Cabral Doll May 2015. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi dolls! I hope everyone is doing well ! After 2...

Hi dolls! I hope everyone is doing well ! After 2 years of research and jumping from surgeon to surgeon, sending deposits after deposits then changing my mind, I'm excited to FINALLY say have chosen to go with Dr. Hector Cabral, YES i know about his history but i still decided to go with him not only because of his amazing work but because I genuinely have a good feeling about this. Luckily I work for 3 amazing surgeons which I'm very close too. I have spoken to them about my decision of going to the mother land (did I mention I'm Dominican?) and getting work done. Your probably wondering why I wouldn't go with my "amazing" surgeons here in the US? Well because I'm not Kim K and I'm definitely NOT paying over 10,000 for a BBL plus cant nobody sculpt a body like they do in DR.... curves for daysssss lol... ANYWAYS - I've had Bella Vita Consultants help me through my journey and they have been such a blessing, Jazzylyn from BVC has been amazing! I love that girl (nh) I wouldn't have made it this far without her... I'm 21 years old I dont have any kids and I'm planning on getting a BBL with back Lipo as well. I really want to get my boobs done but since it will be my first surgery I dont want to get too much done, I'm already nervous as it is. I confirmed with BVC about 3 days ago that I'm scheduled to meet with Dr. Cabral Monday May 18, I still cant believe it, I've talked about this surgery for so long and legit have had dreams about this that I cant believe its really going to happen for me. I just keep praying to God that everything goes well. Dr. Cabral quoted me at $3,800 for the procedures. Which is not bad, I had originally wanted to go with Dr. Duran, I was obsessed with her work but then after a while I kept hearing girls complain about loosing volume after months after having surgery. Did you guys know Cabral taught Duran what she knows? After Duran I wanted to go with Dr. Edgar Contreras since he is known for performing work on famous girls in DR. He is really good at what he does but my heart leans more on Cabral. I'm really here to help anyone I can out with all this and also for you dolls to help me as well, because its really not as easy as it sounds and it can be very emotional. It goes soo much beyond having a fat ass to get some attention. Its really a fresh start to fall in love with yourself all over again. PLEASE feel free to message me or comment below on any questions you guys have or anything you dolls would like to share with me. I will try my best to update my page as much as possible because i truly appreciated all the girls that have posted their previous journeys on here. They have really been an important part in prepping for all this. I will keep you dolls posted!!!


Hi dolls, so just a quick update, I purchased my flight last night. It came down to $520.00 which is not bad at all. I'm arriving Sunday May 17 and leaving Saturday May 30. I purchased my tickets from Jet Blue because I love Jet blue, they have never let me down and also because they have this cool feature where you can choose a "more space" seat in their airplane for $40.00 extra which is not bad at all. Comfort is everything to me.

Recovery House

I decided to stay at Recovery Armonia because I've heard great things about the place. & right after (like the dumbass I'am) I sent my deposit last night I decided to look up their Facebook page and realized they DO NOT have an AC in their apartments. I mean why wouldnt they? The apartments are filled with girls fresh out of surgery and infections are a concern so why wouldnt they have an AC to help reduce the chances of someone developing an infection? I might be wrong but Is just more sanitary to provide the option of an AC. Its DR people, its hot as fuck down there..... anyways I emailed the lady back to see if I could get my deposit back even though they dont refund but I figured I tried since I emailed her legit 5 minutes after I sent her my deposit. I really hope this isn't true.... Imagine being in a tight ass faja in a 100 degree room... thats insane. Please let me know your experiences and if I'm over reacting lol

Update & advice

Hi girlies, so quick update, I was able to confirm that Recovery Armonia does have AC (thank god). So i'm all set with that (checks off list). I recently had to change my surgery date for May 25 instead of the 18 due to a meeting at work I had to attend on the 20th, which also means I had to change my flight. It cost me $175 to change it, its not that bad but i could have definitely used it for something else, NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH lol.... So as of now i'm good to go. I'll just work on saving up more money just in-case something happens (praying to god things go smooth) and also just prepping for surgery. Taking my B12 vitamins and trying to eat as healthy as possible.

***LADIESSS it is so important to prep your body for surgery. As I mentioned I work in a plastic surgery department and I help women DAILY prep for all types of surgeries and please LISTEN when I tell you, PREP YOUR BODY FOR SURGERY!!! try to eat as clean as possible (im very guilty of eating like crazy because in the back of my mind IDC because im having surgery lol no, not ok), eat lots of proteins (healthy meats) because proteins help with faster healing time and most importantly stay HYDRATED, you will loose a lot of liquid and blood due to the surgery and water will be your best friend. it will help with the process our bodies use to heal itself and also with the swelling. & always remember if your taking any types of vitamins, stimulants or medications, you need to stop them 1-2 weeks prior to surgery because there are certain medications and drugs that will make your blood thinner and this is very dangerous if your having surgery. We only get one body, TAKE CARE OF IT!!


If some of you dolls need help prepping for surgery and would like for me to send you some info on how to prep and what types of medications not to take prior to surgery, feel free to inbox me and i will send you some info i have gathered that i use for my patients.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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