soo anxious for Friday to get here. I want to book my date already. I spoke to one of the drs I work with and he recommended I started taking iron pills and vitamin C. He also recommended I drink a lot of natural juices (nutribullet will be my BFF!)
Let's start this journey ladies. I really want to try and go in June when my older son is off on summer vacation. I'll keep you updated and add some pre-op pics soon


I purchased some vitamins today. Vitamin C, B-12, and iron pills. I'm horrivle at keeping up with pills but let's see if I can get myself to commit to these

Starting to get frustrated!!

I must have called CIPLA over 30xs today I spoke to Fran I believe 3xs and she kept saying to email the pics because she wasn't receiving my emails. Someone else picked up the phone and took down my email and said she would give it to the girl I spoke to. Why couldn't she just help me?? Uggghhhh I'm about to just book a flight and pop up at her office like "I have an appt" what should I dooooo!? I want to set a date already to be able to plan accordingly. I need to request my time from work then book my flight and figure out where I'mma stay... This is soo annoying. I can see why some dollies give up on Duran and go elsewhere. I'm commited to Duran though regardless of how long it takes to get through.. I love her work!


But here are some before pics I grew the courage to post ???? Sorry guys they are horrrrrible! I'm currently 192lbs woohoo 1lb less I'm starting on these natural diet pills Monday "lipoesculptura pills" I need to loose at least 20lbs before getting snatched and I need some help! Eating right isn't working fast enough for me


I've lost some weight ????????????????
I'm down to 185lbs everyone keeps telling me my face looks slimmer and how they can tell the difference. Feels great
I started on those weight loss pills posted above and they are amazing on average I've lost about 1lb per day
Still don't have my date I'm sorta waiting to slim down some more before intending to contact her again. Still team Duran though


i gave up on Duran. Im not comfortable with letting someone perform sx on me and i can't speak to them and get my questions answered before or after sx. My new choice is Dr. Julio Molina Suarez. he does everything by the books. he told me a few months ago that i needed to loose at least 15 lbs prior to considering sx (i weighed 197lbs) i am now 173lbs :) it took dedication but i want the best results i could possibly get. i feel great! not where i wanna be but a lot better from where i was. Dr. Molina told me I did an amazing job with my weight loss and that he is very proud of me! thats a great feeling! I will be doing TT full body lipo and BBL I am so ready!!.... just need to request time off from work... and ill be discussing dates with him next. he is amazing! I feel so comfortable in this mans hands and i have yet to meet him. Just knowing that he is reachable takes that weight off your shoulders.
Duran does amazing work thats a given... she's just a little too busy for my likings. Molina has created some masterpieces himself.. my heart is telling me he's the one. thats it no turning back or researching other doctors. he's it!

Post op

Yehhhhh I've slacked off with RS but I'm back lol. I'm 3 almost 4 months post op and looking and feeling AMAZING
I went in June to Dr Molinas. I love this man! He snaaaatched this body. I'll give more details later but here's a pic 2 months post op
Dra Agustina Hilario Duran

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