Chronic Underarm Sweating Finally Resolved - Cincinnati, OH

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I have suffered with hyperhidrosis my whole life...

I have suffered with hyperhidrosis my whole life and tried all manner of prescription antiperspirants and the like - nothing seemed to work. I had to speak at a funeral and visibly sweated through an undershirt, a dress shirt, a suit jacket and a wool coat. I could not raise my arms in public because my underarms were constantly wet, to the point sweat would run down my sides.

I saw miraDry and did some research which made me want to try it. I was a bit shocked by the price and a little confused that I was quoted two very different prices (one over the phone and one in person), but I wanted the procedure so I ignored the price discrepancy. The cost was $3200 and it covers two treatments. I had one treatment on May 20 and it went smoothly...

I was numbed using Lidocaine and honestly I was most worried about the dozens of shots I would receive. I did not feel any of the injections, but they were made before the template was placed on my skin so the area numbed did not correspond to the area treated. In the areas that were treated with Lidocaine, I did not feel any great discomfort - about a 3/10 on the pain scale. In the areas where no Lidocaine was applied, it was very painful - 9.5/10. The sensation was like being burned and also being pinched by pliers - I have a high pain threshold, but this was horrible. If you have the procedure done, make sure your doctor appropriately numbs the ENTIRE area.

Aside from the issue of not being numb, the procedure is uneventful. I had 31 applications on one side and 37 on the other (I never knew how asymmetric underarm sweat glands could be). The doctor set the device to 5 which I was happy about because I wanted the maximum effect. From walking in until I walked out, I was there for two hours and twenty minutes. Having your arms over your head for this long can be uncomfortable, and if you are numb this is probably the worst part of the entire procedure.

The procedure was performed by a surgical technician, and unfortunately the office I visited did not make me a priority. Several times the technician left the room or answered a phone, and never once did she wash her hands or change her gloves. I was a bit nervous about the lack of concern for sterility, but I thought that since there was no incision that I would be OK and I just let it slide. Still, I was a bit nervous that she would leave the room and touch who knows what and come back with the same gloves on, open the door then start again.

My healing was uneventful. I went home and iced as I was told - this felt much better. I felt like there were balloons under my arms and there was bruising and redness. That night sleeping was uncomfortable. The next morning I woke up feeling like there was a very bad sun burn in my arm pits, but nothing I couldn't handle with some over the counter pain relievers. By the third day, I didn't feel much at all. Oddly, a week later one arm pit became tender, but again, nothing I can't bear. The discomfort is a 2/10 and really only when I am washing it.

So, the part you are probably most interested in: after the first treatment I didn't sweat noticeably. It is now a little over two weeks later and there has been no wetness. I sweat but only to the point that my pits feel humid. I could go without antiperspirant (and I did for 11 days), but I do need deodorant as some glands survived the procedure.

I will go back and have the second treatment since I paid for it and I feel that I might be able to eliminate using deodorant if I do. At this point, miraDry has been a complete success and I am amazed and delighted. It is a simple procedure and it worked for me overnight - based on my experience with it, I would enthusiastically recommend miraDry.

Round 2...

I went back for a second treatment and the process this time was just fantastic. The office had increased staffing and the doctor stayed with me the whole time. I was completely numb during this procedure and didn't once feel any pain or discomfort.

I am nearly 100% dry and the second treatment has pretty much alleviated the need for deodorant. The recovery was about the same - discomfort for a few days and some weird lumpiness for a few weeks, nothing agonizing.

I am happy with the final result and wish this procedure was around years ago.
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is extremely friendly and charming - I could (and did) ask anything and got direct, honest answers.

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