Vaser 6/3/2010 - Doing Pretty Good

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I am 32 5'6 180 lbs carry most my weight in...

I am 32 5'6 180 lbs carry most my weight in stomach and arms. I had my abs done yesterday June 3rd 2010. And so far I dont regret a thing! I was very nervous about the procedure and the pain afterwards but I am glad I went thru with it.

Day of Laser: I got to the office and took my meds then did 20 minutes of Zerona, after that they marked me took some before pictures and it was off to get the procedure done. By that time my meds had kicked in I had 2 Percasets and 2 Atavins. First up was several numbing shots, I had no issue with these because I have no issue with needles. I did feel the burning sensation on some of them like I had read in previous reviews but it was very quick. Up next was filling me up with the liquid which my Dr. assistant said was the most difficult part for most ppl, I had no issue with that at all! Then my Dr. melted the fat some areas were stubborn and she had to re-visit them later she did my stomach first then turned me on my sides to do those. About 20 minutes before the procedure was over it felt as though the meds were wearing off. But when I got my meds the assistant told me once they start suctioning it was kind of too late to get another Percaset but if I felt any pain prior to that they would give me one. Just my luck I had been thru suctioning on my stomach and 1 side already so I had to just deal with it. It wasnt constant pain just every now and then. I made it thru and went home to eat and take another 2 Percasets. I pretty much slept the rest of the day. I leaked a whole lot thru my pants and my shirt! Beware if you have carpet I took my pants off and got in the bed when I got up to go to the bathroom I left a horrible trail all over my carpet! At night I took 2 more percasets for pain so I could get a good night sleep.

Day 2 - Changed my pads out everything was soaked did just as my Dr had recommeneded and sat down to take off the garmet. So far only have taken 2 Tylenol Muscle Pain and Soreness. Still drifting in and out to sleep but pain is not bad at all.

Still swollen but very happy with results. I worried way too much and I am glad I decided to just deal with it and go ahead would do it all over again! My arms will be done in 3 weeks!

Day 4 - Was supposed to return to work decided...

Day 4 - Was supposed to return to work decided against it didnt feel ready. No pain meds needed!

Day 5 - Returned to work, the few blocks I have to walk to get to work seemed to be a bit much also garment started pinching my sides area and caused a bruise.

Day 6 - Stayed at home today due to the extra swelling from the day before (I have the ability to work from home so I am not missing days)

Day 7 - Back to work no issues. Had my 1 week follow up appointment I was advised to wear my garment while I was awake and take it off at night while I am sleeping for another 2 weeks. I will say I am not a fan of the garment only because it seems to pinch me right at the hip area. I havent took anything for pain since about day 4 or 5 and but I am having some back pain I can feel especially when I lay down and try to get up but its nothing unbrearable.

Day 8 - Went to the grocery store was quite the challenge to push a heavy cart was very swollen afterwards. Advice: stock up on everything you need prior to getting this done. It also helped to have everything you need at waist level so you dont have to reach for it for instance I put my water on the top shelf of the fridge and put some things on the counter that wouldnt typically be there. Took some updated pics...

Day 9 Still having some back pain havent took anything for it. Swelling is going down but I have setup a lymphatic massage appointment for next weekend since I will be allowed to get one after week 2 I am hoping that helps with the swelling. I can see that some of the swelling is going down but would love to speed up the process. I am allowed to start walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week at week 3 and allowed to go back to the gym at week 4.

Week 3 - The Dr. requested that I wear my garment...

Week 3 - The Dr. requested that I wear my garment another week during the day still taking it off at night. She stated I still had swelling which would continue to go down.

June 25th - I had my arms and back bra area along with tube top area done today. Procedure went well no issues with pain. After I went home and slept for a few hours. Suprisingly I was up for several hours after that. I took 1 percaset just in case to get a goods night sleep. My Dr. said this one would be a piece of cake compared to the abs and I guess she was right.

Day 1 of arm procedure - Changed my pads. Pain is manageable don't need any pain medication at all for this, so much easier than the first procedure. Had no issues driving. Needed no extra sleep. Only felt soreness from the procedure.

Day 2 of arm procedure - Got to take shower and wash garment today. Took a few pics. Range of motion is getting better as far as moving and lifting arms. Still no need for pain medication. I am hoping for the swelling to go down quick. Can't wait to see the final results.

July 1 - Today is week 4 of my abs procedure. I...

July 1 - Today is week 4 of my abs procedure. I was cleared from the garment! The Dr. did suggest a firming tank with the sticky edges so the tanks doesnt roll up. Macys had about 6 different styles to choose from about $32 - $60 depending on what style and whether you want firm control or super firm which is much thicker. I bought 2 styles with a Macy's coupon it came up to about $58 which was the price of one in Dillards. SO EXCITED I made it thru the garment phase! Today is also day 6 for my arms still swollen and tender... my elbows bother me more than anything not to the point you need any medication but just can be painful at times. The Dr. said I can take the garment off at night so I am happy about that! Hopefully that will help with some relief.

Well I just got my touch up done yesterday. The...

Well I just got my touch up done yesterday. The most difficult part is getting up after laying down in the bed for so long. But so far today I havent taken any pain pills, it more feels like I overdid a workout on my back area. I removed all my pads since I am not leaking anymore, in doing so I already noticed a difference the crease that was in my back is just about gone and I can't wait for the swelling to go down to see the results. As for my chin/neck I did take that garment of yesterday to wash it but I have left it on since then. I noticed some difference but I have a lot of swelling so I can't wait to see what it will look like without the swelling. My chin/neck isnt causing any pain at all right now. I think I am staying off the pain pills and will just go to Tylenol which if I can will be impressive since I am not even 24 hours out from having the surgery. Again Dr. Atluri was great and I did really well during the procedure. So now just waiting for the final results!

Dr. Atluri

Very upfront and honest about expecations will not perform laser on areas she feels you can just loose weight on, has a weight management program that she throws in for free if you have laser, wants you to have continous success! Had a second procedure done and I still think she is the best person for the job! No regrets! She will make you feel comfortable!

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