22 Yr Old 128 Lbs my Liposuction Breast Aug Story - Dominican Republic, DO

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First of all i came upon this web site month ago...

first of all i came upon this web site month ago while i had a couple issues with my procedures and i was too embarrassed or just wanted extra knowledge of what was happening to me. on that note here is my story
i live in nyc and im 23 yrs old I've always been skinny i even remember it was for me growing up and i couldn't gain weight so compared to my other friends i always looked so much younger body wise since i had no meat lol when i went to college i started to notice some weight gain but im 5'4 and my weight never passed 95lbs so when i finally started to gain weight i was happy. i was so used to my flat stomach and hard abs that when i saw myself at 125lbs i loved it but hated how the fat distributed around my abdomen area . january 2013 i was at 110lbs i thought i looked great i was working out and all that good stuff and i didn't have that stomach area problem but to be honest its a bit too low for me and my family would say i was too skinny ect so i started to gain weight then my rolls started to come back WITH THAT SAID

it started last year (2013) around mid october early november i know this probably sounds horrible for most people but i just had the idea that lipo would help me and my ab issue since i am not over weight i just hold excess fat around my stomach and LIPO is A CONTOURING TOOL NOT A WEIGHT LOSS TOOL . with that said every december i visit my family in the Dominican republic so i decided to get my procedures done there since i find that DOMINICAN plastic surgeons define a better silhouette than american surgeons .

SO i arrived here nov 24 ,2013 took the early flight it was a monday i believe got to DR around 9am as soon as i got off the plane went to CECILIP ,CECIP and CIPLA these are clinics in the capitol where you can do your research and get evaluated by various PS . i visited a couple got different evaluations checked out their work and went with who best convinced me and who's work i liked best. i got there on a monday did my blood work and electro cardiogram on tuesday and scheduled for thursday since i decided to get lipo i thought why don't i just do my boobs aswell since its cheaper to get 2 procedures done at the same time because its the same recovery time plus you don't have to pay for clinic or anesthesiologist since its in the same sit in.

i had my boyfriend and my father accompany me the day OF the procedure i was a bit nervous but i can really say i never give things too much thought i just do things and hope for the best .i trusted my doctor he answered all my questions wasn't pushy seemed very knowledgeable even told me things that made me really think if i wanted to go threw it . what i mean is that he didn't try to play it out like it was going to be all glamorous but the truth . and the truth its LIPO HURTS RECOVERY IS PAINFULL and if you wanna have a nice body you have to be willing to go threw with it

SO i get to the clinic around 8am they ask me questions and take my press ion and all that after they give me a room and a robe and a little blue pill called DORMICUM/ MIDAZOLAM its used to relax you and make you drowsy before surgery after i took it i just remember waking up from surgery no pain or anything but sleepy.

That first night i stayed at the clinic my boyfriend stayed with me i was totally uncomfortable not because of the pain since i didn't feel any but because my doctor left one of the incisions on my back open to the tucmecent solution that they use would drain a bit . i also had instructions not to get up for 24hrs so i was laying there feeling wet until the next day when my doctor came to take off the bandages and released me from the clinic . over night they took my temperature and did blood work make sure my hemoglobin was good and kept me confortable pain wise



so i started my lymphatic drainage massage 4 days POST op and they hurt like HELL . during my recovery these were the worst because i had LOTS of fluid left in me since i was skinny to begin with they inject you more liquid than other lipo patients

After meyb 2 WEEKS i noticed i had DENT in my abdomen my doctor would tell me its the compression garmet and it would go away when i would wear the garment 12 hrs a day instead of 24hrs a day ill post pictures so you can seen what I'm talking about this dent made me zoo stressed thats when i started looking info up and came upon this website

MY DENT was caused because the garment would put a lot of pressure on my waist and as we all know post lipo skin is very sensitive and moldable this is why I STRESS ALL GIRLS TO GET AND ABDOMINAL BOARD it helps so much . i heard about them when i was 2 weeks post op and it helped me tremendously

MY BUMPS i got mesotherapy which injects the same fluid the use to break down the fat but directly where you have the bump to break it up and uses the cavitation to emit sound waves that break down the fat got about 3 injections saw results the next day and eventually it went away



Almost 2yrs it's all about maintaning
Dr. Jose Mora Acosta

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