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June 2014 is my goal date. I contacted Cabral,...

June 2014 is my goal date. I contacted Cabral, Baez, Robles, Duran and Yily. I let them know I want lipo, Bbl, facelift, and if possible BL and new implants. I will need a previous TT redone at some point but not this trip. I know thats a lot and I probably will have to go twice. I contacted Cabral through Whatsapp and he got back to me in a day.

He said "thats a lot" and I couldn't do it all at once. I let him know Im in the middle of a weight loss and at 5'7" my weight goal for surgery is 140. Im at 182 right now. I sent him body and face pics. He said I don't need a facelift. He said he would lift my neck and tighten the chin area, I'm happy he didn't just agree to a facelift and I like that he seemed to know straight from the pic what I needed. I am nervous about having face work in the DR because all I read about is fabulous bodies but from some of the replies I got I have the impression patients don't want to share their face pics. Hell, I know I won't!

I also want a subtle bullhorn lip lift. He didn't mention that in any of his replies so I guess when I go there I will see what he has to say. If he doesn't do that procedure I really hope if there is a Dr at Cipla that does he/she will be able to step in and do it for me. Back to his reply - he told me I could get lipo, BBL and the neck/chin lift for $5500.00. I FB, emailed and Whatsapped Duran but haven't heard a peep. Robles and Baez got back asking more questions but I have not heard back from them. Yily got back to me pretty fast and asked for pics. She then replied that I could get lipo, fuller breasts, a TT and I think she said "more facial filler" according to Google translate. Lipo, my jawline and a BBL are my priorities.

Im positive (at this moment) that I want Cabral. He has enough experience that Im comfortable with him doing the face work. I know how people talk about his past but honestly, I'm in the beauty business and the stories I hear about plastic surgeons in my big city are crazy. There was a death with a popular surgeon here a while ago and everything I read, heard about it was how the patient didn't reveal all of his health issues and it wasn't the Drs fault. I've seen lopsided infected boobs and horrible facelifts. Ive never seen what I can call beautiful work here. I really think the Drs here are panicked about patients leaving the country for affordable, great work. Thats the only thing I have to say about Cabrals newsworthiness.

I think Im going to want to stay at Cipla. Haven't read great things about it but Im most likely going by myself, I don't speak a word of Spanish and if Im carrying cash I don't want to be sashaying around the city with thousands in my pocket. Im blonde and fair too and my looks would scream "surgery tourist!" I messaged Cabral again and asked him if I was healing well if it would be possible to do the BL and implants a few days later. He probably thinks Im nuts for asking because he hasn't gotten back on that. He already told me I couldn't do everything at once. Whether Im thin or heavy My body is straight up and down. No waist, no hips, no butt. When I hit about 150 lbs. I'll message him with another pic asking if I should stop my weight loss so I have something for the BBL. I don't want a big one, I just want a nice curve! Will update with pics when my time gets closer. Good luck everyone!

I didn't stay positive for long...

I think Cabral's work is fantastic and as many messages as he gets I really appreciate that he responds so fast and his messages are completely legible. I'm a little freaked out that Im reading its first come first serve with him. I am not an aggressive person and I can't imagine being in a room with a bunch of girls wanting his next "spot". I want to send a deposit to my surgeon and know that I'm going to have my procedure that day.

Its really hard for me to be away from work and from home ( Im sure thats the case with all of us) and I don't want to waste one single day. My perfect situation would be to get on a 6 AM flight to the DR, go straight to clinic for BW and any other testing, and Boom - jump on the table! I also wish I could see just a bit of his face work although he was very matter of fact with exactly what I would need as opposed to what I asked for.

And then there's Contreras. His work is beautiful and I've found evidence of great face work too. He replied quickly and had good ideas. He hasn't replied to my last message yet so I hope I didn't scare him with my long list!

And then theres that blood clot (oh yeah, that!) I had a DVT in my calf about 5 years ago when I was going through IVF. I was on the pill and it was my 4th year of trying so I was so pumped up with drugs full of estrogen ( a big trigger of DVT's ). It was treated but as soon as I find my surgeon Im going to have to tell him I want to bring my own portable DVT pump if they don't have them. It wraps around your leg and squeezes your calf so blood keeps moving instead of pooling so your less likely to get a clot. Then I'll have to mention that I need blood thinners right away. I hope I don't scare them away! I've had elective and necessary surgeries before with no problem but I want to be very careful. Pretty sure Im going to have to fly out a few times to get everything I want done. Im exhausted from stalking reviews first thing when I wake up, in-between, and right before I go to sleep! Night all -


Im worried about getting face work in the DR. Not because I don't think they can do it but because they can't be bothered with answering more then a few questions. I have too much to do for one trip so Im thinking facework, BA, BL in Mexico.

Ive been emailing Dr Caloca in Tijuana. He has great reviews and has been super specific with answering my questions and adding his thoughts too.I also like the fact that I can fly to San Diego and have a car take me right to his office. So far my quote with him for neck, (his idea) mid facelift, upper eyelids, bullhorn lip lift (woot woot!) BL and BA is 11,500. I don't think he does BBL's and really, who can beat the DR's lipo and BBL? So I would have to do the BBL and lipo later.

I would end up spending twice as much as doing everything in DR, probably 15,000 total instead of 8'ish for DR only but I want my questions answered! I have seen too many awful face jobs that my clients paid 30,000 + for. If its bad the eyes are round, the mouth gets wide and they can look like a snake from the side. No Thank You! With Caloca I could have a set appointment and know exactly what I will spend. He also said if I had to I could stay four nights then fly home. He doesn't advise that but I just can't be away for long. Is it crazy to take my own stitches out? I read that a lot of girls do? I could ask someone I know that is a nurse but that would start some gossip.

I wish DR Drs would be more specific and receptive to questions. I really want Cabral or Contreras for lipo and BBL. Im concerned because Im reading too much about how you get screwed and are asked to pay more for BW, everything if you look American and don't speak Spanish. Im thinking about getting a language DVD for my lovely 90 minute commute to work!


Haven't posted but have read, seen enough to know Cabral is who I want to go to! Ive got my quote for lipo, bbl and TT. I'm hoping for an extended TT. Don't need a full circle lift but definitely hope he will take it around the hip a bit. Does anyone know if Cabral will lipo upper abdomen with TT? I know some drs won't but that's my worst spot, I sure hope he has a trick for this.

I don't know who I spoke to when I called his office but she was super polite, professional and spoke perfect English. I don't speak a word of Spanish and I'm traveling by myself. She told me to call one week before my date to give them my flight info, set up a ride from airport to Cipla and do they can reserve a room for me. I will be staying there. I'm going to bring a pillow and multiple thin cotton blankets so I can pitch them as they get dirty. I'm also going to ask him if I can have drains even though he doesn't usually use them. I can't stay two weeks so I would like to leave with drains if possible. I want to get a big cheap backpack style bag for my supplies that I won't care about leaving there. I reserved the front seats that have a lot of leg room on my return and connecting flight. I'd like to leave with nothing more to carry then my purse and a pillow for my butt!

Fees and language : /

Ive been obsessed with this site especially since I have a Cabral appointment. Im a little (lot!) nervous about being charged more once Im there. I am reading reviews about huge differences in consultation, bloodwork, faja prices. I will call to get the actual prices if they will give them, but I wish Cabral would have sent them to me when I asked. I don't speak a work of spanish and Im worried I will be taken advantage of. When I say that I am NOT speaking of the country in general. I am speaking of insiders at Cipla that may overcharge me simply because that think they can once Im there. I'll call them on this but I hate knowing I most likely won't have the info on my phone.

Have to change my date : (

I had to go out of town for a week and I don't think its a good idea to miss work again just 3 weeks later so Im going to move my date just a few weeks (hopefully) out to mid July. I know it will be hot as hell in July but Im going to call Cabrals office and make sure he will be there before I change my flight and take the time off work. Im hoping that maybe his schedule won't be so crazy because who the heck wants to go to an island in July? Does anyone know if Cabral even has a slow season? Im anxious to do this because RS and his Instagram has taken over my life!

Long overdue. Mexico!

I decided DR was outside my comfort zone. After hours of Internet sleuthing and emailing Drs I found Alicua Sigler in Tijuana. Her email responses to me were so spot on I knew my search was over. I ended up having a lower and mid facelift, lip lift (life changing!) and corner brow lift. I thought I might need my eyes done but she said Brow was only needed and she was right.

I also had implants and full breast lift. It took two surgeries, two separate trips because she would not do everything at once. I was crazy for thinking that was possible!

I saw her at two different clinics. Both were immaculate with great nurses and outstanding anesthesiologist's. I spent the night at the clinic both times and the care was great.

I had a car service pick me up from the San Diego airport and drop me off at the GORGEOUS Lucerna Hotel about 30 minutes later. Concierge set me up with a great massage, pedicure down the street. Had a fabulous dinner at the hotel and walked about 7 minutes in the morning to Alicia's office. Hotel driver would have taken me but it was beautiful out and I felt so safe. Area is nice but of course I knew not to be showy. Sweatpants, long sleeved tee and overnight bag.

The whole experience was great and I'll go back. Alicia is gorgeous herself, super nice with a very calming personality. I wanted to look better, but natural, which is exactly what I got. I pretty much told her to do what she thought was right and I'm so glad I did. The lip lift is one of her signature procedures I believe, such a simple procedure but what a huge impact! I'm not sure of the breakdown price wise for each procedure but it was crazy reasonable for outstanding work. There's a price list on her website that seems pretty spot on with what I paid. Highly recommended!!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Changed to Alicia Sigler and thrilled I did!!!

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