Silimed Breast Implant Nightmare - Cincinnati, OH

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In 2007, I underwent a breast augmentation with...

In 2007, I underwent a breast augmentation with Silimed implants by Sientra. At that time, Silimed Implants were only permitted in the United States as a clinical trial. I willingly signed giving my plastic surgeon permission to use this particular type of implant to augment my breast. In December of 2011 my general health care practitioner discovered enlarged lymph nodes under both arms. I was sent to an oncologist to be evaluated. A petscan was ordered of which numerous lymph nodes lit up indicating an even greater reason for concern. I was then under evaluation for lymphoma for the next year. A biopsy was ordered of my axilla. Unfortunately, my experience with this particular type of implant was a disaster. It turned out that the textured casing on this implant was slowly breaking down in my body and migrating to my lymph nodes. I was under close evaluation for 2 years. When I had the implants removed, I underwent a complete capselectomy which is basically a mastectomy with the exception of keeping my nipples. The perception of my Silimed implants prior to explant was the implants must be ruptured. However, they were in tact. Who knew this implant was problematic. The most alarming part of this story is the implants were not ruptured. I was explanted in April of 2012. I still have my Silimed implants that were removed from my body which I had kept stored in a cabinet in my home. About a month ago, I ran across them during fall cleaning. I pulled them out of the box they were stored in. To my dismay, I was shocked to see and feel the residue that was on my hands from simply holding the Silimed implants that are still in tact. There was a sheen on my hands from merely holding the implants for a few minutes. I wish there was a way to make a video to demonstrate to women who are considering this particular type of breast implant. This is extremely alarming for women. I was never warned of this risk. I have numerous lymph nodes under both arms that are all around 3 cm from these implants. Disrupting the lymphatic system carries many risks, permanent lymphedema being one of them. I opted not to remove my lymph nodes due to this risk, however I live my life consistently feeling the enlarged nodes under both arms. It feels creepy. I try to watch my health closely. There are people who believe that these nodes are carcinogenic and should be removed. Ultimately, I would just like other women to know my experience and become educated about this particular type of implant before they choose Silimed. In 2012, this implant became legal in the US. a smooth silicone implant is a much better choice. I know we're all aware of the risks if there were to be a rupture, but knowing this implant bleeds silicone while in tact, is not known to the general public. I thank God for his goodness and consider myself blessed, but if I could potentially save someone from going through this by sharing my experience then I am even more thankful.
Dr. Kui

I have no complaints about my particular surgeon skill level, only this implant.

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