My Sx Journey To A New Me.

I had multiples a few years ago and my body hasn't...

I had multiples a few years ago and my body hasn't since. I lost all of my pregnancy weight within 2-3 months but my skin stretched out so much in my belly and I lost all of my muscle tone from extreme fluid swelling (I had to be induced) so I was left as a mushy mess (lol). I also breast feed so my tits are sad and saggy. A year and a half later I began gaining a lot of weight (23 lbs. to be exact) because I wasn't eating as healthy as I had previously. Only problem is when I gained the weight the fat went into completely different areas of my body. I normally gained all of my weight in my butt, hips, thighs and breast (all the ideal places). This time a little went to those areas but way more made it's way to my stomach/waist, back and arms (Horrible!!!!!) I made a lifestyle change to healthy eating and lost 35lbs so I'm technically smaller in weight except my body changed drastically. As most know I'm weight loss you can't spot reduce so I started to lose where my largest fat mass was first the Booty, Hips & Thighs (No Bueno). At this point I'm healthier than I've been in years but I longer have my naturally curvy body that I love. So I'm doing something about it, and that something is a "Mommy Makeover" complete with BBL, Full Body Lipo, TT & Breast Augmentation. I just want to look great naked again.

Thank you ladies for all the love.

I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you to all of you for showing so much love and support. Honestly, my experience is that most women are catty and negative so I usually stand clear because I'm a loving person who always supports and encourages others so I don't mingle with people unless their like minded individuals. Not to mention my temperment isn't set up for drama (lol).

Its only been a few days since I joined but so far it's been a great experience. Thank you for dispelling the myth that woman can't uplift one another. I would like to send some very thank yous to ExoticAsianBlue, Shay08, Missparis, Perfectionist_Newme, NewBodyJourney & Ebonymichele for such a warm and friendly welcome. :-)

Sorry I've Been MIA (missing in action)

Apparently the "Powers That Be" didn't like something I posted because all of a sudden I wasn't able to post or reply to posts and all of my initial pictures were missing for several days. I emailed someone about it but never got a response so I was ready to delete this account all together. But to my amazement everything reverted back to normal today so I'm back. There probably going to delete this too since I'm talking about it. Lol

I decided a consultant is the best way to go

So with all of the complications getting in contact with Yily and Duran I decided it's in my best interest to just use one of the consultants to make all of my scheduling go smoothly. It's totally worth $150 to facilitate the process. Especially, since D.R. is a foreign country and I don't speak the language.

PS Insurance

Does anyone know anything about ps insurance in the U.S. and D.R.? Please help!

Iud Questions

I currently have an Iud for birth control. Will I need to take it out before surgery to minimize bleeding? And how soon before surgery if so?

Body Piercings

Will I have to take my nipple piercings out for ba?

Sx Supply List. Please Help!

I really want to start making my list of supplies I'll need after surgery. If anyone already had their surgery and has a list prepared please send it to me. Thanks girlies.

Women Can Be So Catty And Immature.

Since I started this blog and journey I've really noticed how messy, negative, selfish, clickie, divided and unsupportive women can be in regards to one another. It really disgusts me. There's no love or sisterhood only attitudes of what can you do for me, and who's popular because I want to sit with them. It's discouraging to see adult women behave this way. You ask them for insight on their experiences or for answers to questions they have and they ignore you because it doesn't benefit them. Although they too were once in your position seeking knowledge about a particular subject. Keep in mind I not only speak for myself but also lots of women who have shared with me they experienced the same things. As women we are powerful beyond belief so just imagine what we could accomplish if we all band together, showed one another compassion, respect and common courtesy. I've decided to document my journey regardless if any; likes, comments, high fives or Amens it. I'm doing it to help someone else who may need the guidance I too needed at some point. Just remember moral support doesn't cost you anything but you may gain more than you gave. Karma is real because the bible says that you will reap what you sow. If you sow good seeds you'll reap a fruitful harvest of those good seeds and if you sow nothing or negativity that's what you'll receive in return.

No More IUD For Me.

So I have researched different sources regarding removing birth control before sx. I have spoken to some women who are postop, to doctors directly and even presented the question "How soon before surgery should I remove my iud?" I have received answers supporting taking it out and also leaving it in. Some doctors believe it doesn't pose any major threat while others believe it can increase your chances of developing blood clots. And I'm sure most of us know that excessive blood clotting can become fatal ultimately leading to serious complications such as death. I know that is really worst case scenario but I have read of women experiencing fatal consequences as a result of blood clotting so I have decided to aire on the side of caution for my own peace of mind. For me its just one less thing to worry about. In addition, I have also experienced excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles causing me to lose a lot of blood and being slightly anemic. Going through this journey it is extremely important to be as healthy as possible and to have your hemoglobin levels high to prevent complications. As you can't have surgery unless your hemoglobin is at least a 12. I'm very happy with my decision and my body is adjusting to not having a foreign object in it and I'm feeling great about that. I'm just a little nervous about getting pregnant so now well need to use condoms religiously until I get back on birth control. A week after my doctors appointment to remove my iud I had blood work done to see where my hemoglobin levels are. Keep in mind it was the day after my menstrual cycle so its probably at its lowest. I made sure I went after my cycle so I could compare my lowest and document it. I have another doctors appointment next week so I'll know what my levels are and I'll post them.
Yily or Duran

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