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Soo like so many other ladies here I have always...

Soo like so many other ladies here I have always wanted boobies! Been on here looking on and off for a few years now I believe. Finally taking the plunge. Feeling a little guilty for spending so much on myself but overall very excited and ready for a change. At my last appointment we discussed 450cc's but tomorrow at my pre op I'm going to ask if we can go up to 500. I am doing saline under the muscle. I have never had any fullness at the top and that's a look I so desire.

Pre op

Just left my pre op, got my prescriptions and paid my balance. Instead of feeling the excitement I thought I would feel I am incredibly nervous ???? Please someone out there tell me they felt the same in the days leading up to surgery. We decided on 450cc moderate plus saline overfilled to 475.

4 more sleeps til B day

Today I picked up my meds and went looking for bras. My surgeon said to find a nylon very support sports bra that opens in the front. Ended up finding some at Sears that were 25 each then rang up 14.99 each and I had a 15% off coupon so I got two for 27! Went to old navy trying to find a sweat suit or something with a zipper to wear on surgery day. No such luck but I did get the cutest pajamas that button up I think will be good for when I get home.

Today's the day

So nervous I don't know how I'll ever make it at the surgery center! T minus 4 hours til arrival and surgery is at 2. Will post after pics as soon as I can ????

All done.

Hello ladies. All finished been home for about 2 hours. I do really well with pain so I'm kinda shocked about how bad I'm hurting. Got sick right after getting home and tried to eat but I just didn't want to. My size large sports bras strong wanting to stay closed very well so my boyfriends mom had to bring me a new bigger one lol didn't see that coming. I'm really scared I won't be able to sleep tonight but all in all I feel happy.

Day 2. Well

Had an okay night. I was basically up every hour but I just got up and tried to pee and went right back to sleep. Then finally I slept from 3-8 and woke up very behind on pain meds and in the worst pain I've had yet. So I took two Percocet instead of one. (The bottle days 1-2 at a time). Pain has now subsided and I'm honestly comfortable as long as I'm sitting or standing. It's getting up and back down that causes the most discomfort. Everyone said I'd feel like there was an elephant on my chest and I really don't just a little pressure nothing unbearable. This morning I keep thinking how glad I am I didn't chicken out. I CANNOT WAIT to see the progress they make in the weeks and months to come.

Another pic


Got bored and took of my surgical bra for 3-4 minutes and tried on a bikini. I'm so so in love!!!

Surgery bra.

My bra is hurting me so bad the only time I feel relief from a sharp stinging pain is to unzip it. I feel like the bank falls right on my incision and I don't know what to do. I know I'm supposed to leave it on but I also know it can't be good to make the incision so sore. And I hate to be a pain and call my doctors cell :((( help someon anyone

Day 3!!!

48 hours past operation.

We're currently a little past the48 hour mark and I truthfully feel very very well. So well that I'm agaric I'll over do it so I force myself to sit down. I took 2 percocents each time it was time for meds yesterday and today I've dropped down to 1 and instead of every 4 hours I'm waiting 5 even 6. I was allowed to take my gauze off and shower today and there are steri strips underneath that have to stay but there is no blood or drainage on those. I think they look great so I hope that means incisions are doing well. Steri strips stay until my post op appt 1 week from today.

I guess today is technically day 3

I feel pretty normal, a little soreness morning too extreme. I think the entire breast numbness is starting to wear off because I think i can feel the implant in there. I think they've already made progress and I am incredibly pleased with my results so far. At this point I'm definitely saying worth it!!

Day 5

I am in love. End of story I am so glad I did this for myself. It was worth every penny.

3 weeks and 1 day post op.

I still love them. I really do. However I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't have gone bigger. Naked yes it is a dramatic change. Clothed however I feel I look the same :/ my friends keep saying wait til summer and it's time to wear a bathing suit and I do agree still I just think I could have pulled off a little more!

4 weeks

4 weeks out today!! Went yesterday and got measured at Victoria's Secret and got myself a real bra! Measured 34 DDD which I didn't see coming because I'm still ever so convinced hat I went too small but it feels great to have them in a real bra!
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