Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0 for 2 Weeks - Cincinnati, OH

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This is my second week into using Skinceuticals...

This is my second week into using Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0.
My approach (which was ver zealous one) was to use it every night before bed for 2 weeks straight.
Please do not ask me why I came up with that idea...and yes, I realize the approached was idiotic.
I made it to 5 nights and had (of course) a reaction that was seemingly "severe" in that I had tiny blisters on my neck and what looked like low grade burns.

So, I reconfigured my plan, took off 3 nights, and used YSL's Saffron Rouge, which is a lovely moisturizing oil that reduces redness and inflammation.
This helped to calm down much of the reaction, and my face seemed "healed". My neck still requires some time, and I may not use the Retinol below my chin again. TBD.
Here is a run down of the experience thus far:
-First morning after first night application: Very red, inflamed face, dry appearance. Under the eyes look dry and wrinkly. Cheeks tighter, everything feels hot. Uhm, not so sure about this, but here we go anyway.
-Second Morning: More inflammation, more redness. My eyes look old, rats.
-Third: Same, with some tiny red patches on the lower cheeks, and bumpy appearance on forehead, pores looked enlarged. Kinda hideous. Perhaps this is the worst thing I've ever done to myself, but it will get better...right?
-Fourth: Did someone beat me up in my sleep? Very dry skin, questioning my sanity. Larger pores on chin, bumpy spots on sides of cheeks. Try the YSL product, maybe that will offer redemption. Keep going though, I'm no quitter.
-Fifth: Oh God, maybe I'm scared for life, perhaps I've lost my mind. Is my face burned??!! Oh god, will my neck every get better? Panic. More panic. More YSL, squeeze vitamin E capsules on neck, on top of YSL, take vitamins, have an identity crisis. Maybe I should be a nun.
-Sixth: did not apply last night, because, who knew, maybe I do have some sense after all. Cheeks a bit better. Perhaps selling my soul to the devil for the YSL oil was worth it.
-Seventh: did not apply last night. Holy crap. My face looks pretty good! Tried Rodan + Fields eye cream this morning. Not bad.
-Eight: did not apply last night. Neck finally showing improvement. I would be a lousy nun anyway, keep on the moisture and see the light at the end of the tunnel
-Nine: applied the Retinol to face only last night. Put YSL oil and eye cream on top. Face looks pretty good. Try some makeup and see how that goes. Neck still on the rebound.

Overall, I think Retinol is a great product if you approach it slowly, not like a maniac, as I did. From here I'm going to try every night, or every 2 nights, to face only. My objective in using it in the first place is for tightness, smoothness, even skin tone, and to have whatever kind of positive result possible.
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