Future Cabral Barbie- May 2014 - Dominican Republic

Hey Girls!! My mom had surgery with the "king of...

Hey Girls!! My mom had surgery with the "king of barbies" last year. She looks amazing!! She had a Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture. Im 21 years old. I have a beautiful three-year-old daughter. I want a Liposculpture and BBL. Im happy with my weight, but those chichos on the side are driving me crazy..lol. I've been going to the gym, eating healthy and nothing happens :( I ended up loosing weight but the chichos wont disappear.

Officially Cabral Barbie

Hey dolls, had my surgery 2 days ago. Had Liposculpture, BBL and BL. Everything is fine. Still very swollen. I will keep u posted.When I get better I promise I would add some pictures.
Dr.Hector Cabral

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