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The Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Hector...

The Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Hector Cabral is set for January 17th, 2017.

I have booked an 11 night stay at Essence Recovery Home ($1540).

My flights are booked with an overnight layover in Newark, New Jersey. I wish it were possible to fly directly to Santo Domingo from Calgary.

I am nervous about flying so soon after the procedure! I've just ordered Dr. Miami's booty buddy and I hope that it will be good enough for the flights.

Supplies... how to get Percocets??

So I didn't want to wait until the last second to get all my post surgical supplies in order. I'm staying at the Essence Recovery Home and they advertise that all you need is an overnight bag for your stay.

So far I bought:

Compression socks (for the flight home)
A small portable safe
Arnica Montana tablets
The Dr. Miami pillow
The BBL pillow with the optional extra inserts

The maxi dresses I'll bring are ones I have had for a few years from American Apparel. Tank tops for under my faja are cheap and comfortable from Costco. Everything other than the Dr. Miami pillow and the BBL pillow were ordered from Amazon. The pillows I ordered directly from their websites from the US. I did try the Jolly Jumper pregnancy pillow from Walmart but decided that it didn't provide the right support for the butt! They are sooo comfortable for sleeping however!!

I'm worried about pain management. Is it possible to buy stronger pain meds like Percocet in Santo Domingo?? When I had my breast augmentation I got off the percocets asap. They made me tired and constipated! I was able to get by with Tylenol for that surgery but I suspect the bbl surgery is more invasive so Tylenol won't be enough. I don't want the pain to be unbearable! My family doctor is very conservative so I don't think he will help me out with a prescription. How do I go about making sure I have strong pain medication??
Dr. Hector Cabral

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