25 Y/o 38 H - Cincinnati, OH

I am a 25 y/o hairstylist. I have had large...

I am a 25 y/o hairstylist. I have had large breasts since 7th grade when I came back to school over break and had developed into a large D. From there I kept developing and graduated high school at an F. In the past couple years with a little weight gain, I have topped out at a 38 H. I'm a pretty active human. I workout a couple times a week, walk and run with my dog and enjoy a decently active lifestyle. But my large chest has always held me back. I currently wear 2-3 sports bras and suffer from back pain as well as some neck pain. Especially after working a long day behind the chair. I'm hoping a BR will not only improve my quality of life but also my comfort. I'm hoping to go from a 38 H to a 38 D. This would be ideal. My PS thinks it's extremely doable. They will be using the anchor method and my surgery is 8 weeks away.

I'm extremely emotional about the whole thing. I go through bouts of extreme happiness to being anxious. Mostly about some of the horror stories I've read. Too much late night googling!! All in all I feel as though I'm in a healthy spot with it and an anxious to get it done.

Most nervous about general anesthesia and post op complications and results.

Getting those Nerves

Had a minor freak out tonight. Mostly in my head. Things like.... Is this going to be too painful? What if I don't like the way I look after?

Feeling a little better after a chat with a friend. Still nervous. Normal?

15 days out.

Feeling anxious and excited for my surgery. All the unknowns are plaguing me.

Tomorrow is my pre-op physical as well as my pre-op appt with my PS. Wrote down about a million questions.

Top of the list being....
1. Sizing (insurance amount to be taken out)
2. Symmetry (no lopsided boobs)
3. FNG complications

A client of mine was able to take a Xanax before her surgery. I have a feeling I'm going to be in a puddle of tears beforehand. So we will discuss that too.

Ready to get these appointments over with tomorrow.

Before Photos

This is me this summer. Before surgery obvious. Busting out of a swimsuit.

New Bras

These are supposed to fit after the surgery..... hard to imagine!! 38D

4 days away!

4 days post op

Before and after

Not the best after photo. Those sweatpants aren't doing me any favors.....

But incredible after. 38HH to 38C/D. Total of 8lbs removed.

Laying in bed

How long did you all wait to sleep laying down? I'm 5days post op and am really only getting about 4 hours because I am so uncomfortable in this 90-70 degree angle in a chair......

I would like to be able to lay on my couch or in my bed with help getting up from my mother....any thoughts?

Does this slow healing?

Nervous Nelly

Ok. 9 days Post Op and I'm feeling the best I've felt. Almost completely off pain meds except at night. That's when it's the worst. Hard to get comfortable. I've switched to being propped up on the crunch instead of my oversized chair and that helps a little.

Onto my worries. My right side is a champion. It has healed pretty dang well so far, little tenderness and swelling is going down faster on that side. Pieces of scabs and dried blood have already fallen off. So that's good. Now my left side........yikes. When I went to my first post op she said she had to remove more from that side and therefore there was going to be more swelling and bruising. She also said the very top layer of the nipple would likely fall off almost like a blood blister and then the nipple will continue to heal. Well, the bottom part of my right nipple is starting to come off. And just as she said it's almost like a blister. Just a smidge of skin and underneath is much pinker. But today when I woke up. Two more pieces had fallen off but they look either super dark purple/red or black to me. I'm concerned obviously and have a call into my plastic surgeon just to be sure.

Photos are below. Any insights?

10 days Post Op

Everything is the same today.

Tylenol during the day, Percocet at night.

Bought a recliner today so I could sleep better. Worried about getting out of bed without using my arms. Looking forward to sleeping reclined more!!

Right nipple is looking FRESH. Incisions on the right looking great.

Left nipple is a little bit of a horror film. Call my PS and she responded with, "keep it covered and apply antibiotic ointment. Even though it looks a little scary I'm starting to see pink! Still a touch worried but trusting the professional.

Still loving my results. Here are pictures!


Left nipple is still giving me trouble. I've spoken to a few people on here and done some research. I'm 90% sure the top layer of skin has died and the rest of what is left has turned into a scab. I will see my PS in the morning and we are discussing next steps from there. Feeling confident and excited to get some feedback.

Right nipple is killing the game. So strong. Tape and stitches are staring to come off and it's looking really good! Excited about that.

More updates tomorrow.

18 days PO

Ok. Mini update. Not much has changed.

All of my tape has come off! FINALLY!

Still incredibly sore, and have zippo energy. It's getting better everyday but it's amazing how much surgery takes out of the body. I used to be able to do hair for 12-14 hours a day, standing. Now I can't be out for an hour without feeling exhausted! It will get better.

Right side looks FAB. Have no doubt everything will smooth with time and will blend together. Overall, right boob is the champion.

Left side, not much has changed. Feeling a little better about the overall. The middle nipple is unharmed with good blood flow. The skin around it has partial necrosis and is just going to take time to heal. Changing dressing 2-3 times a day. Washing each time with antibacterial soap and putting neosporin and a fresh non-stick dressing on each time. In my opinion it's looking better. Feeling a smidge more at ease after seeing my PS. She said time will tell how much scarring and as for the black tissue, it will eventually scan up and fall off. Until then, patience.

Underneath looks great with little drainage and I'm sure the incisions will slowly smooth out over time!

Until next week!

Been a while

Ok. New stuff.

I decided to forgo my surgeons advice and seek out a wound care specialist. Which was a huge relief. She told me I definitely had necrotic tissue but it was only partial thickness and my nipple would definitely survive but the areola would be mostly scar tissue.

I don't mind scar. Not too worried about that. It shows that you have been through something. That you fought for your health and won.

Two days ago I started an enzyme debridement ointment called Santyl. Prescribed by my surgeon and recommended by my wound doctor. It will slowly break down the necrotic tissue and then once that is gone, we will use a healing agent to promote new cell growth.

Feeling confident in my wound Doc and PS together. The debridement is really gross but they are starting to see red puffy tissue which is a great sign.

Will update more soon.


Progress. This Santyl Ointment is out of his world. What a great product with great results. It's slowly but surely eating away at the Necrotic tissue. My wound doctor and plastic surgeon are so pleased. The wound will close and the areola will shrink when the wound closes.

All in all, so pleased.


So after a long process of using Santyl ointment on my areola area, I went to a wound care specialist and nixed my plastic surgeon.

Prognosis: Good

We debrided the wound, will continue Santyl ointment on it and have to have weekly appointments to monitor progress.

Possibility of hyperbaric chamber treatment for two weeks for two hours per day. We are applying and submitting the approach to insurance.

Here's what we have as of right now .

Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention I was put on antibiotics for a staph infection. 10 day cycle with possible extra 5-7 days depending on progress.

Also, taking some anti anxiety meds thanks to all this added stress. As well as a sleep aid.

One week post debridement

It's been a little under a week since the debridement. I go back on Monday the 28th to have it looked at again and remeasured to see how much it has progressed. I'm hoping they will debride again, and remove some of that nasty tan tissue. Thank God, it doesn't smell anymore! I was using essential oils under my nose, the smell got so bad before the last debridement.

I'm still changing the bandage once a day, usually when I first get up. I wipe off the excess product (santyl) then rinse the wound with a solution called VASHE. It smells like pool water and has really helped, I think. Then I rinse with saline and dry the wound off and then reapply Santyl and rebandage for the day. It's an annoying process but if I'm diligent about it, it will heal faster. I'm taking extra care to make sure no outside stuff gets in the wound including dog hair.... I have two small dogs and they shed constantly.

I'm still taking my antibiotics, one day left. As well as a multivitamin. I'm also using Bio-Oil on my good boob and my incisions on my left side to help with scarring. Still very pleased with the other side. Overall, it was a really really good week.

Still looking into the hyperbaric chamber treatments. My insurance is putting up a stink about it, and told me to reapply to do it on the 1st of December. Might go ahead with the treatments now to try and speed up the healing and just cross my fingers that insurance approves it. We will see.

More updates soon.

Second Wound Appointment

Went to my second wound eval today, they were not as impressed as they should be. I was over here giving myself high fives for the boobs looking so good, and it was mediocre. Whoops. Better luck next visit.

The re debrided the wound bed and decided to start using mesalt, which is basically gauze tape soaked in salt. Changing it twice a day to try and bring out any infection and or fluid that's feeding the bad tissue. Will continue with Santyl on the healthy parts.

Such a long process and to be honest. The worst part has been dealing with the receptionists at each doctor. My surgeon, my PCP, my wound Doc, my hyperbarics doc, etc. all the desk people who answer the phones are rude. Yick.

Anyways, I digress. It looks better and will hopefully start HBO treatments Monday or Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

Forgot to add

They put me on another round of antibiotics because of the fluid that was coming out of the wound. It was ice tea colored but thicker than water. So better safe than sorry. Another 7 days on the doxycycline.
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

Loved Dr. Krummen for my consultation. She was no nonsense, 100% informed about complications, risk, emotional stress and trauma. As well as all he positives. I was ready to pay out of pocket for this procedure in fear it was going to be such a long complicated process with my insurance company and she urged me to submit and see what happened. 6 days later, my insurance company (CIGNA) approved 100% coverage of this procedure. At this point, I'm really pleased with my decision with my surgeon.

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