Finally Ready to Be a Duran Doll! Lipo + BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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Okay, so i always knew that sooner or later i was...

Okay, so i always knew that sooner or later i was going to need this surgery! Unfortunately i was born with a sad flat booty. So now im 24 years old, mommy to a 2yr old babyboy, and getting dressed is so depressing, i want to be able to wear anything and everything, so here goes my sx Journey.

My sister introduced me to Teal Self when she was looking for her sx doctor for a tummy tuck about 4 years ago, and ever since i always looked at the different reviews on BBL. Once i came across dra. Durans work i knew she was the one for me. I also like Dra Yily's work, and Baez. But something about Duran stood out. I reached out to her numerous times and was always discouraged by the lack of communication. This time i decided to be more persistent and open to other doctors.

So i reached surgicoordinator and i got my first quote from dr. cabral for $4,800 for lipo + bbl. I thought that was too much, and he wasnt even my first choice. (I am petrified to put my life in his hands) smh lol

I reached out to surgicoordinator once again only asking for durans quote, and i got a response within a few days, $4,200 for lipo + bbl and $5,100 if i wanted a tummy tuck as well. I really dont want a tummy tuck and she said that she couldnt tell from the pictures whether i needed the TT or not.

So im a bit confused but im excited because Duran is the dr i want, so im gonna go forward with whatever she thinks its best.

Decisions Decisions Decisions....

so my sister is trying to convince me to do more research for another doctor, she says the $200 surgicordinator additionally charges for their help can be used towards my flight, massages, or anything towards my actual surgery. So although i think its worth it because i really want Dra. Duran i am going to look for quotes from other doctors that aren't in such high demand.

On other note, i got another email from Surgi coordinator stating that my bmi is too high and i need to lose weight prior to any type of surgery and that i should consider a Batriatric surgery....... soooo fustrating!!!!

Wish Picsss

so this is what im going for nothing too exagerrated, i would like to keep it as natural as possible lol

something like a Jlo, Amber rose, maybe even Kim Kardashian Nothing like nicki minaj or K michelle. Ya get me?! Dra Duran is the best at keeping things as realistic as possible in my eyes!!

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