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Hey ladies. I'm glad I finally got the courage to...

Hey ladies. I'm glad I finally got the courage to post on this website. So on January 15th, I had a consultation with my doctor. Her names Riesa Burnet. I already love her. She talked me through everything. Took measurements and pictures. My bra is a 42FF and im even popping out of that so I know im bigger. I was so nervous that I didn't even know what to say to her exactly. Thank God my mom was with me, because I totally blank out. The first thing she said when she came in was, "Wow. I can already tell you're in pain." Maybe it was in my sloutch? She asked why I wanted it and I honesty couldn't even get anything out. I wanted to cry. (I'm such an emotional mess) I guess my mom got sick of me beating around the bush and finally told me to get my shit together. So I eventually told her about my horrible back & neck pains. My horrible headaches, and how exercise is killing my shoulders. I'm really not the type to complain so it was pretty hard for me telling her all this. Then when she finally examined me she noticed my rashes under my breast and how bad the indentations in my shoulders are. It was pretty awkward since I don't usually let anyone see my breast. She reassured me that I was a great candidate for a breast reduction. She made me feel great. Every question I had for her she answered before I could even ask. Now we are playing the waiting game with insurance. I'm afraid because I am a little overweight. I have plans to join the Marines soon so I'm working on it now already. But of course my breast aren't making it easy. I feel like it will still be a major factor in them denying me. I didn't go over what size I want to be with my doctor just because I'm not sure myself. Maybe a large C? Small D? How long does it usually take to hear back from a insurance company? I have BCBS. Sorry if I'm all over the place. I'm just super excited and have no idea what to do to pass the time while waiting. Stay hopeful I guess. Lol.

Still wanting for a answer from Insurance

Hello everyone. I'm still waiting for approval from my insurance. (Or being denied) I honestly think this is the worst part. I just want to hear back some how. Even if it is me being denied. Atleast then I can start the appeal process. It's the not knowing that's making me so upset. I'm considering calling them to ask how everything is coming along but I know that wouldn't speed up the process. I wish I had some answers. Thanks for listening to be blab though.

Annoyed by the process

Hey ladies. I know you guys are probably sick of me complaining about my insurance, but I'm starting to think it's designed to make you want to give up. It's been 6 weeks since my consultation. And using my better judgement I called the insurance and want to know what they said? They said "We just received your paper work last week. It can take any where between 4 and 6 weeks for a approval. " I couldn't even believe what I was hearing. They had just got the paper work. I'm ready to cry. My mom told me insurance will say anything but I don't think they'd lie about that. The woman i talked to on the phone said expect a answer in a week or so though? I don't know what to do besides wait. It seems like the longer I'm waiting, the more pain I'm feeling. I have to take advil all the time now. On a good note though, I am starting to work out. (What little I can do anyway) I might have to forget about going to bootcamp this year though. I'll need proper time to heal first. I'm so excited still. I'm just going to hope and pray. Thanks for listening to me rant. In the next few days, I might get enough courage to upload pictures.

A picture

I've been approved!

Hey everyone. First I want to say thank you to everyone who has listened to me and gave me advice on how to deal with my insurance. I just wanted to update you all and say that I've been approved for the surgery. My office called me about 5 minutes ago and gave me the good news. I'm so teary eyed. Just to know that soon my breast will be exactly how I want. The lady who runs the set up process (Teresa) told me she will look at the schedule and call me back with dates and I can choose from them. I am so excited. Now to wait on her phone call. Again thank you all for the helpful words and the great stories to keep my spirits up. Pictures to come.

Before pictures

More post op pics

Surgery Date scheduled & a little rant

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that my surgery date is scheduled for May 4th at 9am. So about 2 months away. I'm so nervous. Hopefully by the time the surgery gets here that will be gone. My pre op appointment is April 22nd. I'm suppose to get a physical by my primary care doctor but she seems so against me getting a breast reduction at first that I'm sort of scared to even go to her. I'm pretty sure she's just against any type of plastic surgery. I don't know how I'm going to manage these next couple of weeks. I'm so excited I can't even sit still. My mom is super funny. Once I told her I got approved, then next day she brung me home all sort of sport bras. They're a size medium and said these are what you want to be able to fit in. (It's true) A XL is too small for me now. I keep thinking about I don't want to be too small but I would hate to still have back problems after the surgery. Maybe a C or small D? I'll talk it over with my surgeon. She's super sweet. Thanks for just listening (reading) to me rant. It's just so surreal.

It's getting closer

Hey ladies. So today I received my papers telling me to schedule a physical. It makes it seem so real. It's getting so close. Just a few more days until my pre op appointment. The nerves haven't set in yet but the excitement has been here every since I was approved. Thanks for everyone taking the time to encourage me. I probably won't update this until it gets a little closer but I won't forget about it. I want to document this whole surgery.


I just want to know who are these assholes trolling pages and trying to make us feel bad about getting reductions. I would also like to know how to block them and get their page deleted. Its ridiculous that we have to delete pictures because of the crazy perverts and trolls going around causing drama. Its not your decision what I do with my body and if you don't like it, leave. Its rude. Sorry to the people who have actually been supportive of everything I have going on. Also I scheduled my physical exam for April 18th, then my pre op on April 22nd. I absolutely cant wait.


Can I just say the countdown is real? Only 3 more weeks. Seems like just yesterday I had my consultation and was crying about how I didn't think I'd be approved. I'm still not nervous at all. Maybe once I have my surgery physical and or pre op appointment I will be. Weirdly though, my surgeon called me today and asked if I could stop wearing underwire bras. Is that normal? I don't see what underwire has to do with the surgery but if she asked for it, I'll do it. Also my back has been killing me lately. Maybe it's just because I know they will be gone soon so my mind is paying more attention to the pain they are causing. I don't know. I'm just so ready for it. Best of luck to the woman I've met on here who had their surgeries recently or coming up. See you all later. Most like after my physical or pre op appointment.

Pre-Op appointment

Hey everyone. So I finally had my pre op appointment the other day. Which was relatively simple. I don't know what I expected, but I for sure thought it would take longer then it did. It actually took longer signing the consent forms and printing out the directions to the hospital. (Even though I really didn't need the directions) My doctor basically just went over risk and how to properly care for myself after surgery. Also talked about medicine ive use that worked. I didn't know since I never had surgery before. But I did tell her I took Vicodin before for a tooth ache but it didn't help then. (Dentist told me nothing really helps a toothache though) Then last but not least about desired size. I told her a D in case I lose weight. But then I remembered, Ive lost weight before and my breast never went down in size, so I don't think that would be the case. It was pretty eventful. My back is killing though. Sort of piss me off I cant take pain medicine but I understand why. On a bright note, a week from Wednesday will be surgery day. So a little over a week? 11 days. Ahhh! I have got to start getting ready. Thinking about resting and all that. And thinking about meal prepping. Even though I pretty much have that down pack. Im so excited. Nervous isn't even in my dictionary. Ive spent years wanting this. There is NO way im going to let nerves set in now. I'll speak to you all soon. Its almost 12am here. Bye.

Surgery in 4 days

So today is Saturday April 30 (since 15 minutes ago) and I'm so excited. In your days, I'll be flat chested. Flatter chested..? Either way, I honestly don't know if there is anything to do. My house is basically never dirty so not much cleaning to do. And I meal prep on a regular so I don't need to start cooking meals. I feel like I'm too prepared but I'm going to miss a tiny detail. I'd hate that. Only change is that my dog and cat won't be able to sleep in bed with me. Me and my boyfriend are going through a rough spot right now, and it's stressing me out so much. But he's a great guy. We're technically not together right now but he still texts me today saying he'll be at the surgery from start to finish which was very reassuring. I'm going to go buy gauze and anti bacterial soap on Monday. If there is anything else you all think I should get, please let me know. I need all the help I can get. I'm rambling a little bit that's just my personality. Anyway, have a good night ladies. And thank you all again.

Add on...

Also forgot to mention I'm the above post that I measured my breast with a online bra calculator and they said I was a GG. Which is definitely nerve racking. I wish I was born with a nice C cup, but no...

Tomorrow is the big day.

11 hours until the surgery time and 9 until I have to be at the hospital. Ahh!! Probably should go to sleep since I have to wake up around 5 in the morning but I can't. I'm way to excited. My mom already bought bras for me. She's way more excited then I am. I guess it feels good to her to know her child won't have to suffer anymore. Gah!!! I'll update you all as soon as I get there and after the surgery if I'm feeling up to it. Thank you all for the well wishes. Let's hope they come true now. Off to shower with this anti bacterial soap now. See you all.

Surgery was yesterday

So I tried to write this post all day yesterday but I couldn't stay woke to save my life. Lol.
So I arrived at the hospital at 7. We checked in to diagnostics then they put me in a room in same day surgery. We spoke to the anesthesiologist and her team. They where all super nice and funny. She even stayed in the room with me and my mom until my plastic surgeon came in. She put my IV into my inner elbow ( Which was the most painful thing yet) and my surgeon drew on me. She told me how I wouldn't remember her talking to me after surgery but I do. Lol. Then within the next 10 minutes I was took to the operation room. The anesthesiologist helped me on the table then gave me oxygen. They talked for a bit then she said you'll start to feel tingly. I remember feeling this and thinking we'll this is weird, then I was out. I woke up in recovery and my surgeon was talking to me saying how good the surgery went. She took out 900 in the right breast and 700 in the left. She said don't worry about this because you most likely won't remember but I do. Then I was sleep off and on. At some point my mom came in the room but it's all a daze. I spent the night at the hospital. So eventually I was taken to my room. Around 4. Surgery was at 9 and I was done at 2. I didn't feel any pain until the bumpy ride up to my room but even then it wasn't bad. I slept a little bit but I had to use the bathroom sooo bad. My nurse helped me because I was so dizzy. I realized then that I had drains. When I got back to bed, I was in a bit of pain so they gave me two percacet pills. (?) And I felt a lot better. My mom left around 7 and I slept the rest of the time. I woke up at 4am for pain but it was minimal and they gave me more pills. At 7 am the entire plastic surgery team was in my room (besides my surgeon) and they checked my breast to see if I had sensation in my nipples and I do. Yay. They said my surgeon would be in, in about a hour to take my drains out, so any time now. But I'll update you all later tonight for day 1 post op. I really don't feel any pain but a slight ache. I can't wait to actually see my breast. Lol. The nurse who takes my vitals just came in so I'll talk later. Bye.

drains took out.

So just now (a hour after I wrote my last post) a member of the plastic surgery team came in and took my drains out. He was funny. I told him I heard it wasn't pleasant and he said, it doesn't hurt. It fills like someone is pulling a booger out of you. Lol. I personally didn't fill a thing. When he got up to go to the second one I asked if he pulled it and he said yeah. The booger is out and I legit laughed so hard. But no pain at all as they came out. They are starting to ache a little now that they are out but nothing severe. Now just waiting for my own surgeon to come speak with me and for my mom to get here. He said I should be able to go home around 10am. Yay!

Post op day 1

So I got my drains out and took a pain pill but above all I haven't had much pain. I didn't have much of a appetite buy they wouldn't release me from the hospital until I ate. After wards I went home with my mom. The ride was bumpy and I forgot to tell my mom to bring a pillow so that sucked so bad but we picked up my prescription for my pain pills and I took one first thing when I got home around 2pm. It's only a hour later but I'm sure I'm just going to chill out for the rest of the day. I can reach completely above my head. I'm so excited. My boobs looks worse then they actually are. Ahh! I can't wait for the wounds to heal up. I'm still a little loopy from the drugs but I'd rather be loopy then in pain. I'll speak later everyone. Off to sleep I go.

Day 2 Post Op

Hey everyone. So today is day 2 and I still haven't had much pain. I had a cough every since waking up after surgery on Wednesday but it's getting better now. I still haven't had a bowel movement and it's making me not want to eat. Sleeping upright isn't to bad. I just take a percocet pill a hour before bed and let myself drift off. Even though I have sensation in my nipples, they get hard all the time now. Not necessarily when I'm cold. And it's a weird sensation. Driving me crazy. It doesn't hurt but it's 10 times as sensitive in my opinion. I got to shower today which felt great but it was hard since I'm so stiff. My older brother has been looking after me. He's great but he really isn't happy about having to take care of me. He hates blood and stitches. Luckily it's Friday and my mom is off for the weekend. I'm still stiff. Before I left the hospital they gave me exercises to do. Like raising my arms up. I do those alot. It's weird because I feel better out of the bra then I do when it's on. I hate wearing it. It sits on my incisions and it rubs my nipples which makes them get that weird feeling. At my post op appointment, I'm going to ask if I can go without it. Sucks so bad. Everything I do, drains my energy. I went to sit on the porch for 5 minutes and when I came back in I slept for 2 hours. Other then that, everything is peachy. I iced my breast for a bit this morning. That helped a bit. I'm going to go do that again. Thank you all for listening. I know I'm all over the place and blabbing on, but I'm just so happy to talk about them and my process. See you all tomorrow. Hopefully with more pictures.

Day 3 Post Op

So I feel a lot better today. I woke up and I was definitely not as stiff. It was around 7 am when I woke. I went and sat with my dogs and watched TV and by 9 I was dead tired. That might be my only con. I hate being so tired after doing little activities. I'm still very stiff but it has definitely eased up. My post op isn't until the 13th so I have a pretty long while to wait. I absolutely hate wearing the surgical bra. I even put on a sports bra and hated it. They both sit directly on my incisions. I had on a camisole all day without the surgical bra. My mom is pissed about it though. She thinks it would be better to let myself heal with the bra on to shape them. I'm not against that thought, it just hurts. Huh! I know I've been saying I dont have pain, but I honestly dont. The worse it's been was a 5 out of 10 and that was after the car ride home. It's more so stiffness and pressure. It feels tight and like the incisions are pulling. The worse is my nipples being so sensitive. This sounds so bad but there are times when I wish I woke up without sensitivity. That might be the worse part. Over all I'm happy with them though. Oh also, I'm pretty sure I've been experiencing the zingers so many people talk about. Those little things will sneak up on you. It hurts, but as soon as you realize it happened, it's gone and it's almost like a distant memory. Weird, I know. Also I finally had a bowel movement. Albeit I pretty much forced myself. I'm just laying in bed. In a bit, I'll put my surgical bra back on and ice my breast. Then I'll probably be out again. Well I'll see you all tomorrow I think. If nothing major changes it might be a few days with just pictures.

Day 5 Post Op

Hey everyone. So today's been pretty much the same. Everyday the stiffness gets better. Swelling is going down but it's not noticeable unless I really look at pictures from day 1. The zingers are happening more often, and oh boy are the itches serious. The incisions itch like crazy. I keep rubbing them through my shirt. But it's not really relieving anything. And it's sucks since I can't put anything on them until my post Op appointment (Friday/Day 9). I was extra tired since yesterday I was determined to stay up the whole day without any naps. It was mothers day so I wanted to at least be up for her since Car rides still hurt so I couldn't leave. That night though around 9 I went to sleep. And surprisingly I could sleep on my side. Not completely on my side but with one pillow under me. It felt so nice. I didn't wake up until 12 in the afternoon the next day. Lol. I credit some of my sleepiness to not having slept the day before as well though. Pains almost completely gone. (Besides the zingers and the bra laying on my incisions) I'm actually loving my new breast. I'm getting sort of scared that they are too small to fit my frame. I swear I think they are a big A cup. Not that that is upsetting me to much. My back and neck pain more then makes up for the size but it is a little worrisome. Then again I might just not know what small chest look like and any size I get is considered small. I hope. Well I'm going to eat and rest for the rest of this day. A week is slowly approaching and I'm so excited about it. Goodnight!

1 week post op

Hello ladies. It's been a complete week. And TBH I already love my breast. Maybe because I've had no complications. Being able to sleep on my side. It's all been amazing. Zingers and itching are still at a high but what can I do about that? Lol. Has anyone used benadryl PILLS for itching? If so, did it help the itching at all? My left breast is dropping a lot quicker then my right. My right is still hard as a brick. But over all, I'm happy. I won't keep you all as long this time. Have a good night beautifuls.

Post Op Appointment (10 Days Post)

So I had my Post Op appointment yesterday and it went really well. I told my doctor how everything was going and she was surprised to hear that nothing bothers me anymore. Sleeping completely on my side now. Its easy to lift up things (Even though I shouldn't be) I can reach over my head. There is no pain besides occasional zingers. I cant lean forward to much though. Not because of pain, but because I still feel like i could possibly rip the incisions open or something. She took a look and said I was healing perfectly. She told me to start moisturizing my breast because they still have glue on them and the lotions help break down the glue. She said once the glue is gone i can start using ointments like Neosporin which i plan to because i love it on all scabs. Some of my incision areas aren't scabs anymore though. They are now scars which is even better. I bought a aloe vera plant because i heard Aloe gel is good for scars. Hopefully theyre right. She recommended i try going bra less and so i did and it felt so much better. I hated that sports bra. She is amazing and I'd definitely recommend her. I stopped taking the Percocet's a long time ago. Didn't even have to switch to any other pain medicine. Only issue i am having is with bowel movements. I forced myself to go 3 days post after taking the constipation pill and thought i was clear. Then i didn't go again until i took the pills 6 days post op, and now i still haven't went since. Its freaking me out. I might take the pills tomorrow, i just don't want to become dependent on constipation pills if that makes any sense. I know im probably rambling. I do that a lot. I just wanted to take everyone for talking with me throughout this journey. Liz2803, ready4change2016, Gobi, and many more. You woman have been so supportive and i appreciate it. I'll probably update this weekly from here on out with pictures when i notice different changes in my breast. 2 weeks is right around the corner. Goodnight you all.

I don't know what's going on

Hey ladies. I sort of find it ironic that just the day before I was ranting about how all is well and today I'm not so sure. I haven't had drainage since the 3rd day post Op maybe and today when I went to take a shower, I noticed that I had a yellow colored drainage. I showered and put a gauze pad in my shirt. Later today I took it out and it still had drainage. I stared at it for so long, I'm not sure if it is yellow or green now. I showed my mom and she use to be a nurse and she told me as long as it's not pus, it's normal. But it still scares me. I noticed discoloration around my incision a while ago but at my post Op on Friday, my surgeon didn't say anything about the color, so I just assumed it was normal. I'm starting to get scared. My mom said it's nothing and I don't want to bother my surgeon for nothing. I'm freaking out. I hope everything is fine. I'm going to post pictures but be warned it's sort of gross.

2 Weeks Post Op

Hey ladies. So yesterday was 2 weeks and i honestly feel 100% Everything is back in motion and besides laying on my chest, i can do everything as i could prior to surgery. My surgeon was out of town when i called the office about thinking i had an infection. She proscribed me some antibiotics which makes me feel a lot safer. I love my breast. They are starting to really drop. And the incisions are healing really well. Ill post pics tomorrow. Have a great night everyone.

2 weeks post Op pic

I'm definitely in the flaky stage which sucks. But I love them. They are dropping nicely. I can't wait to see the actual size.

3 weeks post op

Hey all. So it's not much to say. I'm healing good. I just still have clear drainage... I'm not sure if that's normal. I'll assume it is since it's clear and it doesn't smell. I have 3 stitches poking out the bottom of my breast. Can't really see them but I can feel them. I'll wait until my 1 month post op appointment with my doctor. I really like them. I went and got two different sports bras. (I'll add pictures at a later date) but they are a 2x. They are a little big but they didn't have any large or 1x so I just rolled with it. Besides I'm still weary about wearing tight bras. They suck IMO. I feel good though. They are still scabbed over but.... it's fine. Most of the scab is gone. Right breast is my problem breast. I use to put the antibiotic cream on the incisions (as the doctor directed) with a gauze and it ripped the scab off. It looks gross but nothing time won't heal. Well I'll see you ladies soon.

1 month Post Op

Hey ladies so it's been a little over a month and honestly time flies. I love my new breast. They're a little different sizes but I could care less. I'm so happy with them now. I'm focusing on losing the excess weight now. I want to be the best me that I can. Lol. I still have glue (Not scab) around my nipples because it's so hard to get off there. I peeled the rest of the glue away. On my right breast I accidentally peeled a scab but it doesn't look bad. Only very pink. A little neosporin and it'll be alright. I'm so thankful for all of you and your support. Oh. One more thing. At the bottom of my right breast 2 stitches are coming out. My doctor said I could cut them myself but since I see her on Friday June 10th, I'll just wait for her to do it herself. Have a great day everyone. And if you have any questions, I'll definitely answer.

1 month post op pictures

It's funny how the pictures make them seem bigger then I feel they are. Lol.

Bra sizing

So I had my 1 month post op appointment yesterday and I was so excited to get measured. But sadly even though I'm healing great she said she can tell I'm still swollen. And she recommends for me to wait to get sized. I was hurt. I can do everything normally. I can even sleep on my stomach since the last 2 weeks. Gahh!! I'm sick of wearing sport bras. They aren't realistic to wear with outfits and going bra less is a no, no on white shirt days. It's frustrating but I'll be alright. She said give it a week or two (let's pray for 1 week) Also she said I'm healing better then most people. And how she's never heard of someone healing as fast as I was (Yay), and the scars look like they will be very minimal. I don't go back for 3 months but that should be more then enough time. See you all soon. Maybe I'll post a few more pics. Oh and last thing, I've lost 15 pounds since surgery. I'm excited. Lol. Bye for now.

3 months post op

Hey everyone. It's been a while. I just wanted to give you all an update. My bra size is a 36 C cup now. I absolutely love my breast. My left one, which has always been my personal trouble boob is still numb. But not the nipple. I can feel the nipple. The skin around the areola. It's not that bad though. My real doctor did a check up and an examination just to be safe. She said everything seems wonderful. I'm so happy that I got this surgery. I may or may not have gotten any real bras yet though. Lol. Honestly don't have the time and no bras isn't that bad. (Unless I want to wear white. Then....) Anyway I'm probably going to post some pics later today seeing as I haven't took any in a while. But I'm going to start using aloe vera gel on my scars in the hopes of fading the scars a bit more. Some of them are still raised which IMO shows I am not completely healed but that was to be expected. If anyone is considering having this surgery, I highly recommend to do it. Sorry for any typos. I'm writing this while riding in a car. Lol

3 months post op pictures

5 months post op

Hey all. I just wanted to come and give a little update. I've moved up in bra size to a D cup. Hopefully they don't get any bigger. I pray they dont. Overall I love my breast now. A lot of people talk about how they got emotional after their reduction but honestly I haven't missed my old boobs once. One still has no feeling in it but that's fine. They're not fully healed still yet. If I press down hard (Don't ask why I pressed it. I don't know) it's a very light sore feeling. Barely noticeable but I know that that breast isn't healed. (My right one)
I still haven't gotten any real bras. (Call me lazy) But i don't really have a need for bras anymore. Unless I want to wear a white shirt. Then I'm screwed. At least I have sport bras I guess.
All in all this has been an amazing journey. Pretty sure this will be my last post. I might give an update at 1 year post but I can't guarantee I'll have any different update. I just want to thank the many woman who has supported me and helped me throughout this process. I'll still be around if you anyone has questions though. Goodbye for now. Pictures coming tomorrow.

8 months post.

Sooo. I'm not at 8 months exactly but I'm a couple days away. I still can't believe it's been that long. I feel as if I had them all my life. I will see old pictures of me and I am shocked by how different I looked. I got a few updates. One is I finally got a few bras. I'm a 36 D cup. Love that fact. The second update is I got my nipples pierced. I was worried if it was alright to get them and I called my doctor and of course she told me I could. I think I'm obsessed with my new breast now. I told you all I'd give a year update but I couldn't be gone that long. I still come here and read other people's stories and they inspire me so much. Thanks everyone.
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