I'm 150lbs. - Brazilian Butt Lift - Dominican Republic

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Trying to get a bbl, but having no luck getting in...

Trying to get a bbl, but having no luck getting in touch with Yily or Duran. I spoke to Yily on the phone on Monday she quoted me $3,500 and told me to call the next day to schedule. When I called there was no answer. I'm really starting to get upset cause I want this so bad, its all I can think about. Duran emailed me back Monday night and told me to send her my pix and medical/surgery hx. I sent everything..... no response. I called her this morning she answered but I guess she couldn't hear me so she hung up. Im just getting frustrated and I honestly don't know if I'll be getting this done because I'm unable to get in contact with anyone.

Okay so...

I'm suppose to be scheduling on Monday. Also, I have an appointment to apply for my passport on Monday at 2:30. Once I have everything scheduled I plan to buy everything that I'm going to need (faja, waist clincher, arnica, etc.) I also plan to send in my deposit on Monday once I have my date set. NOW, thank goodness that because of what I do for a living I don't have to come out of my pocket for my plan ticket ???????? lol... I don't want to tell you ladies what doctor I've been in contact with lately because I don't want to jinx it lol but I'm trying to maintain my weight (I love food so that shouldn't be hard) I've been taking my vitamins and I'm supposed to get blood work & an EKG done on Monday. So I guess I'll update you ladies on everything on or sometime after Monday lol

About to TRY to send in deposit.

Im about to try to send deposit. I read someone else's review and she said that she signed up for chase quick pay.. I think that's what I'm going to do.

I sent my deposit!

My surgery date is October 21st (Monday) which is the earliest she had available.I home I won't be on my period that day =/ Her secretary told me to be at CIPLA by 6am and to have the paper receipt of the deposit. Now that, that's done... I have to book the recovery home and my flight THEN I will buy everything on my list (ill post that later).

Decisions, Decisions!!!!

I'm having a hard time deciding which recovery house to go with. I'm stuck between Real Recovery Armonia and Angie's *waaaahhh* idk! help! surgery in 2months and 29 days LOL!

lol okay.

I'm just going to go with Angie's Recovery House A.K.A. Silhouette Recovery Home.
I have to send a $100 Deposit (its $100 per person if you are planning on bringing someone) and $75 per night (if you bring someone) $95 if its just you.


Waiting for my...

I'm waiting for my passport. I really hope it doesn't take forever. My surgery is scheduled for July 28th with Dra. Yily... yes i switched doctors. I sent my deposit and spoke to her assistant to confirm that I was on the schedule.. I do plan on calling tomorrow to make sure again lol. Tomorrow morning I plan on sending in my deposit for Angie's recovery Home via Western Union. Next month I'm hoping to schedule my flight, I'm waiting for my job to send me the money for it. Oh, already ordered some stuff that I will need (from Amazon) my total came up to $178 or somewhere around there. I got a...
-Arnica tab and cream
-GoGirl Urinal
-Medical Tape

Now I just have to get lol...
-Mattress Cover
-blood Builder
-waist clincher (from gorgeous clientele)
-Bobby Pillow
-Compression Socks
-Refill on Vitamins(B12,Iron,Folic Acid, VitC)
-House Slippers
-Stool Softener
-Maxi Pads
-Baby Wipes
-Hand Sanitizer
I have t-shirts and stuff... all I wear now is baggy clothes lol

I won't be taking any bloodthinners (advil, aleve, ibuprofen, vitamin e, motrin, naproxen, aspirin, excedrin) 7-days prior to my surgery date. For pain I'll be taking TYLENOL (acetaminophen)
and hopefully my period will not be on.. I don't want my Iron levels to be low because of that.

So Ive decided to brush up on my spanish.

lol i'm going to go to the store and grab some index cards on my way from making my deposit for Angie's recovery home. My Surgery Is in 2 months and 28 days lol. I want to be able to speak (at least) spanglish I know i can't become a pro in 3 months lol. I want to get a physical before I leave for DR but I don't have any insurance and I know blood work is going to be a puta. So I'm going to continue to take my vitamins (I've doubled up on my 325mg Iron) and Next month I'm going to order my blood builder and start taking that along with the rest of my vitamins. I'm also trying to stay away from fried foods smh! So hard! My sister made Pastelitos the other day and froze some and I'm trying soooo hard to stay away =/ Im going to go on a bread, fruit and protein shake diet... I want to maintain my weight... I'm 150lbs. SO, i know I went off topic lol but I am going to go het flash cards and write down some phrases to memorize and Ill be speaking spanish to everyone lol and I am going to make my deposit. I have to find a western Union. Okay, I'll check back in later!

Preop pics


I'm looking for a sx buddy. My sx date with Yily is July 28th 2014. I'm staying at Angie's silhouette rh. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Recovery Homes

I'm looking for another recovery house to stay at. Does anyone know of any other house? Please let me know.

Just to help you ladies out...

If you're interested in getting a discount on you're flight let me know, you can give me a call or email me. I literally got my flight for free because of what I do, but if its not free you'll be able to get a discount. But depending on how far away your sx is you may be able to get your flight for free also. Just trying to help you ladies out cause that's what this is for. Oh and I found a flight for $594 (round trip) on Hotwire lol... If you're interested in the flight discount send me a private message on here and I'll give u my number or email, which ever you prefer :)


What recovery house do you recommend? And how much is it?
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