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Hey everyone. Ok, I have been on this site for 4...

Hey everyone. Ok, I have been on this site for 4 years now! And I am finally gonna do it. I am going to have lipo done with Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez. My be sooner than I thought. This month?? :) I am sooo excited. I will be also staying at a recovery house for a couple days then moving over to a resort... I think.
I am 5' 3" and 130lbs.
Having Lipo on abdomen, flanks, and possibly bra roll. Its not bad but might as well while im there.

Couple questions maybe you all could help me with...
1. If only having lipo do I really need the drains in for 7-10 days? (am i right on that)
2. How in the world did you all go out and walk around if you do have the drains? How did you hide them?
3. Most Important.... What do you do with all of your personal belongings.. Laptop, Cell, Money.. while you are away in surgery? I may be going alone.
4. Also did you have to send anything to Baez from your Dr here at home like blood work results or a note giving her the OK for the surgery?
5. How long untill I will be able to go walk around town there? (providing I can figure out how to hide the drains)

Thinking I might need to move my date earlier a bit

I certainly hope I can. I'll know more this week. There is just so much going on with having my own business and trying to meet the needs of my "clients" as well as not bother Baez. I dont want anyone to be put out because of me. Anyway I will know more next week. So far I am more than thrilled with Baez. Think I'm gonna order my suitcase set tonight :) Start packing early, then I wont be stressing about forgetting anything..... You think 4 weeks is too soon to pack? lol am I crazy? Its ok you can pick on me ladies, I can take it :)

it's here!

Look what came in the mail Saturday. Wooo hooo! And the pamphlet says... The world is yours :) ha, don't I wish. Plane tickets to order today I hope.


I saw somewhere, someone mentioned that Baez has great pics on her Instagram. I did a search for her but found nothing. Anyone know if she does?
Anyhow, I made my excel spreadsheet, lol, of the things I need to buy, and the rinygs I need to pack. My luggage gets here tomorrow. Yaaa. My list is like 53 items. I wanted to bring one huge suitcase, and my carry on. Idk how the he'll I'm gonna fit all this stuff in 1 bag. What are you guys doing about luggage? Or have you done?

My Checklist So Far (don't laugh)

Ok so here's the list I've compiled from a couple other blogs. I am also bringing the Pre & Post Op Vitamins from Make Me Heal website. It has a few things in it that even the more expensive one didn't have. And a fitness junkie I know once bragged about it. So that was all I needed to hear. If it was good enough for him, and he said it was good stuff, then I needed to have it. Tho the Vita(whatever its called) on that site had lots more Grams and UI in some of the vitamins it still was missin a few things.

Percs ( I can't take Vics so bringing these. Im not about to take something new there and have a reaction)
Extra Strength Motrin
Vitamins http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=13511 (IM buying the arnica and other stuff on amazon its cheaper than in the package deal )
Hand Sanitizer
Makeup ( yes I fully intend to be walking around the island by day 3. )
Hair Straightener
Bathing suit tops (thats just me)
$10 for Entry Fee When You Land in SDQ Airport
Licenses and Passport ( lord I hope I dont forget like I always forget concert tix )
Sunglasses ( Duh, I never thought of this, I read it and felt stupid for not thinking of it)
Headphones ( I can do nothing without music lol )
Rolled Towel for travel
Extra Blanket (since some recovery houses dont have extra and at times the hospital staff sucks I hear. I'm not about to freeze after my procedure )
Tampons ( i will be getting my period.. yaa)
Toothbrush, paste, mouth wash
Cotton Balls, Qtips ( for cleaning wound sites and drain area. NO USING FINGERS)
Hair Brush, Scrunchies, a hat
Deodorant ( Im bringing spray, I use Axe for women anyway )
Dried Fruit Snacks (especially coconut and pineapple)
Pesos for deposit for tv remote in CEICP.. I think it's 10
Alcohol Pads
Maxi Pads ( to use to cushion the drain line and the crimps in the faja )
Band Aids
Waterproof Square Bandages
Lysol Disinfectant Wipes (you never know who touched what)
Dial Soap liquid
Arnica Gel x2
Hibiclens ( to shower with the morning of surgery )
P-Ez (this is mandatory for me lol)
Towels (to cover bedding and one can be rolled as a pillow on the flight)
Extra Strengh Tylenol (cause I want off the pain meds asap)
Sleeping Pill (not sure if I will. But lots of people say to. I personally hate pills)
Antibacterial Wipes ( A must!!!! )
Pill organizers
Boxers or baggy shorts
Mens Button Up Shirts .. and what's better than sleeping in your mans shirt if you have one :)
Wife Beaters 5 (for under Faja)
Front Closing Bras 2
Compression Socks
Heating Pad
Flat shoes
Faja stage 1 (extra for when the 1st is being washed)
Hooks for drain
Thin Belt to wear under dresses to hide / hang drain
Spray Lotion (since you cant bend)
Plastic Mattress Pad
Scar Healing Strips
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Ace Bandage ( I've heard of a few good uses for this. all the way down to wrapping your belly should something happen to your faja. and something to do with the nurses sometimes pumping the meds into your IV too fast.)

See. 50 things adds up quick! Anything I'm forgetting ladies? I'm sure there is.

Stage 2 Compression Garment?

Ok, so I'm wanting to get my stage 2 online. I can get it for much cheaper that way than in the DR. But how in the hell do I know what size Im going to be AFTER they suck all that fat out :)

Packing 2 weeks early lol

OK so made my rounds to the stores. Walmart, dollar store, Amazon.com, I needed everything. Also needed clothes to wear there since I didn't want to chance ruining my clothes. I don't exactly have anything that I don't wear. So off to the second hand store for cheap clothes. I got 5 pairs of sweatpants with pockets, brand new looking sun dress, new with tags pants for my kid to play in, and a construction play set. All for under $20. I'll take that. I'm also bringing a couple pairs of shorts, and several men's button up shirts. I wish they were gonna smell like a second man ;) but then I'll just end up feining for him lol. As far as hooks to hold my drain I bought the thin belt off Amazon $4 and got a pack of them cheep chrome shower curtain holders. I'll wear the belt over my Faja but under my dress. I got lots of different bandages and dressings. I think I'm going to have 5 open wounds and I assume I'll have to change them at least 3 times a day the first couple days. Maybe less after that. But I'm still gonna do it at least 3 times a day. I'm not trying to get an infection. I also got the coolest cross body anti theft purse. Is got locks on the pockets, is cut proof (that a bit overkill but I'll take it), several pockets inside, the credit card pockets and some bigger ones for phones are RFID protected. It's even got a tiny LED light you can push inside so you can see in the dark or use to unlock your door at night. Compressing socks should be a compression of 20-30 I read. So got those for under v $20; on amazon too. I have a prime account with them so I get free 2 day shipping. I'm bringing chux but only 10. I want to bring more but they take up so much room. Between them and the pads takes up half my bag. Smh. I don't want to run out of anything while down there. I rather have too much than not enough.
Dr. Baez has been amazing so far and I can't wait to meet her. I really feel I picked the right Dr for me.
I was going to stay at Armonia recovery house but the fact that they are now not accepting PayPal concerned me. Only businesses in good standing can keep a PayPal account active. Too complaints and too many requests for refunds will put a hold on your account. I'm not saying that's what happen but is not a risk I'm willing to take. I contacted Serenity RH and they were fast. They also sleek English. Phew, cause I defiantly don't speak Spanish. I'm gonna head over to an all inclusive resort half way thru my week. I'm hoping to get massages every day. Well see.

Pictures Packing

Most people happy. How many die / deaths

Ok so another blogger on here mentioned something about all the wonderful ladies that like to come on. Get all their info. Chat. Finally have their sx. But never post another word. Leaving us to wonder if they had complications and died. Or just didn't go thru with it.
So here's my thoughts. And I think we should allllll post this so that others will pay it forward. Feel free to copy and paste. Will only take you 1 minute.
A lot of people come on here, get all their info then say the neck with all of us and don't update? LADIES PLEASE UPDATE AT LEAST A FEW MONTHS AFTER YOUR SX. Mark it in your phone's calendar with a reminder if you have to. I think we all need to put this in our posts so that they don't forget. I also think that we should all leave our username / password for RS with a friend or loved one so in the event something happens to them they can come in and let all of us know. Come on. Let's look out for one another. Even if you don't have anyone that knows what your gonna do. Please give your password to someone else in RS or you meet while away. I mean it's only a blog password ladies, there's no real info anyone can get from you off here and steal. You know you would want to know if there were lots of "accidents" happening.
We need to make informed decisions. And that's what RS is all about. Let's utilize it to our best.

faja / compression garment

So I ordered 2 faja / compression garments before I even go for my sx. Why? Cause I found these wicked cool extenders you can get at caribeanshape.com. Google it. They also sell the fajas. But I ordered my fajas thru Amazon and got my free 2 day shipping. Again, thank you Amazon Prime! So anyway back to why.... I was not about to be buying several sized faja and waiting as I got smaller and swelled less. 1 it didn't make sense financially and 2 I'm impatient. I don't want to wait till I can get home to get out of that stage 1 if I can swap to something more comfy while I'm in the DR. I ordered Xtra Small because the extenders supposedly give you 4 different sizes. Well see when I get that in the mail. So now im good. Also I noticed that this faja in the pic (I ordered 2 different ones) only had 3 hooks under the zipper. I see this may be a problem as I assumed it had the standard 16 hooks. It may work for the later weeks. I'm waiting for my other one. The first one pictured on the back if the package. It's all hooks. Ohhh, also when reading the reviews on Amazon one woman said she hates that the but was padded. NO it is not. It is just a thin material there for obvious potential BBL ladies. If anything it's weaker. I week try on the bottom half later to see how well it fits my thick thighs. But we all know that bad boy ain't fitting my ass right now even if you coat me in a bottle of cooking grease.
Ohh, Also I noted that the inside of this faja is cotton. With the outside being the latex / spandexy stuff. Im wondering if all faja are lined? Maybe I won't have to wear a wife beater under it to avoid faja burns?? I will post more when I get the other faja.

I'm thinking in going to post where I got my stuff I'm bringing with me and what I paid cause I was in the store the other day and saw the Arnica Cream for $15!!! I was like whoa glad I didn't pay that much since I ordered 2. Also for your ladies getting a BBL NO ARNICA on the bum. I guess it breaks down something and is not good for bbl's. Please pass that on to the other ladies and in your posts. I have only seen it once posted. Don't want your ladies ruining your Dr's good work ;) or your pain for nothing.

the extender arrived

Extender arrived just now. I had to sign for it.. oddd. I mean it only cost me like $18. Anyhow, here's the front and back. Very good quality. I ordered Sunday. It arrived today Wednesday. From caribeanshape.com

real quick

Ok so I had my sx with baez Tuesday I'm not feeling like concentrating on a review yet. Not even small bits. You will understand. But I wanted to keep my world and let you all know I was ok. I still say my Dr is amazing. And the noise u hired I could not have gone without her comfort the first night in the hospital. Hey name was marzina or something or other. Just one pic here of the tummy

5 days Post-Op Photo

Ok I know, all no review. But I'm getting requests for before and after pics. I am extremely pleased so far. I'm just too uncomfortable to go thru the review still. But I am back at work it's been 7 days since and I am very tired. Was almost sick this morning just from trying to get myself and son ready too quickly. I mean I'm ok to do most things I need to, minus laundry and sleeping apparently at all isn't on the list even with sleeping pills. Omg, that's the worst, being exhausted on pills and still not sleeping I get about 2 hours sleep, then I'm up a while then another 2 hours. Tops.

Your Weight After Lipo

Just a quick note.... Do not get on the scale after lipo. It's useless. Just go by before and after pics. I am weighing in heavier than I was the day of surgery. And as you can see from the pic is the post above this one at 5 days out... there is a significant difference and improvement. Even if I do have fluid still to absorb and get out of my system there's no way it's enough to make me bigger than I was.

How the week went with Lipo in Dominican Republic

Ok so here it is as I promised. I just went back and looked at my first post just after the sx and I’m lol at my typos. Guess I was a bit out of it.
My Week in the DR. - I met Baez on Monday to do my blood / ekg and what not paperwork. We met in her office which is upstair in the hospital. She asked me all the typical medical questions and laughed at me cause I do nothing. Drink, smoke, drugs, nothing. I guess thats odd to some people. Her waiting room is tiny but hey who needs to pay for a huge room when you only see a few patients a day. Connected is her office which is even smaller, about the size of the walk in closet in the RH I stayed in. Then attached to that is her exam room which is only as wide as about 2 hospital beds if placed side by side. And then a small bathroom half the size of that lol. But again, who needs more for bragging rights when your work is so rocking it speaks for itself. No real estate bragging rights needed. She looked me over asked what I wanted and off to the clinic downstairs to get the bloodwork done. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the clinic. There was a few splatters of blood on the arm of the chair where they were drawing mine. I was immediately disturbed by this. Then when I went to pee they gave me a cup to pee in that had the label ripped off. I would have asked for another had I not already read of another reviewer complaining of the same issue, so I figure must be standard there. However, I happen to have my period at that time and had to pull out a very messy tampon (sorry if that’s TMI you might want to stop reading cause that's what these forums are about) that got blood on my hands. Guess what, no soap!! really? Now I’m really wishing I had kept the antibacterial wipes in my purse. The power went out while I was there. Again common and only for 1 min. The ekg guy didn’t want to come out so he met me the next morning before sx. At this point I’m feeling very relaxed for some reason. I get back to the resort, which by the way I would not stay at again, Don Juan in Boca Chica. While the staff was very polite, and the beach was one of the best I have seen. The food was the same crap every meal. Nothing changed. Just nasty. So make sure your willing to leave to go out to eat every meal. But that totally defeated the reason for me paying so much for an all inclusive resort.
Wake up for sx Tuesday morning at 4:30. Still pretty chill. Get to the clinic and you check in at the Emergency Room. I pass the ekg. change into clothes and get my pretty blue pill, which 20 min after taking I’m thinking this would figure I’m still feeling normal. Oh wait… lol, the night I was suppose to be resting for the sx happens to be an annual party day called San Juan day. It’s when the entire friggin county parties from 8 p.m. till 8 a.m. the next morning. Yes, they partied blaring radios and getting shit faced on the beach all night. There was no sleep had at all the night before sx, that’s why I was certain I got a crappy blue pill. Anyway, It’s 20 min after the pill and they are wheeling my tired butt to the sx room. I sat up on the bed and leaned forward so they could insert the epidural in my back. And as I did I said to the Anesthesiologist to please be aware I have scoliosis and as I went to repeat it in spanish I passed out from the pill. Yes, just like that, in the matter of time it took to say 1 word. Lol. I woke up for a millisecond as they were laying me on my stomach to start the lipo. I woke up again a few min later as they were working on me i think but I felt nothing. They were trying to give me oxygen thru the tube that goes in front of your nostrils. But Everytime I lay down my nose completely blocks and there is no chance of me breathing thru it. Id die. So I wake a bit and I'm drugged trying to say to them my nose is stuffed and blocked I can't breathe the oxygen in thru my nose. I say it twice, the guy says shhh and I'm sure stuffs me with more drugs as is to say shut up lady. I wake again a bit later for a min saying owww owwww i can feel you jabbing me in my shoulder blade. Yes it hurt a bit. And again, I’m out cold.
When all was said & done I woke up in my room with garment on. See my friends face and a woman acting like she knows me. I guess she was my nurse I hired but I hadnt met her until that moment. I fall back to sleep immediately. Apparently I had a fight with my friend that was there but I don't remember it. He also says I ripped my gown off and showed him my boobs when the Dr came in to check the garment. But I don't remember any of that. I don’t come out of anesthesia very well, I already knew that. My friend told me the next day all of that lol. I wake up feeling just uncomfy and stiff later and I can’t sleep much tho I try. I end up getting sick and throwing up just once. Let me tell you. I would rather push out a full sized baby than to throw up right after lipo for 1 min. It was like someone was burning the inside of my stomach with fire. OH MY GOD. I hadn't taken any pain meds but I jumped on them at that moment. Whoa. I will never forget that pain. I just laid there all night on my back in and out. I’d sleep for a 20 min nap then stay up forever. And repeat. I believe my Hemo was at 12.5 when I went in and 11 when I came out the next day. Getting up and moving is crazy. You want to move but your body says, no no. stay there. Then the dizzy and nausea come back. My Dr was to discharge me in the a.m. but didn't get there till 2pm. I was thankful cause it took me that long to finally stand without getting sick. Ladies, if the nurse comes in to take out the catheter, tell them no not till you know you can walk. I forgot about this and it was not cool.
The hospital recovery room was very clean. While i was there the next morning the cleaning lady came in and swept the floors, empty the trash, and proceeded to wash the floors and walls, not once, but 3 times. I liked that :) considering no one there seems to be concerned about other peoples blood. She even cleaned underneath the toilet and sink.
Ok, so Im a tough bitch. I know I am. And I took no pain meds at that point. They say its cause of the anesthesia still being in there but now that I went thru it all, I know I held true to being so tough. When telling my best friend that they said that he said “they clearly dont know the chick I know, she’s a fukn power house.” :) lol that made me smile to hear someone say that. He is the reason I now realize how much pain I can handle. Both mentally and physically. Oh ya, the mental part… this tested me there as well towards the end of the week.
So, I have a dark cloud that rains on me pretty consistently. It followed me to DR. I happen to be one of the few who have drain problems. A drain goes in one side of your hip and tru around your back, around your other hip and ends just to the opposite side of your stomach almost where it goes in. I had a few spots on the back that felt like fire. Just like when I threw up. Even if it was barely touched. I was almost in tears. I had to fight them off. The fact that The Dr put me in a faja that has the but cut out (ask that you not have one of these, there really is no need it only made swelling worse in the butt and I didn't even have a bbl its just the way your body works after. Everything swells. Well, the seam of that part that is cut out was digging right on the drain. I begged the Dr to take it out but she refused. It made my life miserable. Fast forward on that subject 3 days later… I’m in bed crying my eyes out ALLLLL night. All I did was cry and message my Dr BEGGING her to take it out. I had a new faja on and it still wasn't helping, it was only getting worse, now it was hurting to breathe. The more I cried the more it hurt, the more I cried. Im not happy about this. And to be honest, I would never ever do it or anything again due to this simple thing of her not taking it out. I'm very pissed to be honest and will not recommend this procedure to anyone just because of that. I mean I begged!!!!!!!!!!! I had the drain removed the following morning and it was horrible. I was told it was just going to be a lot of pressure coming out. I'm like hey ummm ya, I already have a problem that is getting worse, since day one and its not going to hurt ya ok. It was horrible, I screamed and swore. I never do that. Lets not forget I managed to get thru all of this with no pain meds because I can handle it, with the exception of that drain problem. Im bull shit becuase I now can feel where the drain came out all around my body its a hard lump all the way around me. And now the site where the drain went in is infected. the very next day I had puss. I’m not happy about this. You have no idea.
Anyway, enough about the bad. So I was looking great the first 2 days I checked my results. But now I am looking like i have a belly again. I’m sure it’s just due to things changing from such an invasive sx. I got on the scale this morning and it said I weighed 3 pounds more than the day I had the sx. I had to laugh at that. We all know that’s not possible. But I’m curious where it comes from since I’m not full of fluid. Oh, I was wearing compression socks (rated at 20-30) for the first week. I had no swelling at all. Today I noticed my ankles and legs are very blown up. It doesnt hurt. And I'm not even sure if it’s a big deal. I suppose if it bothers me then I’ll ask Baez if its a problem I should address.
All in all tho the sx is something I def could handle. Even with no pain meds. With the exception of the drain issue.
Mentally, I said I’d get back to that…. So after not sleeping but 2 hours a night, and a split up 2 hours during the day for days and days. When you add in something like that pain I had from the drain all in my back. It affects you. I was a mental mess and just stayed in my room that night, no food, no fluids, nothing, cause I was def not feeling myself. All my issues I am having back home came down on me mentally, and hard. I have a lot I am dealing with at home with a separation, custody, house, and what not that all came about after I had already booked this sx. I went to the DR vowing to clear my head of it all so I wouldn’t stress myself out or hamper my recovery. I did really well with the exception of one thing that kept sticking in my head. But I delt with it. Obviously until alllll that crazy pain hit. I sat in my room lights off, in pain crying, and once that finally subsided, I spent the rest crying from the mental stress. Not something I would do at any other time in my life. SO, if you are an emotional person. Be prepared, it may be trying on you.
I’ll write a review on the recovery house I stayed at - Serenity - maybe tomorrow. It’s hard to focus on this and I really dont want to leave anything out for you ladies.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far all interactions have been more than pleasant. I am so far feeling very confident in my decision with Dra Baez. I will update more each step of the way.

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