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I have been wanting to have breast augmentation...

I have been wanting to have breast augmentation since I can remember. I am now 27 and decided to go for it. My surgery was yesterday. Everything went well, I wasn't super nervous until the doctor came in to draw on my chest and then it hit me that this was really happening. The last thing I remember before surgery was when my nurse took me back to the room and then they talked to me for a little bit, and then I was out. I woke up with pain but, it was bearable. I would rate it a 4 out of 10. They gave me oxycodone while I was still there and that took most of the pain away. I felt really sore though, couldn't more around well because anytime I used my arms it hurt. I got nauseous a few times but, managed to avoid throwing up. The rest of the day I slept on and off, and ate small amounts of food before taking my meds. I felt most comfortable in a recliner. I wasn't sitting straight up but, was slightly leaned back. I have kept a small blanket rolled up and placed under my back, this seems to relief pressure from my chest. I'm not sure why it works but it does. I tried sleeping flat for bed on my couch but, I woke up with back pain and my breast were feeling painful. I ended up moving back to the recliner, after taking my next dose of meds they back pain went away. Thats the most discomfort so far, I think I will continue to stay in the recliner for the next few days. I'm off work for a week, hopefully thats enough time. I started off with a 34A/32B depending on the bra. I'm hoping to have a full C. The doctor said at the largest I may be a small D in Victoria Secret bras. I will update as I see progress. This is my before and day of surgery pics. I also have to say that my surgeon was wonderful. He's very informative and makes you feel comfortable.

Day 5 update

Friday through monday I found it most comfortable to continue sleeping in the recliner...Last night was my first night sleeping in my bed and I propped my back and head up with a couple pillows with a pillow on each side of me to prop my arms on. I read a review and the lady kept talking about how its important to have plenty of pillows and she is right....Today was my post op appointment. Everything went well, no sign of infection and new stern-strips were put on for the next week. I also have to wear a strap over my chest to help my implants move into the correct position. I stopped taking Percocet after Sunday because it was causing me terrible headaches and it was more pain then my BA. Now I'm just taking tylenol extra strength and really do not need that, but every now and then. I haven't been in much pain at all, just tightness and sore when I move in certain ways. Its been a pretty smooth experience. I am taking Diazepam for spasms but, hasn't really happened much just taking it to try to keep it from happening. So basically its been pretty uneventful. Showering is kind of a task because it takes twice the time because I am very curious about moving too much and straining the incision. Here are some updated pics I took yesterday. They look about the same today so no pics from today but I will up date as I start seeing progress....I do want to add that I did a huge amount of research and I greatly appreciated everyone else reviews so that is why I am giving my review. It was a huge help! I was able to decided on size and also, what post surgery sports bra was best. I went with the Brilliant Contours Dragon bra. Its amazing! I highly recommend it. Its worth the money. Super comfortable, easy to put on and off. You won't regret it http://www.brilliantcontours.com/product-category/dragonfly-bra-collection/

Week and a half update! Friday will be two weeks.

Everything is going well. Friday will be two weeks post surgery. That went by quick! I can't wait until a month because at that point I think I will be able to really see a change. Although, I love them like they are now, but I'm sure I will understand at that point. Just not sure what will change since I didn't go huge, and my skin was already tight. I don't have children, and I did high profile. I'm sure they will definitely soften and I read that the muscle will loosen up since I went under the muscle it will take some time for my muscles to accommodate the impants. Here is updated pictures. I am now able to sleep comfortable on my side and in my bed without a ton of pillows but, still using some to keep me comfortable (I'm wearing the band at night to help my implants position quicker). Another thing that I wanted to add. When I went to pick out my implants, I tried on different sizes with a bra. I do think it helps to be able to envision yourself with larger boobs, but if you have a great surgeon then they can help you communicate what you want. I told them I wanted a full C, and when I tried on sizes I picked out 375cc and 400cc. At that point the nurse, who was the main person helping me, she said that I would most likely be a small D with either size. I wanted to go with 400cc after looking at myself with them on, but my family was afraid it would be too large for my frame when I told them I would most likely be a D. Its not that big of a difference so I went with the 375cc to make sure I wasn't going to end up with DDs because I read some post from women with the same stats that ended up having DDS with 400CC, but everyone is different! I honestly will say at this point I love my boobs, and am really excited, but I keep telling my husband that I should have gone with the 400cc, because that was my first pick and I really wanted it. My surgeon said not to lose sleep over the two sizes because its a matter of a couple tablespoons and probably not going to make a difference. I think I would have had more peace of mind going with the 400cc, thinking go big or go home lol. I should have just done want I wanted, because I had my mind made up. Anyway, again it would be a minimal change, if any change, but just putting that out there that "Boob greed" is a really thing, and you should do what you want, and not what other people tell you to do. I just feel that if I'm going to pay $, and go through this surgery, to finally have boobs then I want to do what I want. My family actually thought the 375cc was too large, and I refused to do any less. I'm glad I didn't do any less. Just encouraging others to do what they feel they will like, not what your family or friends will like and to pick a surgeon that can help you and tell you want will give you what you want. My surgeon and his nurse was amazing, all the staff was amazing. I do have a question that I forgot to ask my surgeon at my post-op appt, I go back in a few weeks for my second appt, but wanted to see if anyone on here can answer my question. I'm wondering, if I will basically stay the same size that I am now, only that my implants will drop/position and soften? I know there is swelling after surgery but, I don't think I'm super swollen just that my skin is still tight. If anyone is able to let me know if they lost/gained or remained about the same after surgery (size wise), that would be awesome. I know I will find out eventually once mine position but, I'm impatient and wanted to ask lol.

Two weeks today...

At the two week mark. Steri-strips are off the incisions looks good. Right it looking like swelling is going down, and its lower. Left is still high and swollen. I think the right looks smaller now that the swelling is going down, I know they say to give it 3 months at least to know what they will look like, but man I really hope it doesn't get smaller cause I might cry! I know its my own fault, I shouldn't have gone the safe route, I should have gone bigger. I think everyone feels this way after the BA, or most anyway. My husband keeps telling me that they are big enough, and any bigger wouldn't have looked right on my body. Maybe this is just s stage that I'm going through...I go back and forth. I don't want huge DD but, would love to have small Ds. I'm thinking I'll end up with full C's which was what I originally wanted before boob greed set in. lol! The struggle is real!
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