In Process of Receiving Treatments - Cincinnati, OH

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So far I am pleased with the results. I think you...

So far I am pleased with the results. I think you have to realistic going into it, not thinking the result will be perfect skin, but improvement. The doctor I had also started me on the lowest setting. Doctor prepared me it may be 2 or 3 treatments before i begin to even see results. Pix show progress.

2014 Update

Been quite a long time since I had this treatment. In 2014, the results are definitely fading as I began to go and get chemical peels again in an effort to keep up the smoothness. Looking at the original photo, I think it's still better than it was, but slowly over time I can see the scars reappearing. I think the only other treatment would be ablative resurfacing that would give much longer lasting results. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive and doctor says takes a full week to heal. I think I will wait a while, but it is something I may try in the future as my results fade. It's a scary procedure to me, as basically you have to hope your skin heals properly. But I'm not sure I want to spend more money on fraxel for a few years of good results, vs. more money with maybe 10 years of longer lasting results. I still have no regrets with the procedure I had as it did improve my skin.
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