Vaser Lipo Results 3 Wks and 6 Wks Post Op

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I am 7 weeks post op from vaser lipo around my...

I am 7 weeks post op from vaser lipo around my midsection (with focus on upper and lower abs, mild lipo on bra roll and sculpting of lower back to enhance top of booty) I am thrilled with my new silhouette although still a few lumps and bumps I expect will gradually get better with time. Here is a review of experience so that others can get an idea of what to expect:
SURGERY – Overall no real pain during surgery & I was nearly falling asleep!
Staff and Doc were super friendly and kept my nerves calm. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, so I was alert, which was not nearly as scary as I expected! I was very nervous at first but then I got really calm and was nearly falling asleep most of the surgery!! I think the calm was result of prescribed anxiety pill kicking in and fact I was allowed to wear earbuds and listen to music during the surgery (which I would definitely suggest as the lipo machine humming is not necessarily calming). Surgery started by 4-6 needle pricks to inject local anesthesia at different areas of front & back. Then came what was the worst part for me, the injection of the fluids which lasted about 15-20 minutes or so. Note IT DID NOT HURT, there was no real pain at all during the surgery, but the sensation of the fluids between the skin & fat felt was really creepy. Was definitely the most uncomfortable part of the surgery for me, best way I can describe it was like stiff webbing slowly webbing out under your skin. Again, not painful just feels creepy but only lasts 15-20 minutes, and once in a while I would feel a quick stinging sensation in a small area but was only like pain level 3. Then she began to insert the laser, 99% is no pain just pressure, a few quick instances of burning sensation on a 5 level, but I immediately told Doc and she would adjust. Overall the procedure was about 1.5 -2 hours, but seemed really fast. Then they helped me stand, bandaged me up and helped me slip on my compression garment.

My boyfriend picked me up and drove me home, and I pretty much just slept/ watched TV rest of surgery day. Note there were 8 small incisions for the laser and were left open to promote the fluid to drain out (incisions 2 in front hidden by pantyline, 1 under each breast, 2 on each side of upper back and 2 on top of booty hidden by panties). Expect a decent amount of drainage, I completely soaked through the dressings and my garment a few times in the first 2 days (see first pic), which I was told to expect especially while lightly massaging out the fluids toward the lower incisions.
I spent the next few days in bed resting. I didn’t have much of an appetite, but learned I had to eat more than just a few crackers with the pain meds! Threw up once, after than I made sure I had more to eat with the pain meds and was fine!
There was pain when using core muscles to move, get in and out of bed etc, and that lasts most of the week. It mostly felt like I did a million situps. Also felt stiff, but I found that standing up and walking around the house every few hours helped me. Also note no real bruising, only minor near pantyline.
The incisions close up and heal, no issues with infection. A few times a day I would lightly massage my midsection as advised, this was not always comfortable but necessary, pain level 1-4 to massage. Week 1 my silhouette was really slim, wearing compression garment 24x7, toward ends of first week Doc give me a foam pad to put on my belly which felt way better against skin. Weeks 2-4 I got a bit more swollen and lumpy as expected, wearing compression garment most of day/night with a few 30-45 minute breaks from garment to massage/ shower etc. After weeks 4 I wore garment during work, took it off between work- bed, then wore garment again overnight. After week 4 I began some light exercise at the gym, midsection still sensitive. Week 5-6 I began exercising normally, midsection still a bit sensitive to touch, but not really sensitive to exercising. I still feel one side is tight, so more stretching and massage on that side. Now in week 7 and feeling pretty happy, still an area of some soft lumps I’ll have treated with a few vaser shape sessions to see if that encourages them to even out next week. Take a look at my progress images, more to come over the next few weeks!!
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4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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