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I have always had uber sensitive underarms....

I have always had uber sensitive underarms. It's definitely controlled me during warm seasons. I can only shave my underarms once a week or else they will break out in pimple like bumps. During the summer I can't just throw on a tank top, or when I go work out, I have to wear a t shirt most of the time. I can wear a tank top maybe 2 times a week and it has to be very calculated, it has to be the day I shave and the day after only, I also could only wear shirts that were loose in the armpit area until I had atleast 4 days post shaving. Dove sensitive deodorant 1/4 moisterizers was the only kind I could use, even when exercising, it didn't do a great job, but my underarms couldn't handle anything else. One summer I developed a huge boil on my underarm, it was right below the crease, it went all the way from one side to another, and was about the diameter of a quater from top to bottom. It took one week of heat pads to bring it to a head and about 2.5 days to fully drain it. I could not wash my underarms with a loofa for about 4 days after shaving because it hurt and could potentially make me break out, I'd have to squirt my body wash in my hand and wash them that way.

I got a groupon for a local medspa for 5 treatments for the underarm area. I've only had my first 2.5 weeks ago. I read on the internet that I needed to go in with 3 days stuble (ends up they wanted me fully shaved) it didn't matter though, they did it anyway. I didn't shave because I was waiting for the hairs to "fall out" but they didn't. My underarm hair grew maybe 2 days worth more, and then just completely stopped. I was still waiting for them to fall out, but eventually just shaved.

That was Monday (today is thursday) Typically the very next day after shaving I have a stubble that I can feel, and the day after that a stubble I can see. 4 days out and my armpits are still smooth and soft. Not only that the next day after shaving I was able to scrub my underarms with my loofa!!! I am so happy with this one treatment, if I had to guess I'd say it removed 25-40% of my underarm hair. I WILL come back and update!

UPDATE: It's only been a few days since the...

UPDATE: It's only been a few days since the original review. It is now Sunday, I said that I shaved my underarms Monday a week ago. I still don't need to shave and could wear a sleeveless shirt. I would say that the first treatment reduced hair by 40-50% and reduced growth by well so far it's at 90% as I would have significant re-growth by now, but that can change still. Also I wanted to say I'm the perfect candidate, I have light skin, and my hair was dark brown.

UPDATE: I did 6 sessions of laser hair removal,...

UPDATE: I did 6 sessions of laser hair removal, starting in February and ending in June. It is now October, all of my underarm hair has grown back. I am debating buying a personal laser on line, but my results were not permanent.
Revitalize MD medspa

They had just opened up their shop, new laser machines, they had a groupon.

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