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So I guess I will start with a short introduction....

So I guess I will start with a short introduction. I am 26 years old and am a single mother to one child. I have been overweight/obese all of my life. For years I have tried to get on the "weight loss train" but life always got in the way. After finally securing my dream job after finishing college, I am finally ready to change my life. Unfortunately my body, big or small, has many issues. My main issue is that my incision for my c-section was a classic (vertical) incision instead of the horizontal. For the life of me, I will never understand why the doctor did such an outdated cut on a 17 year old (my age at the time). I was always a bit self-conscience but this was exemplified when I was given an ass in the front. The beginning of this year, I decided now was the time to take control of my life. I work in the medical field and see the consequences of being obese in the long run. Since January I have went from 256lbs to 219lbs. Everyone is so excited about this huge difference!!! My plan is to be between 160-170lbs by my surgery date. I stand 5 foot 4 inches in height so this will still have me overweight, but I doubt I'll ever reach 112-145lbs which is suggested by BMI standards.

Anywho after the long introduction let me get onto my surgery journey. I was actually put into a FB surgery group around the same time I started my weightloss journey. I was blown away by the information in the group which was solely about the DR doctors. I fell in love with the results and started researching HARD. I settled on the "King of Barbies", Dr Cabral, because of his consistency. I know there is a lot of negative things stated but I am willing to take the risk. He has confirmed my surgery date 11/07/16. I've paid a deposit to Kindness RH because I have not read anything bad about them yet. My plan is stay in the DR from 11/06/16 to 11/22/16. I'm hoping by this time, I am able to get home and take care of myself. I have been blessed to have friends who have offered their place up if I need extra time after the plane lands. I just applied for my passport today and have a doctor's appointment next week to get a full work-up so I'll know where to start as far as iron boosting regimens. Definitely will try to update my weight progress and surgery journey as often as possible.

Weight loss Update

Well after celebrating my little boy's birthday and going to an adult birthday party, I expected to see some weight gain. After a few days of working out, it disappeared. I am now back on the low carb diet as I want to lose as much weight as I possibly can before my birthday (July 29th). I actually would love to get into a size 14 by then as well. I started off as a size 22/24/3x and now can wear 16/18/XL. Definitely loving my progress although at times it feels so slow. I really need to stop looking at instagram transformations LOL. Anyway I start my new job tomorrow which is strictly for designated surgery money. I want at least 8k saved up for DR and extra money for care when I return back to the states. Apparently lymphatic massages are double and even triple what DR charges for in the states. I'll keep you wonderful ladies posted.

Progress pics

I hope these upload. This is about 2 months apart. I don't know my weight in the first picture but I'm 220lbs now. Still have a ways to go but I think the workouts I've been doing have helped me shed a lot of inches. I definitely want the best foundation before this surgery. I'm really hoping for one round and that's it.

Things moving quickly...

I thought November was a long time away until I realized August will begin next week. There are several things that must come together in this short period of time. I'm trying to update at least weekly about my progress. Maybe it will help someone.

First things first, weight loss progress. Well I am officially down to 216lbs!!!! I'm so excited to be this close to being under 200. I've been 250+ for the last several years. I actually have started a very low carb diet for the next 30 days so I can lose weight quickly. I have several adipex tablets left but I know I have to stop taking 3 months before surgery. I have been taking a half tablet for the last couple of weeks. I don't really feel too much different, but I am not a big eater anyway. I am still hitting the gym religiously 4-5x per week. I am actually going to try to go twice a day some of the days. I know being physically fit plays a key role in recovery. I definitely will miss the gym after surgery!

Vitamins....ummmmm that's been hard. I cannot make myself take pills it seems. The iron pills HURT my stomach sooooo bad. I'm going to switch to another formula (probably liquid), but I'll probably finish the bottle I have with night time doses. I take a multivitamin, fiber pill, vitamin C, and the iron pill right now. I'm very non-compliant!!! I have purchased the chlorophyll drops and Floradix. I also have some geritol which I will probably use up first because of the alcohol content (no alcohol 2 months prior to sx). I don't know my HBG at the moment but plan on getting my labs drawn soon. Unfortunately aunt flow visited this week. I typically run between 11-13 naturally so I know the iron won't hurt.

Money...currently working 3 jobs but not on purpose. I was testing out a new job in the hopes of letting my night shift job go. Looks like I'll probably keep all three to get up as much surgery money as possible. I definitely want to have enough for DR and the after care. Massages are expensive here in the states!!!

Other than that I'm praying Delta plane tickets drop to $400 again but if not I'll purchase soon for the $500. They only have one plane doing nonstop from Atlanta to DR and I don't want to get a connect!!! Hoping to schedule my doctor's appointment for Late August/ Early September so that I can also get my FMLA forms filled out. My job requires the paperwork at least 30 days in advance. Luckily I work at a hospital and have picked a doc I feel will fill out the forms with no problems. I'm taking at least 4 weeks off but covering myself for 6 weeks just in case. I think that's all for now. Wish me luck on the weight loss. I actually want to be between 160-170lbs by my surgery date!!!

Melt down

Well it's been a whirlwind these last couple of weeks. I actually ended up on a food binge due to the disappointment of the scale coming to a pause. I'm back on track now and am now going to put up my scale. I've decided to focus more on my diet and eating healthy rather than working out so much. I do still plan on getting at least 10k steps per day but no more working out twice in a day. I think trying to do a strict diet with an intense exercise session is just too much on the body. I'm trying to eat more raw foods and am following a low carb plan. I don't plan on weighing myself again until labor day. I may move my surgery date if I'm unable to lose the weight I would like by november. I want the surgery but don't feel I'll be satisfied with the results unless I'm closer to my goal weight. I'm aiming for the 160s but would be satisfied if I end up 170. I've been overweight my whole life so I don't see me getting down to the 130s or 140s. I just want to be far from 200!!! I've posted some progress photos. The inche's are coming off...let's hope the scale will cooperate. Ladies surgery can consume your life in the worse way....stay calm and don't become too obsessed. I know that is easier said than done!!!
Hector Cabral

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