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September 2012 I saw Dr Steven Schmitt in ohio for...

September 2012 I saw Dr Steven Schmitt in ohio for breathing issues, he suggested along with straightening the septum, removing the hump on my nose. I thought i never liked the hump so why not ! After the surgery the hump was only partially gone and my bridge was left wider than before, and there was absolutely no improvement in my breathing. When i mentioned my concerns to Dr Schmitt he had nothing much to say except he thought he took off enough of the hump and he straighten the septum. What bothered me most was that at my post op visits , he wouldnt even bother checking my nose from the inside as he rushed though the appt. I was depressed for many months, then got CT done and saw an ENT specialist in my area who suggested that I needed a surgery to fix my breathing, he recommended Dr Devinder Mangat in Cincinatti Ohio. Its been six weeks since my surgery and Im not trying to judge my nose as recommended by Dr Mangat, but its pretty swollen so the bridge looks wide and the tip is bulbous :( but its been 6 weeks and ive heard this is normal so and I'm trying to stay positive :) Breathing is much better from the left side which was my problem side but after the surgery i could'nt breathe through my right side! Doc said its all swelling and should get better with in 12 weeks. I have to say its better than before but the swelling is taking a very long time and I still have to make an effort to breath from my right side. I've been having very very frequent headaches because of this :( Over all I would say Dr Mangat's staff was very friendly, the nurse who attended to me on surgery day was extremely nice. Dr Mangat seems very confident which is reassuring. I'm hoping to see a more refined nose and better breathing in the coming months. Will update soon hopefully with good news ;)

2 months post, still swollen, breathing still an issue :(

Its been 2 months since my surgery and and my bridge is still very wide and tip bulbous. Breathing is still difficult more from the right side. Im still very congested with an annoying nasal drip from the right side. Really hoping to see some improvement in the coming weeks... I know that everyone heals different and I'm just taking longer :( but not being able to breathe well is exhausting (did i mention i have very frequent headaches). I have to wake up in the middle of the night and blow my nose :( I wrote to Dr Mangat and he said i was very swollen and taking longer to heal than expected. I like the fact that he responds to my emails promptly and I respect him for that. He is very certain that I will breathe much better than before and my nose will look more refined, I really hope he is right. keeping my fingers crossed!

Almost 3 months post op still wide :( but hopeful :)

I'm three months post op in 10 days and my nose is still very wide :( I thought by three months, one would have a fair idea of what the nose would look like,and i'm really hoping that this isnt it. I see Dr Mangat in about 10 days, and will express my concern. The last few post op appointments he was in a rush and I didnt feel very satisfied when I walked out of his office, but I'm hoping he would give me enough time this time, specially since I live quite far from his office and have to drive with my 8 month old baby. I know that I am still swollen because there are days that my nose looks wider especially the lower part of the bridge, but i'm just wondering how much of this is swelling :/ As for the breathing my right side is better but still not as good as pre op, i'm hoping it will continue to improve. I will be posting photos soon.

No need to Panic !! .. Another post op visit

So I visited Dr Mangat last week, he Was very nice and took his time to examine my nose. Thankgod for that! because I was getting the feeling that he rushed everything, the morning of the surgery I kept waiting to see him but he never saw me before the surgery and though I never mentioned this to him I still haven't gotten over it! Isn't the surgeon suppose to come see you before the surgery? I didn't get a chance to even ask for him. I woke up and my surgery was done! Never saw him that day before or after the surgery! Then my post op visits he was in a rush, so now I had started to feel that he might have preformed the surgery in a rush and that made my anxiety grow. However meeting him this past week actually made me feel a lot better. He answered all my questions very nicely. I Was exactly three months post op last week when I saw him and My nose is still very wide, infact wider than before and my breathing which was the main issue why I went to him is now worse than pre op except it's the other nostril now. And my nose is asymmetrical. He said I'm still swollen at least 50%, he said if the asymmetry doesn't go away in a year he can take a little bit more cartilage from the left and that would make it even, but it could go away on its own with time as swelling subsides. but what made me worry was that he couldn't find a reason why I couldn't breathe from my right nostril. He took a look inside and he couldn't see any obstruction. So I'm hoping it's just swelling that's causing the obstruction because ever since the surgery I haven't been able to breathe well and it's very depressing, I have a little baby who keeps me up at night and the little sleep I can get is disturbed because of my breathing. I'm thinking if my breathing doesn't get better in the next three months (at about 6 months post op) I will visit my ENT again. So for now I tell my self, no need to panic!! I'm still swollen and I really hope mine would be a success story and I'll be thanking my doctor in the coming months.

5 months post.. still wide :( cant breathe

Struggling to stay positive! my nose is very wide from the bridge, much wider than pre op:( tip is bulbous too,curved to one side and breathing is difficult from the right. I wake up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe. I hear people say they cant believe how quickly time went by after their rhinoplasty, but in my case with every breath i take i'm reminded of my surgery. Dr Mangats office told me that he preforms two rhinoplasty surgeries a week, and i know he has been preforming for years, with so much experience, I'm sure he knew what he was just gets depressing with time when you dont see results. I'm not passing any judgements on him, not yet anyway, its way too early and I want to give him a fair chance. So far I have faith in him and I pray I wont be disappointed. Last I met him was at 3 months post op and he told me that I was still very swollen but I might need a small revision which should fix the width and curve of my bridge, I'm okay with that and I really hope he can fix my breathing too. I've emailed him my recent photos asking for his opinion.

5 months post photos

6 months post, losing hope :(

Does anybody else notice how crooked my nose is?! One nostril is lower than the other and the nose it curving to one side, there is dent on the front left of the nose, the bridge is so wide :( I saw my doc a few days ago and he thinks it looks great ! Am I being too critical? 6 months post it shouldn't look bigger than before :( my doc thinks I'm still swollen, but im wondering how much would change now. Breathing is still hard, I saw the ENT who had refered Dr Mangat, and he confirmed that the septum is deviated to the right and there is a cartilage sticking out into the right nostril so almost as if the septum is C shaped :( Dr Mangat doesnt know why I can't breathe!
I would really appreciate an honest feedback about the shape of my nose. Thanks

Flat and wide bridge

Does anyone else see the problem here? I hate my bridge it's so wide, as if the top was shaved off and left without pushing the bones in :( I do have good and bad nose days which means I'm definitely still swollen, but I don't know to what degree, will this get thinner than my original nose and will I be able to breathe better? So far It's been a long and painful journey emotionally and physically.

Unhappy :(

Over a year has passed and my nose is still curved and wide. My breathing is far worse than pre op. My doctor says he thinks he can't do anything more to help but if I really want a revision he is willing to consider! I'm not sure what he means by that! Before the surgery I was promised a straight more defined nose and better breathing, and clearly my results aren't what was promised. My doctor thinks it looks good and this is the best he could have done. He thinks I developed allergies right after my surgery and that's why I can't breathe :(
I will see him in person this summer and I hope he can fix things (although I'm pretty sure I don't want him to touch my septum again!) but I'm hoping he can at least fix the crookedness and make my nose straight.

More pics. one year post op

My final result I guess

Dr Mangat kept saying it was all swelling until 6-7 months post op, and though not much has changed since then he now says this is the best result I could attain, my bridge was narrower pre op and now it's so wide, he sliced my bridge and left it looking so wide and flat, plus the promise he made about making my nose symmetrical obviously never fulfilled. I'm upset with myself for trusting him. I wish I had found this sight much earlier and done more research. What upsets me about him is that he thinks what he did is perfect and doesn't think anything is wrong with it. Not only did he ruin the shape of my nose but also my breathing. I have been very patient and waited a whole year before giving him a rating, in the hope that it is still swelling, but his last email confirmed that he knew all along what he had done won't change with time and infact it wasn't the swelling which made my bridge look wide and uneven. He blames allergies for my breathing and my allergy tests are all normal. A good doctor takes responsibility for his actions.

Another photo showing my curved and asymmetric nose one year post :(

Bad results with Dr Mangat

Almost 15 months post op and not only does my nose look bad I have horrible breathing issues. He kept telling me it was swelling and my bridge would narrow down. After a year he told me that's the best he could do and narrowing the bridge would compromise my breathing! Well clearly the bridge is wider now and breathing is much worse. At the same time he blames allergies. I can't believe I trusted him so much. He has my money and he ruined my breathing and the shape of my nose. My pics speak for themselves.

It's a nightmare!

So it's going to be two years post op in Feb, and I live with the regret every single day that I picked Dr Mangat to do my septorhinoplasty. I still have difficulty breathing and yes my nose looks much worse than it did pre op. I wish I had never been recommended to go to this doctor. I'm still too scared to get another surgery done, what if it gets even worse :(

Dr Mangat made my nose much worse

Notice the dent on the left and curving to the right and uneven nostrils. He made my nose so wide. My nose has been like this from the second month only getting worse and initially Dr Mangat kept saying it was all swelling for the first 5-6 months and later on he said that my nose looked perfect to him. Well it's going to be two years soon and as you can see my nose is much worse than it was pre op, not to mention he messed up my septum and I can't breathe well at all. Please stay away from this doctor, he didn't admit his mistake, rather made me feel as though I was making it up.
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