Lifestyle Lift is a Rip off

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I travel to Cincinnti OH and after one month. My...

I travel to Cincinnti OH and after one month. My face was not tight. This was unbelievable. The doctor office has not called me one time for a check up visit. I have pictures in my home before the operation and you can tell the different. I wish I had of listen to my friends and never had this done. I am wondering how many others like me that they don't call back.

I would just like to say. Everyone should try their doctors in their city first and forget this television rip off. I wish I had of listen to my friends and I would have paid only a thousand dollars more and would have been happy. Sometime cheaper is not better. I had to drive to Cincinnti and stay in a hotel, when I could have paid for the operation here in Indy.

I travel to Cincinnati OH and I should have stay...

I travel to Cincinnati OH and I should have stay in Indianapolis. This doctor told me that I would look good for over twenty years. He had his wife to show me she had it done and did she look beautiful. I drove to the office and paid for the hotel that I stay in and this was more money. Was the operation a good one. NO. I would take these people to could if I could. The doctor and Lifestyle Lift. I contacted LifeStyle Lift after the operation and was put off. Phone calls not returned. Had a massive heart attack four months after the operation, because of the thicken of my blood. No one told me to start taking something to thinning my blood. Think about it. You should warn everyone you need this is not the thing to do. OH I forgot to tell you. I need a another operation to remove the big scare behind my ear. I can't wear my hair up anymore until I have these big long meat remove and every doctor that I see say the same thing. This doctor did you in. Now the doctor is doing these operations outside ofLifestyle lift. He must have gotten a lot of complaints. DON'T DO IT With Lifestyle. Find your own doctor in your town with a good record. From Sorry I ever called Lifestyle Lift
Cincinnti OH

My face drop back after the swelling went down. These people have never called. I have never had a problem with a doctor. I would not tell anyone to seek this doctor.Updated on 25 Feb 2012:Terrible. This doctor is still doing these operation

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