38 Yr Old Mother of Two, Athletic, 5'2" 130lbs 36A - Cincinnati, OH

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I had my consultation appt about a month ago. The...

I had my consultation appt about a month ago. The waiting time is killing me. But, it has given me the opportunity to do LOTS of research. Which has left me questioning the original size decision. I have a substantial amount of muscle so my stats don't necessarily fit with the look of others. My PS is suggesting 250/275 silicone unders. With how active I am I don't want anything that is going to hinder that. But I also want something big enough to look nice. I have my preop appt on March 19th and going armed with lots of your pics for an idea of what my wants are. This site had helped so much.

Before pics

Pre op visit

Tomorrow is my pre op and I am super excited. Hoping I will have a final size decision on cc's so I can stop obsessing about it! Then in have to wait another 4 weeks before surgery...ugh. I will update tomorrow after our appointment.


Pre-op went great. I talked to him about all the research I had done on here and how I wasn't sure about the previous size choice. I tried on 325/350 moderate plus and I like those. His worry is that they will be too big for how active I am. He is going to bring both sizes in to the surgery and I completely trust his judgment. I got all my Meds filled and now I just wait. We leave for AZ next week to hike the Grand Canyon so that will be a great distraction for a while.

Pre op

Pre op 325/350cc moderate plus

Panic attack

Small panic attack today when I realized I only have 3 chest workouts left...only 3 shoulder workouts left...3 back workouts. Freaks me out. That's my stress relief, my sanity, my happy place. I'm electively giving that up for six weeks ????

9 hours until OR

9 hours. I'm I little freaked out. It's normal to consider canceling, right?!?! ????

Finished can't believe it

I feel pretty good. Having pain but no nausea, which was my biggest worry.

24 hours post op

Feeling a little sore but out and about doing things. So very happy with my results. After all the worry on size, and is I was doing the right thing. I couldn't be happier!!

24 hours post op

6 days post op

Feeling almost normal today. Went to the gym and did the bike for a while. It's still the little things that grab me. I can't wipe the counters, or bend over and tie my kids shoes. Something about the bending and reaching...hurts. Also found out today, after my daughter clogged the toilet, that using a plunger is out of the question. Day 4&5 were a bit rough. I was out and doing a lot but my swelling was bad and my numbness was wearing off so I was having pain in places that were just tight before. I can say the recovery has been better than I expected it to be. But it slows you down from doing normal everyday stuff that you are used to doing fast. Everything takes a little longer. I will post pics. Not much change in them other than the left one is a little bit more swollen and the muscle is tighter. I just drove for the first time yesterday too, that's hurts a bit and you have to turn slower. It's still hard getting clothes on over my head. I tried on a dress yesterday and it took me forever to get it back off. I was pretty sure I was going to have to live in it for the next three days until my husband got home from out of town ????. Only been taking Tylenol since Saturday. I did take one Percocet Sunday night cuz my left was so very swollen and painful. Hot shower and ice packs help!

Mondor's cord

Felt some pulling on my incision today and found a cord. I have my one week follow up tomorrow. Ready for some activity restrictions to be lifted! :-)

10 days post op

Almost feeling normal again. Still some pains here and there. Just feels so odd to have my bra off for any amount of time. Went to the gym and did the bike for an hour for the last 4 days. Feels good to sweat. Walking hurts tho. Each step I feel pressure in them. I don't think they have dropped at all yet. And I'm ok with that. I had a huge worry pre op that they would be bigger but still sag. So I would rather them be high than low! Mondor's cord is bigger than ever but hurts less...or I just got used to it

10 days post op

Whoops, forgot something :-)

Bathing suit shopping

I've never had fun bathing suit shopping. I can't stop smiling. Why didn't I do this years ago?!?! :-D

2 weeks post op

I had my 2 week post appt yesterday. He said everything looks great and lifted all restrictions. Just said "if it hurts don't do it" I had been doing the bike and legs before. But it feels good to know I can try things. Nice to be back in the gym. He said no implant or scar massages and I can wear any bra I want as long as no underwire. I feel best in the sports bras tho. I just don't want to risk any sag! They have softened up a lot but haven't dropped much more...which is fine with me! I will try to post pics later

1 month-holy cow!

4 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it! I feel pretty much back to normal. Nipples are still a little over sensitive to touch. And certain things still "hurt" I don't really like to use hurt cuz it's not pain. But it feels uncomfortable. Everyday I get more back to normal. I will notice something doesn't hurt to do that did hurt just the day before. I keep promising new pics and then keep forgetting. I will try again to remember tomorrow. But I swear they haven't really changed at all. They are soft now but don't look much different. If I haven't said it before...I am so so very happy I did this!! :-)

3 week post op

3 weeks post op pics

One month post op

I feel completely normal today!! It's so nice! I was able to lift shoulders somewhat heavy today. Going to try running again tomorrow. I think maybe I just need a better bra for it!

Scars and bra shopping

I realized I haven't posted any pics of my scars. Bra shopping isn't as easy as it used to be! Before I just bought whatever had the most padding! Now I want one that fits and makes the girls look cute. That hasn't been easy!! I'm officially a 34D. Every bra I find I feel like it covers them up. They look great naked but in a bra they seem small to me now. And I can't go out to dinner topless! ;-). It's a problem I welcome though! :-D

VS fitting

So I broke down and went to VS to be fitted. I'm a 32 DDD ???? what?! That sounds so big. And they really aren't that crazy big. The bras are super comfy tho! The price just drives me crazy!!

6 weeks post op

Had my 6 week follow up yesterday. I don't have to go back for 6 months. I still have my Mondor's cord, although the it's better. He said it will eventually go away. I also have an internal stitch that was trying to work its way out. It never broke through the skin. Just have to keep an eye on it. Otherwise I have no pain at all. It's so nice to be back to normal and if feels like it went by so quickly. Feeling so very very blessed. My husband spoils me and I'm so grateful that he did this for me. One happy girl here!!

3 months post op

We just got back from vacation and I have to say this surgery was the best decision I ever made. I didn't even know I wanted them so much. I was so on the fence and so undecided and nervous. Being able to put on a bikini and like what I see is a whole new world for me. Hope everyone is loving theirs as much as I love mine. It has changed my life!

3 months post op

1 year old!!

I can't believe it has been a year already!! Still the very best, and hardest, decision I have ever made. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I'm so very happy with them!
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