Wide Waisted Canadian Getting Snatched in Dominican Republic

The Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Hector...

The Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Hector Cabral is set for January 17th, 2017.

I have booked an 11 night stay at Essence Recovery Home ($1540).

My flights are booked with an overnight layover in Newark, New Jersey. I wish it were possible to fly directly to Santo Domingo from Calgary.

I am nervous about flying so soon after the procedure! I've just ordered Dr. Miami's booty buddy and I hope that it will be good enough for the flights.

Supplies... how to get Percocets??

So I didn't want to wait until the last second to get all my post surgical supplies in order. I'm staying at the Essence Recovery Home and they advertise that all you need is an overnight bag for your stay.

So far I bought:

Compression socks (for the flight home)
A small portable safe
Arnica Montana tablets
The Dr. Miami pillow
The BBL pillow with the optional extra inserts

The maxi dresses I'll bring are ones I have had for a few years from American Apparel. Tank tops for under my faja are cheap and comfortable from Costco. Everything other than the Dr. Miami pillow and the BBL pillow were ordered from Amazon. The pillows I ordered directly from their websites from the US. I did try the Jolly Jumper pregnancy pillow from Walmart but decided that it didn't provide the right support for the butt! They are sooo comfortable for sleeping however!!

I'm worried about pain management. Is it possible to buy stronger pain meds like Percocet in Santo Domingo?? When I had my breast augmentation I got off the percocets asap. They made me tired and constipated! I was able to get by with Tylenol for that surgery but I suspect the bbl surgery is more invasive so Tylenol won't be enough. I don't want the pain to be unbearable! My family doctor is very conservative so I don't think he will help me out with a prescription. How do I go about making sure I have strong pain medication??

Surgery Date Wasn't Confirmed!! ARG!!

I'm so annoyed! I was told by the owner of Essence Recovery Home that my surgery date was confirmed for January 17th 2017. I had my flights booked and I even had a hotel booked at the airport for the 12 hr layover. Now I'm finding out that there is a new policy that there must be a $200 deposit sent before your surgery is locked in. ARG!!! I'm so frustrated because I wanted to lock in my surgery since September but was told that they didn't even start booking into 2017 until December. I'm frustrated!!!

So I've sent the $200 USD and I'm told that they have January the 24th open. My flights and the hotel are non refundable so I guess that's $900 + 160 + 160 = 1220 lost!

I will wait to hear back from Maria if the 24th is confirmed before I go ahead and book a new flight :( The only upside is that I found that Sunwing and Air Transat fly directly from Calgary. I will have to drive 2 hours from Punta Cana airport however :(. It's still better than being on the plane for more hours and 1 or 2 layovers.

So much for planning ahead!!

Hemoglobin and Alpha Thalassemia Minor???

I had my physical this week and now I am beginning to wonder about Hemoglobin levels and Alpha Thalassemia Minor!! I was diagnosed with the condition in my teens but have't been affected by it much. I had lower iron levels in high school but I believe it was from skipping meals! Through out my 20's I've been healthy and fit but I am having trouble understanding the numbers my doctor gave me when I asked her about my hemoglobin.

So I had my complete blood count done and my physical plus EKG last week. I asked my doctor what my hemo level was at last year from my records. She tells me that it was 114 which is awesome for being a thalasemmia carrier and that a normal woman has like 120. I tried to get her to explain it in relation to the 13 that I'm hearing is the minimum for having a bbl and she just kept repeating that I will never have the maximum a normal woman will have but if this is a certified real doctor evaluating me out of country, they will know that I am healthy enough for the surgery. It is so hard to get an explanation from my doctor :(.

Nevermind asking about pain medication haha! I wasn't surprised... it looks like I will be using Advil and Tylenol. I was going to buy Percocets on the street but with all of the accidental Fentanyl deaths I don't want to risk ingesting a Percocet containing anything it shouldn't.

Now I'm thoroughly confused if I should be supplementing with the Floradix I see everyone using to get their hemo levels up! I'm reading that too much iron can cause organ damage especially in someone who has thalassemia since our bodies can't use the iron??

My worst nightmare would be that I travel all the way to the Dominican Republic only to be turned away because my hemoglobin will never be like a normal persons! It is sooo hard to get in contact with Maria Isabel.

Blood Test Results Are In!

Hey guys! This is a bit delayed but I did in fact lock down my surgery date January 17th. The owner at Essence RH had in fact confirmed my date but this coincided with the change in policy ($200 required to lock in the date) and I was lost in the mix. This problem was compounded by the fact that we don't have access to the PayPal affiliated app "Xoom" which we are supposed to use to send the money! I ended up sending the $200 USD by Western Union only to find out that Money Mart was the preferred way!!! Plus there is no such service as "home delivery option" for Canadians... no matter what service is used, the deposit has to be picked up in person. ARG!

Anyhow, I did get an email back from Cabral's office confirming the date for January 17th!

The next problem was that I didn't know if it was even possible for my hemoglobin levels to be anywhere near a 13. I have alphathalassemia minor and this prevents my body from producing the right shaped blood cells. Buttttt guess what! My blood test results came back and I am at a 12.8! And this is before I started taking Floradix iron supplement! I am so happy. The email I received from Cabral's office containing pre surgery details stated that I had to have a 12.5 hemo level minimum. I am so relieved! Surely I will have a 12.8 or higher when I get to the dominican.

It's funny because at my physical I had to talk about my general health and I knew that I felt much better than last year. Less intolerant to cold and stronger. I think it's that my hemo levels are finally normal since I have been eating a better balance diet and have not been as afraid this year to include an array of foods that I had previously cut out to ensure I stayed slim. It's funny because opening myself up to these foods I'd been depriving myself of actually helped me slim down to a comfortable weight - 117 lbs. I was stuck around 125-129 for like 3 years.

Speaking of weight! I was told to gain 5-10lbs via Whatsapp. The picture I sent was when I was approximately 117. Man, all my life I have been dying to eat whatever I want but LORD IT IS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS I EXPECTED. In fact it has been harder than ever!!! All my life I have gained weight easily but as soon as I ACTUALLY NEED THE WEIGHT it comes slow. I've been eating sugary things, high carb things.... things like icecream in large quantities (I'm lactose sensitive so I don't usually have a lot)... and I have gained weight. I'm at like 124 right now. I feel disgusting. I know it's mostly because I am eating junk food.. but I hate how my face is looking different and my hips and back are getting tighter from cutting back on cardio and stretching at the gym. I am still going to the gym but 2 or 3 times a week with just enough cardio to warm up and then the rest is weight training.

It's the strangest experience to eat whatever you want, and to be trying to put on weight. In a way, it's a therapeutic experience. I find that all of these taboo foods --- pastries, chocolate, cookies, french fries, pizza... once I have them often I don't even want them ever again. Maybe my body will crave certain things later on because I'm low on certain minerals in the future but right now I am without any cravings. Just cravings for fruits and veggies and lots of water! Isn't that ironic??

Anyway!! Longest post ever! Getting excited for my trip!

Before and wish pics for after

Hey guys. I haven't added any pictures yet so here we go!

I'm adding the pictures I sent to Cabral office for the quote a few months ago. I was quoted $3500 for Liposculpture and fat transfer. I was told to gain 5-10lbs. This was me at 117lbs.

Switched From Essence RH to Bodied Recuperation Spa

I switched recovery homes last month. I didn't expect to but I had been thinking that I actually would prefer a shared room opposed to a single room. Then I saw the beautiful house and the awesome sales going on at Bodied and I couldn't resist. I got a good vibe from their pictures and posts on instagram so I decided to switch! I lost my $100 USD deposit I put down for my stay at Essence but oh well. With the Canadian dollar being so weak I couldn't justify paying approximately an extra $1000 to stay at Essence RH. My 11 night stay at Bodied cost about $875 USD which is about $1200 Canadian. It's an awesome deal which I'm sure won't last. They just opened in December so it looks like it's a grand opening promo. Almost everything is included - supplies, transportation and overnight nurse for the night of surgery. I'll still need to bring $3500 USD in cash and another $1000 for post op meds, massages, emergencies, ab board and other miscellaneous costs.

Not gonna lie. I got a little nervous this week because I saw other dolls on instagram posting that a patient of Dr. Cabral's got paralyzed during surgery. I have heard of the deaths happening but it seemed that these patients had other pre-existing health issues such as asthma... I understand that there is always a risk but to be paralyzed?? It's hard to know what is true and what is not.

Pre Op Measurements

Hey Guys,

I thought I should mention what I am working with pre op!

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 117lbs
Breasts: 35"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 34"

This is what I was before I started the weight gain! I'm at 124lbs now so I'll have to re-measure before surgery!

I'm pretty short so I won't mind a natural look. I'm looking for a better waist to hip ration mostly. Right now I'm at like a 0.79. I'd love to be closer to a 0.70!

Which Pillow to Bring??

I am trying to figure out which pillow to bring! I have the Dr. Miami Booty Buddy and the Booty Buddy.

Dr. Miami Pros:
- plush detachable back pillow

Dr. Miami Cons:
- not discreet
- narrow - maybe not enough thigh support
- not as thick and very squishy - butt may touch chair??
- hard to carry around airport unless I use the carry case which has the name on it

Booty Buddy Pros:
- discreet
- handle for carrying
- thicker - removable foam sheets to adjust height

Booty Buddy Cons:
- no back pillow

HM lol. I think I know which one now that I listed all of the pros and cons. I'll bring the Booty Buddy with me and just use my scarf balled up as a back pillow for support. I tend to get tired of carrying too much while walking in the airport so to add surgery on top of that.... I better play it safe and leave the Dr. Miami pillow for the car at home or something.

Any tips about support pillows or sleeping? I found this inflatable mattress on www.curvecure.com. I have spent so much on these two booty pillows plus like 3 Jolly Jumper pregnancy pillows so I don't think I can justify buying a mattress for $277.60 USD.


Hey guys. I am getting so frustrated. It's becoming more and more apparent that the brazilian butt lift surgery is RARE in Western Canada. I know that Dr. Jugenburg and Dr. Bendago (he did my boobs) do the procedure in Toronto but other than them I'm not sure of who else does it in Toronto. I know Dr. Jonathan Lee does it in Calgary but wtfffff... I get my lips done at his clinic and I spoke to an awesome nurse on the phonetoday, Lisa Iverson, ( She's my GIRL!!! She always hooks me up. If you are in Calgary looking for an amazing nurse injector she is da bomb) and she explained that they don't refer their bbl patients to anyone because Dr. Lee doesn't really prescribe post op massage... other than self massage.

I've been calling around to massage places all over Calgary and have only one promising lead, South West Massage. She said she'd have to confirm with the massage therapist and call me back... most places that advertised offering "lymphatic massage" were just talking about the internal lymph drainage. Whenever I emphasized the fact that it's real liquid coming out of drains about to happen in 3 weeks when I'm back home they're like wait... wtf. Haha. Anyway, now I'm like YOOOO where are all the lipo'ed women out here. Calgary is full of beautiful women who take such good care of themselves. WHERE ARE YOU GIRLS who've had cosmetic surgery like LIPO!!??! GEEZ I didn't expect it to be this difficult to line my massages up.

Instagram Surgery Account

I don't think I've mentioned it but I've just created a surgery devoted account on Instagram. I've set it to private because of the sensitive nature of the pictures but DM me on Instagram if you're using a personal account.

I'm finding that other sx dolls are very helpful there!


Instagram is cabral_doll-2017! Oops!

Omg I'm an idiot LOL. I typed cabral_barbie_2017 but I am cabral_doll_2017 on instagram!!!!

Wow I'm on a roll it's cabral_doll_2017

Holy, can you tell that I have a lot on my mind haha. I keep making mistakes trying to type my Instagram name.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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