Bunch of Tatts from Teen Years to Remove - Cincinnati, OH

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?Hello all, I've been playing with the idea of removing...

Hello all, I've been playing with the idea of removing all noticeable tattoos for about ten years. I actually hate them, I got all of them from the ages of 16/18 so naturally their not of the best choices anyway. I have also lost opportunity throughout my life because of them. So now at the ripe young age I've decided to just payup and get it done. As of now I've been through 3 treatments on my left arm with the traditional q switch medlite I believe. My right arm has 3 treatments with said device and one with the newer Picosecond. My first 3 treatments n both arms were painful as hell, no local or cream just cold air and that didn't relieve any pain as far as I'm concerned. I went there because the price and it all seamed good. Well after my package deal ran out I did some research on the area for Picosure and found another place that just got their Picosecond this past January I went in today to consult thinking it was going to cost way more than I'm comfortable spending, but the Dr. hooked me up, $250 right arm $500 left then was willing to give it a go today. Truthfully I was a little nervous because of them not having the laser but a few months, but man I just want these horrid pictures off. Anyway we got right to it, they injected local anesthesia (witch I wasn't aware that was possible) and got right to it. Holy crap I hardly felt it, seriously no pain. No on the other hand the tattoos look worse post treatment than they did with the other laser, I'm hoping it's just because it's different technology and it's working better.Thanks everyone.

Adding photos

Don't know why, but RS didn't except the photos when I made the post...



Bruising after Picosecond treatment.

Here it is 4 days later and the 2 on my arms developed a yellow hue around them. I sent pics to my Dr and ha said it was bruising from the local injections. It worried me a little because I never got that on my previous 3 blastings with the medlite laser but also never had the injections either. Hmm. Has anyone else experienced this?



Left arm first treatment with enlighten

Today was fun. I got my right arm treated for the first time with the enlighten laser. This arm has a lot more ink so it's much more painful. I got through it though and looking foward to some healing because it looks and feels like a nightmare right now. Here's some picks of my right arm as well two weeks after my first enlighten treatment. The doc said he will turn it up a little on the fingers next time because it was healed in like two days after that treatment. Over all based on the single treatment on my left arm, the enlighten laser is just awesome compared to the other one they were using on me. The fading is significant. I'll put some update photos of the left arm in a few weeks. Keep strong everyone....

My experience and opinion of the Enlighten + what the Dr says. Beware it's long!

Alright, here's my take on the Cutera Enlighten. I stumbled upon this laser and really didn't know anything about it. I'm not going to run out and buy the t-shirt or anything but as of now, it has far exceeded my expectations. Everything I say now is my opinion and or hearsay (from Dr Gary Palmer a board certified dermatologist with over 20 years of tattoo removal in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area). I have 0 reason to doubt him. But, we'll see. The doc says he has used the traditional lasers for all of his previous years of removal. He's always told clients anywhere from 6/10 treatments but could be more depending on the variables. He said he has been waiting on the Enlighten for a while to be released because the technology just obliterates black ink much more than he has seen with any other laser available. The Enlighten has the ability to hit the ink harder and deeper. It also does well with reds. But, its not very good with blues an greens, it might not even work at all on them. At the time of the consultation Cutera was in the process of releasing a ruby for the Enlighten that is to be installed and will handle the blues/greens. He's on the list now to get it. Says he should have it in a few weeks. He is now telling clients 3/6 or 5/7 visits depending on the variables, but right up front he's not 100% sure of that because he only had it 2 months at the time he started on me. One thing about Picosure is he didn't believe it does black very well " it's good with colors but black stands up to it in too many cases". He believed his previous laser of choice did it better (forgive me for not asking what it is) and has removed black on clients that the Picosure didn't. Everyone and every ink is different though, it may work on you, it may not work on me. There's just too many variables of ink type, skin type, depth, amount and overall health. That goes for "ALL" lasers. Dr. Palmer is good people and I recommend anyone consult with him if possible. What I "think" about Enlighten, is its an amazing piece so far. I did my research over a year ago an all I was aware of is Picosure and Medlite. Those were both available in my area. I chose the Medlite when I started last year because it was affordable. Although I did read great things about Picosure, the place here is just crazy with the price (hearsay). Especially for someone removing a lot. So I purchased 3 treatments with the Medlite on a package deal, they told me 9 visits and the tattoos would be gone. They also said the price would drop a few hundred every time I re-upped a package deal. I was sold. First treatment, a little lighter, woohoo! Second treatment, nothing! Third treatment, nothing! WTF!! I'm stuck with these things forever. I figured it would get better so I call them to buy another package thinking I love throwing thousands of dollars away, then, the A-holes wouldn't lower the price like they said.... She told me that the girl who offered that was no longer an associate and it's already a good price. Grrr. I didn't argue, I said I'm going to look into other options just for the principle of it. I might pay more, but with your extremely poor business practices an all, I don't feel good about giving you my hard earned money, see ya. I did a quick search for the area expecting to go Picosure but figured I would give Dr. Palmer a shot cuz he is close and his website is talking about this goofy new laser. Lol. He got me during the consultation with his professionalism and experience. Now I think I'm a guinea pig because he's doing it way cheaper than normal, I believe it's because he wants/needs experience and results with this laser. 750 per treatment of 7 tattoos, all but one is medium/large. I'm not showing 2 of them on RS, their that bad. I can't comment on pain levels, Palmer uses injections and I love-em, the others did not. Like I say, don't know how this will go but the fading seems promising. It's just hard to believe 5/7 visits. Plus he turned the power way down on my fingers because of blood flow or something. He will turn it up next time. The power stays at 3.1 or just under on everything else, but this thing hits like a freight train. The healing takes well over a week and when that's done the fading has been significant so far. The Medlite took a couple days to heal and the fading was basically unnoticeable after the first treatment. It might have been working. I think it could have been better though. My theory is they kept the power down too low. If you want the specs of the Enlighten their not hard to find. Here in the next week or so I will post more results pics. Some of them will be repeats,(sorry about that) but they will be labeled with laser type, amount of treatments and time after treatment. I have quite a few. And hopefully he will let me shoot a small video of the next treatment. Sorry about the rambling and the ridiculously long post.... Sometimes ???? I won't shut up. Lol Good luck my friends.

First Enlighten treatment of left arm.

Here's the first Enlighten treatment on my left arm after 3 weeks. I'm pretty happy with the results. It didn't do much at all for the blue but that is expected. Hopefully they have the blue/green ruby installed for the next one that was just released. It took a long time to heal this time, like 2 1/2 weeks. I'm fairly sure it's still healing in the blue and purple areas as there is still some discoloration going on. Also some pics of right arm/fingers after 5 weeks. I will have the right arm treated again on the 22nd.

As of now after 3 Medlite, 1 Enlighten on both arms, I've got $2350 invested.

2nd Enlighten treatment of right arm, post 3 weeks

Had this treatment 3 weeks ago. I'm sure my fingers will take much longer than everything else, they just grinded the ink in an there is a a lot of really thick blackness left. Plus he can't turn the heat up as much as the rest of them because we don't have a lot of blood flow in our fingers •_• Over all though I think it's going pretty good. Naturally I would love to see them just disappear as its getting old dealing with the healing. Swelling, wearing sleeves, not getting any color, the cost, constant questioning from people and worrying if they'll ever go away is just old. I will stay solid and persevere though, it means too much to me. I questioned the doc about how they appear red for weeks and even months after each treatment, he didn't seam concerned. He said he is treating me as aggressive as he can, as long as I'm not scaring he's certain the redness will go away. I also had the 2nd treatment on my left arm 1 week ago and will update the progress in a couple weeks. I hope everyone is doing good!

Left arm post 8 weeks and some thoughts

Here's some shots from 6 weeks ago on the left arm and some of my right from post 8 weeks.

We did thing a little different on the left arm this time, we used the Enlighten on all the black and used it on the blue in the tribal squid. Then we used the Alex (which is rinky-dink compared to the Enlighten) on the blue in the smoke of the dragon as it has the 760 wavelength, but I can clearly tell it has nowhere near the power or ability to hit deeply like the Enlighten. It did do better though on the blue ink when I compare the two.

I'm a little ticked at this point because the goofy FDA keeps holding up the 760 wavelength laser that we need for blue/green ink. They were supposed to approve it months ago, then they decided to put a hold on it, Grrr. I guess Cutera hasn't thrown enough millions at them yet... Now they're supposed to approve it this month..... We'll see.

All in all, things are good. My right arm is responding really well. The left, not as good but it is responding. I know I still have a long run to the finish line but I will get there, and I love running lol.

Been seeing a lot of people joining RS lately that are just debilitated over their tattoo/s. I wish we wouldn't beat ourselves up so badly. Makes me sad reading some of it. It's really not that bad guys, even if you keep it. I seen a guy at the store last weekend and his whole face and head was covered in black an blue ink. It just looked like a total convoluted mess to me and can't believe someone would do that to their self. If he likes it, more power to him and that's great. What I'm getting at is I haven't seen anything that bad here. People here are truly beautiful, with or without our ink. Let's just get it done guys, and ignore the pessimist that lurk and make uneducated statements occasionally.

Good luck to everyone!

Hello my friends

Been a while since I've been here. Just a lot of life, work and all that jazz holding me down.

I'm seeing a lot of progress with my right forearm and everything else is coming along nicely as well. I'm a month out on my right arm after 4 treatments with the Enlighten. I'm 2 months out on left arm after 3 treatments. I just had the 4th today so good times an all. He believes my stupid demon tattoo just needs 1 more treatment. Man I hope that's the case.

We're at a point where we are not using lido shots on my right arm as they have faded so much. It discolors the tattoos and the doc can't see them as well when we use it. It's not that bad though since most of the ink is gone. It feels more like the rubber band snapping rather than the hot grease splatter machine gun lol.

To date I've spent $4600.

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone and don't forget,, we're all much stronger than we think ;)

A day in the life

Hello beautiful people!

I'm gonna start with a bad experience.

The doc had a new tech taking notes the last couple times. Back in September he tried a different laser on my left arm/wrist because he didn't have the laser for the blue ink installed in the Enlighten yet. It was called the Alex I believe. Well that dude is no where near as powerful as the Enlighten so he had it turned up to like 8 joules or something. Well the tech got confused or something that day because we used two different lasers and logged that he used 8 joules with the Enlighten. Fast forward to October, I was getting another treatment on the same tattoo and he was just using the Enlighten and I remember him saying to her "this can't be right", and they had a discussion while I was off in outer space playing with my phone.... I looked up and he was nailing me at 6 joules on a tattoo he's never been above 4.5 on with the Enlighten,,, and I just let him continue, cause I was hoping for more fading (that's right I'm still a little stupid with this stuff). My arm swelled something crazy and did not heal for over 8 weeks. Now it's 13 weeks to the day and this tattoo is still red. That scared, disappointed, pissed me off and made me lose trust in the whole situation... I don't believe it will scar or anything and he told me that the red will subside eventually. We didn't work on it today either because of it. I wanna be all pissed and just blame him for not being on his game, but I won't, I'll pay more attention and I will continue ;-/

Other than that, everything's peachy :)

My tattoos on my right arm are basically about gone. If I wait it out I bet that stupid demon is just,, gone. My left arm and right fingers are not going quite as well, but it is working and I am happy with it. Its just going to take more work.

Anyway, I hope we are all finding ourselves in a calm state of mind and our internal dialogue is strong. I do apologize for the long complaint, but we're documenting this, and we all need to be aware.

Talk to ya soon my friends!!


What's happening everyone,
Everything is progressing well with my removal.
I haven't had a treatment in months as I decided I wasn't gonna spend another hot a$$ summer in long sleeves. I will go back med/late Oct when it cools down considerably.
Right arm, I'm astonished and believe I'm done. Right fingers need some more work. Left arm def needs more work. The dragon tat on my wrist/forearm just looks like a bruise to me. The color blue is a mother. But there's worse out there. Inner left arm is giving me the most trouble which I think is the symptom of the guys grinding the ink in unevenly. We'll get thru tho ;)
Anyway I hope everyone is doing well. Don't let this crap beat you up.
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