28 Y/o, 110lbs, 5'4, 1 Child. Cincinnati, OH

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Hello! I am 28 years old and a mother of one. I...

Hello! I am 28 years old and a mother of one. I always said since I was a teenager that I would "fix my breasts" if I ever had a child. So here I am with a wonderful 2 year old daughter and looking to make good on my word. My breasts pre-pregnancy they were a perky and full VS 32ddd (I have a 28 rib, 34 bust). I've always been on the petite but curvy side. During pregnancy and breast feeding I went up to a 32g/h.

But anyways, though last time I was measured it was at a VS 32dd I feel...deflated. All my upper pole volume has said "adios!"

So here I am looking to restore my volume, and if I'm already going in and doing this, then I might as well really do this. I'm looking for, as 1 PS said, "proud" breasts.
Alright, on to the more "review" portion of this..blog (sorry never done this sort of thing before)?
As of today I have had three consults, and I have one more scheduled for October 6th. My first consult was with Dr. Christopher Reeder in December. He wasn't rude but he definitely made for a one sided conversation (it was like he had cue cards and my going off of them wouldn't be tolerated). He wasn't with me when I tried on sizers, just his assistant. He also never took any measurements from me, was annoyed when I asked to talk about the type of implant we were going to use and why. I don't believe he used sizers in the operating room because when I called back he had said he'd already ordered the 400cc for me. I cancelled my operation due to medical issues and have been so grateful since.

My second and third consultation were on back to back days. Secondly, I saw Dr. Joel Maier. It was a much nicer consult, although I think he's wanting something a bit more natural for me than I want. He also became evasive when I asked about his revision policy if something went wrong. My third was Dr. Kurtis Martin. So far Dr. Martin is the PS I favor, he seems to understand what I'm looking for, but is willing to let me know in the end if my body just can't do it, even though he doesn't think it'll be a problem.

My last consult will be with Dr. Deborah Sillins which is the one I'm most excited to meet (best experience with consult booking) but we'll see!!

Before pics

A lot of you lovely ladies supply us with before pictures, so here are mine for reference.

Sorry for the photo editing, but I have a rather large chest piece I wanted to conceal.

Consult Number 3

So today I had my fourth consultation! I'm sure that's a lot, but I really want the most information and I feel I can trust a PS better if I've got something to compare them and the way they make me feel to.

So today I met with Deborah Sillins. Honestly, I feel like she's probably amazing. Her before and afters look good, but her bedside manner is great. You quickly feel like you're talking to a girlfriend.

I finally got to see what a mod+ implant looks like compared to a HP. Omg, HP is totally it for me. The mod+ looks like a frisbee!! Idk I'm sure it works on some body types but I have a small ribcage and that would be entirely to wide (and flat). The feel of the HP doesn't feel to firm to me either. It actually felt very similar to me breast prepregnancy. Firm, but still squishy.

Surgery scheduled

For a while I kept going back and forth on whether or not I /really/ wanted to go through with a BA. I mean there is really A lot that can go around, and I'm an anxious person. But I have offically scheduled my surgery for January and have put down a deposit. At first it really stressed me out, but now I am excited.

I've chosen Dr. William Hedden in Alabama, for multiple reasons, but he is able to offer BLIS a complication insurance which helps to put my mind at ease.
So today I ordered arnica Montana and bromelain supplements to take pre and post surgery and for the last month I have been applying bio-oil to prep my breasts to stretch.

Excitement and nerves

Thank goodness for the holidays. I kind of wish I had scheduled my surgery even closer to the start of the new year. Everyone has been so busy with the holidays I haven't had much time to let the nerves really settle in. I've been getting anxious but I just don't really feel I have anyone who really cares to hear about about my anxiety, or that's had the time.
But today was my offical two week mark and the holidays are over. So I'm sure I'm really going to start freaking out now that my distractions are gone. But hey- I'm still not backing down. I tried on one of my pre-pregnancy bras and it was waaaay to big. My resolve has been solidified.
So next week, I pick up some ice packs (or maybe these breastfeeding things I had that were good to be frozen or heated), Tylenol, my prescriptions- then I'm off to Alabama!!

I'm still undecided on whether or not I really need a travel neck pillow and wedge....

One week to go!!

This last week has been great. I finally told my mother about my surgery, which I have been so nervous about for a year. I gave my self so much anxiety over it, bit she was wonderful. Of course she's concerned, but she's supportive and even asked me questions. Someone talking to me about it was such a relief!

I've booked my room, I've picked up hopefully all the things I need (btw ladies currently you can get a coupon for dolcoease(lax) on their website for 4$ off making it like 1$). Sadly my doctors office won't let me pick up my prescriptions until the surgery, but I think my fiancee can handle that.

Lastly, ladies, Dr. Hedden so far has been wonderful! He replies back to all my emails (and there's been a lot) in a day (and he's even on vacation this week). He's been upfront about the concerns of implants and when I mentioned I wanted sientra he told me about increased complications with them (and other surgeon sold me on them because they were safer). Though he can use them, he won't. I think that says something.

Anyways I hope all remains to go smoothly, and I hope this good communication continues after the money has left my hands!!

Implant decision

On a seperate note for all the technical stuff.
I am planning on going with
Mentor memory gel in smooth round with 400cc HP.
Mentor does offer a purchasable insurance for their silicone implants for about 200. Which I will be getting.
Dr. Hedden also offers a complication insurance for 200 which I was planning to get. It's broader then mentors insurance which essentially just covers CC I think.

Welcome to the otherside

Well I have been on the other side since 1230 this afternoon. Or that's when I woke up. Luckily I didn't have to wait long, about an hour. I was in the prep room for probably 45 minutes. So the wait wasn't bad which was we great because I was getting rea)y nervous.

I woke up in some pain, but really it was my arthritis! My boobs hurt, but I woke up with my arthritis killing me.

I haven't been in terrible pain all day. I did sleep till about 5pm and my meds made me a bit a out of it. I could absolutely not type. But I've just take en second dose of pain meds. I was able to make it the full 8 hrs between doses.

I'll try to get braless ones tomorrow. I'm surprised how low they are! Going to have to keep an eye on that.

A little nervous

So I just found out I don't have the implants I wanted. I'm a paranoid girl with a plan and the plan went to hell.

I wanted mentor implants because of their warenty- up to 10 years they cover CC, replacement of the implant AND up to 3,500 in incurred fees i.e. surgeons, anesthesia and OR.

What I got was natrelle. Which only replaces the implant leaving you up shit creek with the fees :/ ....My sense of security is poofed. At least I purchased my one year complication insurance.

Anyways, Hedden says he choose Natrelle because "it fit better" IDK I know they know best, but still kinda wished he listened to me.

Now, so far they are gargantuan. Like Whoa. They seem a little low to be starting out which makes me fearful of bottoming out, but who knows (that's really why I got the insurance which is good for 12 months).
Still staying on top of my meds and I'm pretty comfortable. A bit tight, but comfortable. I don't really feel bloated as of yet, but I was taking dulcoease for three days prior to try to keep things..erm..smooth. I'm really not bruised, just one, but I've been on arnica montana since thursday...friday? And bromelain since sunday.

On a totally different note, I've finally named my girls- Khthulu and Kraken.


Sorry, I meant to upload photos, but we hit a speed bump (holy shit ow) and I accidently uploaded without them.


3 days post op

Pretty much feeling fine pain wise. I am a little nauseous, but I'm still on a lot. I'm taking the hydrocodone, valium, plus my arnica montana and bromelain for bruising. I'm also not really eating. I hate to admit it, I knew it would probably happen, but I'm feeling really depressed. I know I have my family, but I still feel alone (and my best friend blew me off last night).
I'm actually starting to be afraid I should have gone bigger, which makes me annoyed- did any other ladies run into the problem of PSs not having sizers in anything except mods?? The mods made everything so wide and top heavy on me. I think if they had any HPs or UHPs I could of made a better decision.

Anyways, if anyone ever reads these- sorry they're always so long (they're essentially my diary now)...my boobs have started to make that gross uncomfortable squelching sound when I move them. Ew.

Size and squish

Finally took my sports bra off long enough for a couple of pictures and to shower. It sent weird little pains through my body. I'm still concerned I went to small. I'm hoping my swelling is down and they won't get any smaller. I don't want them to drop, but I hope they fluff. :/ I did a squish test. I'm really surprised these things aren't in my collar bone and hard as rocks.

A bit on the natural side

Well, I am at 3 weeks post op. And my breast look....natural. IDK if they are done dropping and fluffing, I know that they're suppose to continue to DnF for 3-6 months but they seem pretty in place. Who knows. However, I can't help but to think they actually look too natural...I know that's a dumb thing to worry about. But it is what it is.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I had a wonderful experience with this doctor. Being an out of state patient I had to conduct my consultations and follow-ups all via email and Skype but all of my concerns and questions were dealt with very promptly, and I never felt uncomfortable or rushed. But time I was actually in the physical office I was very comfortable and felt like we already knew exactly what was going on. I also love my results, they're very natural and I just look like my pre-baby self. I made sure to live in my compression bra for 6 months, so I feel everything is exactly where it needs to be. The only thing is if you are doing a cash price, bring physical cash, don't plan to use your bank card. Oh, and if you get naturelle implants you either get Botox or Latisse so make sure you say which one you want before hand- afterwards you're too drugged up to tell.. Love, love, love my outcome.

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