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I sent my impressions back last Friday. Prior to...

I sent my impressions back last Friday. Prior to doing so I left a message for SDC to call me, as I wanted to change how I would pay. I still have yet to hear back from them. Today I received an email stating that they were starting to make my align era and I should call them to confirm payment. I called an hour ago and left another message. I'm starting to question if this is a good decision. The customer service thus far has not been great. But I really want to fix my teeth and I don't have $6000 to do it at an orthodontist.


I was finally able to reach someone at SDC. Now I wait for my treatment plan to be completed, which should be 7-10 days.

21 days to the start

I received my treatment plan today. I am anxious to start. My treatment will last 10 months, and consist of 20 upper and 20 lower trays. I really hope this gives me the straight smile that I've dreamed about.

Still waiting

I received my treatment plan on September 23. I'm guessing that I have 2 more weeks until I receive my aligners. I'm starting to get a bit nervous about the process. I really hope it is with the money. I will update as soon as they arrive.

Let's do this

I received my first 3 sets of aligners yesterday. I decided, based on other's recommendations, to wait until bed to put them in. The top aligners clicked right in, the bottoms took a little ever and felt very tight. I didn't have any real pain, my teeth just feel tire, sort of like they do after a dentist visit. However, when I take them out to eat, my teeth feel a bit sore, but nothing unbearable or needing ibuprofen. Oddly enough I can already tell that one tooth has shifted a bit. When I eat it now hits another tooth, so something is working. Eating kind of stinks though, as you have to brush and floss each time. It kind of deters you from snacking. I'll change aligners every two weeks for the next 10 months. That's a long time without snacking...????

Tray 2

Started the second trays. These definitely feel tight, but not painful. The strange thing is that they feel almost harder, or more solid, I guess would be a better description. Maybe my first set had softened over time and I just don't remember. So far I have been lucky and haven't had to trim or file at all. It is kind of a bummer when eating out. I refuse to brush my teeth I. A restaurant bathroom; so I have chewed gum and rinsed with water after eating out. Hopefully that will be enough to ward off any cavities.

Tray 3

I'm not going to lie, this one was uncomfortable yesterday. It seemed to be putting pressure on my sinus cavity and made me feel like my nose was tingling, like before a sneeze. Today, it feels snug, but not unlike the previous trays. I definitely can see that my back teeth are shifting; as I can see the parts of fillings that lay between teeth. ????
On a positive note, I've lost two pounds in the last month. I guess I was snacking more than I thought.

Tray 4

I began a day or so early on this tray as I dropped tray 3 in the kitchen sink and it went in the disposal side halfway. I decided to move to the next set, as there was no way I could clean it enough to put it back in my mouth! YUCK! This set is fine, not terrible at all. When I took them out to eat today; I found it uncomfortable to chew with my back teeth on one side. I don't think that will last the full 2 weeks, just the initial adjustment. I hope to have my husband take a 1/5 of the way through photo soon. I'm curious to see if any changes are noticeable.

Tray 5

This was the least "painful" tray thus far. It clicked right in and felt a little tight for the first 24 hours. Since then it feels like all the other trays after they have been in for 3-4 days. I haven't been contacted by the company at all, which is disappointing. I've read others receive check-up emails and have been asked to send progression photos. The only emails I receive are telling me when more aligners have shipped. I am now 1/4 of the way into my treatment, I just hope that everything is moving how it should. I guess that's where the extra $5000 at an orthodontist's office would go.

Tray 5 photo

Tray 9. SDC issues

Ok, it's been awhile. Up until this set, everything was pretty boring. They all have clicked right in, felt tight, but not awful, etc. Tray 9 will not stay up. As you can see there is a gap between the bottom of my teeth and the edge of the aligners. I have chewed the chewies until my jaw ached, to no avail. I sent an email with a picture to SDC. I received an email back two days later that was from the FAQ section of their site with regards to aligners not fitting properly. It said if trying those steps (which I had already tried prior to emailing them) didn't help to email back with a picture of the problem. I sent them back the same email and picture I had sent previously. Today I received another email asking me for 13 different pictures (they sent me images of what they wanted). This will then be sent to the orthodontic representative in my area for evaluation. But now I am supposed to switch to the next trays! I tried them on and they do the same thing; slide down my front teeth when I push them back into place.

This is the first time hat I have questioned my decision to go with online braces. My son just had his metal braces put on, and his orthodontist said he is skeptical, but looks forward to seeing he process. He also told me we could have worked out a discount doing them through him along since he was already doing my sons! (Dang it!).
I will update again once I hear their advice going forward. I don't care if treatygets extended, I just want my teeth to look great!

Mid-treatment correction

I heard from another SDC coordinator via email today. They are sending me another impression kit. Until I complete those and and new aligners can be sent; I am to continue wearing this tray. I'm okay with that, but the trays are definitely ready to be changed after two weeks. So I have a will be brushing these to clean them often. I hate that there is a hiccup in treatment, but I am hoping to have the veneer taken off by my dentist before the impression kit arrives so that we can see if the underlying tooth can be moved up enough. (I had the veneer put on nearly 20 years ago as the tooth sat so far back that it looked like there was a missing tooth. Now it just looks off colored since it first lighten with whiteners or whitening toothpaste).

Still waiting on new aligners

After mailing my impressions back I received the same form email that is sent when you send impressions to start your treatment, Your new smile is on its way. We're putting together an animation of what your smile will look like, which will be ready in two weeks, blah, blah, blah. It's kind of frustrating because I've already started. I just want my new aligners. I hope they aren't processing my impressions as a new case. I emailed them this morning and hope to find out a timeline as well as what is going on.

New aligners, new plan?

I received ALL of my new aligners last week. This new plan has me wearing the first two sets of trays for a week each, then the third set for two weeks. I like wearing them for only a week better, as it feels like treatment is progressing more, and they don't get as icky. The material for these aligners is different, it's less rigid. My finger nails have made the edge of the bottom aligners rough from taking them out. That never happened on the old ones. It's nothing that the file can't handle, however. I should be finished in 4 months, keeping me about the same time as before. Hopefully no more hiccups going forward.
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