28 Y/o, 110lbs, 5'4, 1 Child. Cincinnati, OH

Hello! I am 28 years old and a mother of one. I...

Hello! I am 28 years old and a mother of one. I always said since I was a teenager that I would "fix my breasts" if I ever had a child. So here I am with a wonderful 2 year old daughter and looking to make good on my word. My breasts pre-pregnancy they were a perky and full VS 32ddd (I have a 28 rib, 34 bust). I've always been on the petite but curvy side. During pregnancy and breast feeding I went up to a 32g/h.

But anyways, though last time I was measured it was at a VS 32dd I feel...deflated. All my upper pole volume has said "adios!"

So here I am looking to restore my volume, and if I'm already going in and doing this, then I might as well really do this. I'm looking for, as 1 PS said, "proud" breasts.
Alright, on to the more "review" portion of this..blog (sorry never done this sort of thing before)?
As of today I have had three consults, and I have one more scheduled for October 6th. My first consult was with Dr. Christopher Reeder in December. He wasn't rude but he definitely made for a one sided conversation (it was like he had cue cards and my going off of them wouldn't be tolerated). He wasn't with me when I tried on sizers, just his assistant. He also never took any measurements from me, was annoyed when I asked to talk about the type of implant we were going to use and why. I don't believe he used sizers in the operating room because when I called back he had said he'd already ordered the 400cc for me. I cancelled my operation due to medical issues and have been so grateful since.

My second and third consultation were on back to back days. Secondly, I saw Dr. Joel Maier. It was a much nicer consult, although I think he's wanting something a bit more natural for me than I want. He also became evasive when I asked about his revision policy if something went wrong. My third was Dr. Kurtis Martin. So far Dr. Martin is the PS I favor, he seems to understand what I'm looking for, but is willing to let me know in the end if my body just can't do it, even though he doesn't think it'll be a problem.

My last consult will be with Dr. Deborah Sillins which is the one I'm most excited to meet (best experience with consult booking) but we'll see!!

Before pics

A lot of you lovely ladies supply us with before pictures, so here are mine for reference.

Sorry for the photo editing, but I have a rather large chest piece I wanted to conceal.

Consult Number 3

So today I had my fourth consultation! I'm sure that's a lot, but I really want the most information and I feel I can trust a PS better if I've got something to compare them and the way they make me feel to.

So today I met with Deborah Sillins. Honestly, I feel like she's probably amazing. Her before and afters look good, but her bedside manner is great. You quickly feel like you're talking to a girlfriend.

I finally got to see what a mod+ implant looks like compared to a HP. Omg, HP is totally it for me. The mod+ looks like a frisbee!! Idk I'm sure it works on some body types but I have a small ribcage and that would be entirely to wide (and flat). The feel of the HP doesn't feel to firm to me either. It actually felt very similar to me breast prepregnancy. Firm, but still squishy.

Surgery scheduled

For a while I kept going back and forth on whether or not I /really/ wanted to go through with a BA. I mean there is really A lot that can go around, and I'm an anxious person. But I have offically scheduled my surgery for January and have put down a deposit. At first it really stressed me out, but now I am excited.

I've chosen Dr. William Hedden in Alabama, for multiple reasons, but he is able to offer BLIS a complication insurance which helps to put my mind at ease.
So today I ordered arnica Montana and bromelain supplements to take pre and post surgery and for the last month I have been applying bio-oil to prep my breasts to stretch.
Dr. William Hedden

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